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Law Offices of M. Sean Cydrus, LLC

We realize this unexpected burden is often a result of circumstances that were beyond your control. Maybe you were unexpectedly laid off, had a larger than expected medical bill, you became upside down on your mortgage payments, are recently divorced- or maybe it is a combination of several factors that has led you to consider bankruptcy as a means of relief.

Whatever the reasoning, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans have gone through the bankruptcy process and have come out better on the other side. Isn’t the idea of starting fresh tempting? You can have a clean financial slate, and we can help. The majority of Americans are feeling the financial stress of our struggling economy.

Even if you’ve gone years without experiencing a late payment, or have near perfect credit scores, you may be having financial difficulties that lead to thoughts of bankruptcy. The Law Office of M. Sean Cydrus, LLC realizes how overwhelming this can be, and provides a Columbus Bankruptcy Attorney dedicated to helping clients understand their financial options.

Chapter 7 discharges most of your debt, while Chapter 13 establishes protections for you while you repay a portion of your debt to your creditors. The rules for eligibility for one or the other vary, so you should consult a Columbus bankruptcy lawyer for assistance in determining which, if either, that you may be eligible for.

Law Offices of Karen E. Hamilton

The Law Offices of Karen E. Hamilton helps individuals and families to work through bankruptcy, prepare effective estate plans, and achieve their goals. Whether you are dealing with the possibility of foreclosure or simply need assistance preparing a will, Attorney Hamilton is ready to assist. Get the legal expertise and guidance you need to overcome your present financial challenges and prepare for the future.

If you are considering bankruptcy as a option to resolve your financial difficulties, speak with Attorney Hamilton. Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy may help you to begin a fresh start, but the laws may present other challenges as well.. Allow The Law Offices of Karen Hamilton to advise you on the ins and outs of bankruptcy and assist you in filing if you determine that filing is right for you.

When a person passes, probate, taxes, debt, disputes between family members, and other issues can negatively impact the value of the deceased person’s estate and prevent the deceased person’s intentions for the estate from being carried out as desired.

To prevent unnecessary loss of value and ensure that your estate is managed according to your wishes, it is important to establish a solid estate plan. The Law Offices of Karen E. Hamilton provides assistance with the estate planning process to help clients leave clear directions regarding their estates. Call to schedule a meeting about the future of your estate today.

Law Office of Scott E. Rice

The Law Office of Scott E. Rice is dedicated to serving all of your legal needs with high legal quality and professionalism. Our goal is to provide you with the best legal services available in the Central Ohio area. We are a debt relief agency. We will help you file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code. With more than ten years of experience, we will provide you with the protection you need to stop harassing creditors.

Look forward to starting your new life and building a financially stable future. Consider attorney Scott E. Rice when you need a top notch law firm to handle your bankruptcy concerns. Filing bankruptcy allows a person to get most if not all bills owed discharged, or eliminated, so these debts do not have to be paid. Most people can keep most if not all of their property. A married person may file by alone or jointly with a spouse.

Once a person files bankruptcy creditors cannot try to collect debts or sue a debtor during the bankruptcy. Only after asking the bankruptcy court’s permission can certain creditors take back collateral. Read more about the automatic stay.


  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
    Under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, we can help you keep your home, keep your car, keep your possessions, and eliminate your debt.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
    Under Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, we will help you come up with a plan to repay your debt, stop foreclosures, car repossession, and more.

Law Office of David A. Bhaerman

The goal of bankruptcy is to provide a legal solution to give people the opportunity to get out from under their debt load, and still treat creditors fairly. Once a bankruptcy is complete (“discharged”), the person filing bankruptcy (“debtor”) often feels a sense of great relief. Many describe it as a “fresh start,” allowing them to start over without the burden of unpaid bills and constant harassment of creditors.


  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy is meant for people who have regular income or wish to protect property from being foreclosed or repossessed. With this type of bankruptcy, debtors must establish a repayment plan through the bankruptcy trustee and approved by the court.
  • Typically, the debtor’s disposable income (money left over after reasonable living expenses are paid) is used to pay into a three- to five-year repayment plan. The length of plan is determined by the debtor’s income and amount of debt.


  • The type of bankruptcy most often associated with a “fresh start,” or Chapter 7 bankruptcy, allows debtors to wipe out certain debts (like credit card balances, personal loans, and medical bills) without paying into a monthly repayment plan.
  • The debtor must agree to allow the individual responsible for overseeing the case (the bankruptcy trustee) to sell certain, “nonexempt” property. One job of the trustee is to distribute those funds to the creditors based on a priority ranking system. Typically, a debtor doesn’t have to relinquish any assets.

Kafantaris Law Offices

We offer comprehensive legal solutions to our clients for most all their legal needs. Our practice primarily handles Chapter 7 & 13 bankruptcies, misdemeanor and felony criminal defense, personal injury and wrongful death cases; and social security disability appeals. We invite you to explore our services in greater detail below and encourage you to contact us in the event we can be of assistance.


    We help ordinary people who find themselves caught in difficult economic circumstances file for bankruptcy relief. Bankruptcy is oftentimes the only effective and reliable way to help consumers rebuild their economic lives ravaged by job loss, disability, illness, unexpected tragic circumstances, insurmountable credit card debt, pay day loans, medical bills, and unwieldy monthly home mortgage payments. Explore our Bankruptcy page to learn whether Bankruptcy Relief is right for you.
    From first degree felonies to minor misdemeanors and traffic offenses, we recognize that each case is unique and dependent upon its own facts, and are committed to investing as much time as is necessary to vindicate your legal rights. Explore our Criminal Defense page to learn more about the services we offer.
    We handle a wide variety of personal injury cases, stemming from auto and motorcycle accidents, slips and falls, and dog bites to product defects. As is customary in these types of cases, we do not charge our clients any attorney fees for our services if there is no recovery on their behalf. Explore our Personal Injury page to learn more about the services we offer.

Isaac Wiles

Our firm is committed to the Central Ohio community and we take pride in supporting several regional and national non-profit organizations that are “near and dear” to our hearts, these include: Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio, The American Heart Association, The American Cancer Society and Special Olympics Ohio.

Our dedication to philanthropic service involves not only financial stewardship, but volunteer time to the charities we partner with. Many of our attorneys and staff sit on boards and committees as part of their involvement in the groups they are members. This level of participation ensures that our internal leadership remains open minded to innovation and change, facilitating our consistent growth as a firm.

We achieve this goal by hiring and retaining top-level diverse talent in all functional areas of our firm and by working collaboratively to leverage our combined expertise. Our 41 plus attorney firm, with eleven practice areas, can manage complex sophisticated legal matters while offering personal, thoughtful client service.

At Isaac Wiles & Burkholder, LLC, our lawyers have valuable experience across a broad landscape of legal specialties. Backed by an array of high-value technical, human and information resources, they take a collaborative approach to solving legal problems for middle-market and small businesses, as well as individuals.

Our Services:

  • Bankruptcy, Restructuring and Creditors’ Rights
  • Business
  • Environmental Law
  • Estate Planning, Trust & Probate
  • Family Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Labor & Employment
  • Litigation
  • Public Law
  • Real Estate
  • Tax

Carlile Patchen & Murphy LLP Attorneys at Law

At CPM, we foster collaborative, innovative problem solving and are structured to leverage the expertise of all our staff in order to provide the individual attention our clients have come to expect. Over the years, CPM has grown into a respected regional law firm with unrivaled expertise in Banking, Business Law, Employment, Family Wealth & Estate Planning, Insurance, Litigation, Real Estate, Securities and Taxation.

For over 50 years, Carlile Patchen & Murphy LLP has been providing legal excellence to businesses, families and individuals. No matter the size of our client, our service is impeccable. From the couple who needs a simple will drawn up or advice on how to start a business, to the corporation getting ready for that Initial Public Offering, Carlile Patchen & Murphy LLP provides expert legal advice, practical options, and the utmost in attention and respect.

Because attorneys have a special obligation to the administration of justice and stewardship of the law, we encourage our attorneys to pursue service to the bar and teaching/educational opportunities. We also urge our attorneys to develop thought leadership on relevant legal issues and to participate in the affairs of their larger communities.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Banking & Finance
  • Business Services
  • Business Transactions
  • Bankruptcy & Creditors Rights
  • Cornerstone Title Agency
  • Employment Law
  • Family Law
  • Family Wealth & Estate Planning
  • Intellectual Property
  • Litigation

Calig Law Firm

Our highly experienced and successful team of lawyers has helped tens of thousands of people deal with debt problems, bankruptcy claims such as Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, workers’ compensation claims, discrimination suits and a host of other complicated cases. We’ll take on your case as if it were our own and fight for your rights to see that all of your needs are met if not exceeded.

For more than 40 years, helping clients with their various legal matters has been our mission at Calig Law Firm. We provide full legal service with the utmost professionalism and aggressive representation for a wide variety of cases. While we primarily focus on bankruptcy law, we also have a team of discrimination attorneys and professionals dedicated to health insurance violations. At Calig Law Firm in Columbus, OH, you have a reliable lawyer willing to fight for you.


  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
  • Debt Settlement
  • COBRA Violations
  • School Discrimination
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Social Security Disability
  • Personal Injury

Debt can easily overwhelm anyone. After months or even years of financial struggle, declaring bankruptcy could be the fresh start you need to move forward in your life. Calig Law Firm deeply understands the stress felt during this very personal matter, so we pledge to give each of our clients the care they deserve. We are often able to save crucial possessions such as your home or car and protect your wages and bank accounts.

Byron L. Potts & Co., L.P.A. Attorneys at Law

At Byron L. Potts & Co., LPA, we zealously represent our clients as we explain the charges, hear out your perspective on the events surrounding your arrest, and investigate all potential outcomes of your case. We work tirelessly to ensure your rights are respected every step of the way before law enforcement and court authorities.

If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges in Ohio, schedule a free consultation today through the contact form below or by phone. We look forward to advocating for you. When you face an injury after an auto accident, slip-and-fall incident, or becoming ill from contaminated food, you face more than just physical recovery.

The team at Byron L. Potts & Co., LPA is here to represent you as we seek just compensation for your suffering. These cases are of the utmost importance to our office. The sooner you contact our office in your personal injury case, the sooner we can get to work for you. Submit a contact form below or call our office today to get started.

Our Practice Areas Include:

  • Criminal Defense
  • Bankruptcy
  • Personal Injury
  • Wills & Probate
  • Traffic Violations
  • Family Law
  • And More

Berkemer Law

At Berkemer Law our goal is to help clients find a way to resolve their problems without appearing in court, or to minimize the time and money that is invested in court appearances. However, with over thirty years of trial experience, we will vigorously defend the rights of clients in court when it cannot be avoided.

At Berkemer Law our areas of practice include family law, probate law, consumer bankruptcy and civil litigation, including injury and insurance cases. Frederick L. Berkemer has obtained a jury verdict in excess of $625,000.00 against an insurer that offered his client $10,000.00. He also has won verdicts for seniors on Social Security being sued by credit card companies.

We have made thousands of appearances in probate court and domestic court. Feel free to call us at Berkemer Law if you have problems that require dealing with the court system. We will give you a free phone consultation and an office conference for a nominal fee. Our goal is to minimize your anxiety and financial distress.

One of the best services we can offer potential clients is referrals to other attorneys with expertise in areas of the law that are not part of our practice. We do not charge a fee for reviewing cases with potential clients and then making a referral to an attorney with experience in that area of law. With over forty years of appearing in Franklin County courts Fred Berkemer knows a wide range of attorneys with different areas of expertise.