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Salvador C. Ramirez

Mr Ramirez helps his clients prepare Wills, Warranty Deeds, Special Deeds, Affidavits, and Powers of Attorney. He can also answer questions regarding the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program. For more detailed information on Mr. Ramirez’s practice areas, please click here. All clients are seen by appointment only.

Mr. Ramirez continues to monitor and bring to conclusion any pending Bankruptcy Chapter 7; along with any pending Probate or Credit Card Lawsuit cases. Mr. Ramirez will not take any new bankruptcy cases as of January 2020. If you have a current or pending case with Mr. Ramirez, he will continue to represent you until your case is successfully discharged.

Mr. Ramirez treats all of his clients with courtesy, empathy, discretion and seriousness of purpose. Please feel free to browse through out site, check out our helpful links, and contact us with any questions, thoughts, or feedback you may have. We value your input, we are here to help, and we look forward to speaking with you soon!

Your attorney presents the affidavit to the Court for approval. The affidavit needs the signatures of two disinterested witnesses, such as friends who knew the deceased for more than 10 years. No relatives can sign the affidavit. Mr. Ramirez will prepare all the documents necessary.

If you are afraid that, because your spouse obtained long-term medical care paid by Medicaid, the Texas Government will take over your homestead after your spouse’s death, Mr. Ramirez can counsel you on how to deal with this problem. He will explain the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program. Knowing how this program operates may help you save the homestead.

Watson & Griffin

The Watson & Griffin Law Firm was founded to help as many consumers as possible obtain federal protection against creditors. This office is not concerned with the reasons or causes leading up to your decision to file bankruptcy. We are only concerned with getting you fast and effective relief from the misery and stress your overburdening debt has caused.

Once they have filed, our clients begin the process of rebuilding their credit and, thus, their financial lives. These good people have taken charge and refused to spend the rest of their lives paying back unrelenting creditors. They have realized that such creditors are typically only concerned with their own financial well being and couldn’t care less about the hardships good people like yourself face.

Federal law, when used properly, protects our clients. We use the full force and protection of federal law to protect and better our clients lives. Matt Watson founded Watson & Griffin Law Firm in order to help as many consumers as possible file bankruptcy and get federal protection against creditors.

At Watson & Griffin Law Firm, the entire staff respects and cares for our clients. We have devoted our bankruptcy practice to only helping consumers and never representing creditors. We know how unyielding bill collectors can be and take great pride in removing their aggressive and unfair tactics. You have worked hard to protect yourself and your family. Let my team work just as hard for you as you seek out a fresh financial start.

The Martinez Law Firm

The Martinez Law Firm counsels and fights for our clients in a number of arenas. If you require legal counsel in any of the following matters, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We assist in manners of bankruptcy, tax law, personal injury, as well as wills and probate. Our El Paso legal team is made up of experienced professional attorneys with a wealth of knowledge at their disposal.

There are many situations in which you can find yourself toe-to-toe with a large corporation or government entity. Perhaps the IRS is breathing down your neck or you’ve been hurt and the insurance company is refusing to pay. These entities have full legal teams with knowledge and resources beyond your own. You need a legal team of your own! The Martinez Law Firm will represent you and wield the word of law for your side of the argument. Whatever your predicament, we are here to help!

Practice Areas:

  • Bankruptcy Law
    If you are feeling like you might have lost control of your finances, you should talk to a lawyer from The Martinez Law Firm about bankruptcy.
  • Personal Injury
    If you have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence or misbehavior you may be entitled to compensation or reimbursement. The Martinez Law Firm will aid you in setting things right. Our experienced team will assist you in navigating the sometimes confusing legal process regarding personal injury cases.
  • Family Law
    If you are contemplating going through the difficult and painful process of a divorce, you need someone on your side, call The Martinez Law Firm

The Law Offices of Cheryl S. Davis, P.C.

No matter how serious your debt problems might seem, legal relief is available. An accomplished bankruptcy attorney can evaluate your situation and find the solution that works best for you. At The Law Offices of Cheryl S. Davis, P.C. I provide high quality bankruptcy law representation to clients in Texas and New Mexico, including the cities of El Paso and Dallas and the surrounding areas.

Drawing on more than 20 years of legal experience, my firm helps individuals, families and small businesses end the pressure applied by creditors. Since the firm’s founding, I’ve taken great pride in delivering comprehensive personal guidance rather than just pushing you in and out the door.

Whether bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or 13 is your best option, my firm will lead you toward a brighter financial future. By handling fewer cases than most bankruptcy firms, I am familiar with each client’s financial situation and tailor my legal advice to their particular needs. Whatever works best in your case, you will benefit from an attorney who is:

  • Strategic — Having helped a large, diverse group of Texas and New Mexico residents, I can assess your circumstances and outline your options, making sure that you understand the potential benefits and pitfalls of each choice.
  • Respected — Along with the people and businesses I’ve served, professional colleagues have recognized the firm’s outstanding work. I have earned a Distinguished Peer Review Rating by Martindale-Hubbell® based on peer evaluations of my legal ability and ethics.
  • Dedicated — My firm is committed to giving each client the personal attention that their case deserves. From there, I don’t just address immediate concerns, but help you deal with the underlying causes of your debt issue.

Tanzy & Borrego

If you make enough income to support a three-to-five-year repayment plan and to cover a practical living budget, you can file for debt relief under Chapter 13. You are if you file as an individual or as the owner of a small business unless you are a stockbroker or commodity broker. As a small business owner you must owe no more than $394,725.00 in unsecured and $1,184,200.00 in secured debts in order to file a Chapter 13 plan.

You must be able to repay at least part of these debts within three to five years under your Chapter 13 plan. You need the guidance of a lawyer to help you decide whether Chapter 13 is the right solution for you. If it is, the attorney can prepare a plan, file it with the U.S. You live in, own property in or do business in the United States.

You haven’t been involved in another bankruptcy case that was dismissed within the last 180 days on certain grounds. You may still be eligible to file even if you have filed bankruptcy before. It’s a good idea to let a bankruptcy attorney lead you through the steps of filing for Chapter 7 because it may seem complicated if you haven’t filed before.

For example, the date you file is important because of the status of your bank accounts, your rent and other assets you may have, including bills you’ve already paid. You can file for chapter 7 even if your finances are already being administered by a financial counselor.

ScottHulse PC

The expertise of our El Paso attorneys and our lawyers in San Antonio, Texas, and Las Cruces, New Mexico encompasses Corporate and Business law; Real Estate and Construction law; Trial and Appellate Litigation; Bankruptcy and Creditor’s Rights; Labor and Employment law; Government and Education law; Insurance Defense and Healthcare law; Tax law; International Business & Trade law; Immigration & Nationality law; Manufacturing; Mexico Law; Mexico Energy; Estate Planning, Probate and Asset Protection; and Intellectual Property. Our Mexico Law practice group also provides licensed legal representation in Mexico.

At ScottHulse, we know the value of commitment. A solid, firm-wide commitment to our clients and strong values, including integrity, excellence, and responsiveness, has sustained the ScottHulse tradition of service for more than a century. Founded in 1889, ScottHulse is one of the leading full-service commercial law firms in the Southwest, with multiple offices staffed by experienced attorneys in El Paso, Texas, San Antonio, Texas, and Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Today’s economies are global, and business crosses borders and so do people. Whether it concerns capital, goods, or human resources, international considerations are increasingly ubiquitous in commerce, and the terrain of immigration law is complex and constantly changing. With unique rules and protocols in U.S. immigration law, qualified professional guidance is paramount for navigating any aspect of U.S. immigration.

The Immigration and Nationality Law team at ScottHulse has extensive experience in areas such as:

  • Business Immigration Visas
  • Individual Immigration Issues Including Citizenship, Naturalization and Family Immigration Visas
  • Consular Processing
  • Worksite Enforcements
  • Port-of-Entry Issues
  • Waivers

Miranda & Maldonado, P.C.

Our principal office is located on the Westside of El Paso, off of Sunland Park Drive and I-10. We also have correspondent offices and facilities available in Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua, and Mexico City, and frequently serve clients throughout Texas, including Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and Laredo. Our approach is to fully understand each client’s business so that we can provide only the most useful and effective legal advice.

Miranda & Maldonado, P.C. was started by Carlos A. Miranda, Esq., in January 2008 for the purposes of providing legal services in the fields of Business and Family Immigration, Business and Consumer Bankruptcy Law and Commercial Litigation. Mr. Miranda, has twenty-six years of experience practicing law in El Paso, Texas. Carlos G. Maldonado, Esq., joined the Firm in 2010 and became a Partner in 2013 and since that time has primarily practiced in the Immigration field.

All Attorneys and Paralegals with Miranda & Maldonado, P.C. are fluent in Spanish, as all are natives of El Paso, Mexico and Ecuador. Several of our Attorneys and Paralegals have personally gone through the immigration process themselves, from immigrating to the United States, graduating from Texas and Oklahoma universities, obtaining Non-Immigrant work visas, Legal Permanent Residency, and ultimately, United States Citizenship – exactly what we seek to achieve for our clients on a daily basis.


  • Immigration Law
    We have represented individuals and multi-national companies before the United States Citizenship & Immigration Service.
  • Bankruptcy Law
    Our expert attorneys have filed hundreds of bankruptcy petitions, saved numerous homes from the brink of foreclosure and assisted consumers in the settlement of millions of dollars in debts
  • Commercial Litigation Law
    Miranda & Maldonado, P.C., takes a team approach collection and commercial litigation on behalf of our Clients. With favorable billing arrangements for collection matters.

Jezari Law

We handle civil and tax disputes. If you owe (or might owe) money to a collection agency or to the IRS, let us see if we can help. We focus on business and individual tax issues, including representation before the US Tax Court, IRS collection, exam and appeals for audits, lien and levy disputes, foreign and domestic disclosures, innocent spouse claims, payroll and employment tax defense, worker reclassification disputes, claim for refunds, penalty abatements, various collection alternatives, offer in compromise settlements, and much more.

We understand how tax debt and legal problems can affect your business operations, your daily life and your future. Whether you are involved in a personal or business dispute with the IRS, defending yourself or your business against civil claims for significant financial damages, or just pursuing a growth opportunity, we are the Texas trial lawyer to turn to for help.

Built on a foundation of exceptional client service, we are a lean and responsive law office. Our fees are competitive, and we will work diligently to resolve your tax and legal matters efficiently and cost-effectively. Unlike many firms, we do not require our attorneys to bill a minimum number of hours each month. Rather, we treat your business like it is our business and focus on solutions.

Practice Areas:

  • Garnishments, Seizures, Levies & Liens
  • Audits & Audit Reconsideration
  • Penalty Abatements
  • Employment Taxes & Trust Fund Penalties
  • Tax Preparer Penalties
  • Voluntary Disclosures (Offshore & Domestic)
  • Injured & Innocent Spouse
  • Offers in Compromise
  • Payment Plans & IRS Fresh Start

Firth, Bunn, Kerr, Neill

Firth, Bunn, Kerr, Neill is a full service firm in El Paso, Texas engaged in the general civil practice of law. Our attorneys, with over 200 years’ collective experience, have earned a long-established reputation for superior legal work. We specialize in commercial and lending transactions, entity formation and planning, civil trials, insurance defense, employment law, real estate, aviation and general business law.

Given El Paso’s location as part of an international metroplex, our firm represents clients with interests on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border and in our neighboring state of New Mexico. From basic advice and same-day service on real estate and lending documentation, to longer term representation in varied types of litigation in federal and state courts, we are proud to be the firm of choice for clients seeking efficient, responsive and cost-effective legal help.

Whether in the courtroom or at the closing table, the continuing relationships we develop with our clients and their businesses give our attorneys the ability to become valued advisors when legal needs arise. We are committed to providing excellent service and attaining bottom-line results that add value for the people and businesses we represent.

Our legal team provides the highest quality professional legal counsel for business clients and has the resources to draw upon to resolve even the most complex legal matters. With our firm’s attorneys’ collective 200 years’ experience in the legal field, our firm has forged strong strategic alliances with experts in every related field to call upon to support any case for a client.

The attorneys in our firm are skilled negotiators. Often disputes are able to be resolved through negotiation without litigation. In these instances, our firm utilizes creative strategies to bring the issue to a resolution.

Ciment Law Firm, PLLC

At Ciment Law Firm, we have the experience and knowledge needed to help clients with a diverse range of debt issues and financial legal challenges. When we take on a new client, we immediately get them on the right track by following our proven three-step process. Our proven three-step process helps you resolve your debts, protect your rights, and rebuild your credit. Learn more about each step and how our services put you on the path to financial stability.

You were already stressed when you started having trouble paying your bills. Now, you’re dealing with collection calls and worry about ending up in court. That makes the stress even worse. If you can’t keep up with the minimum payments and want a clean slate, you can file for bankruptcy protection. Learn more about filing for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy. Then, you can move forward by consulting with a Texas bankruptcy protection lawyer.

If you don’t have the means to repay your debts, chapter 7 bankruptcy might be the right option. This is a liquidation bankruptcy, meaning that your non-exempt assets get liquidated by a trustee. Your creditors receive the money from the sale, and then your debts are discharged within three to five months.

You have to pass a means test before you can seek chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. This test shows that you don’t have the financial means to repay the debt. Your Texas bankruptcy protection attorney will see if you pass the means test, and if you don’t, you can consider chapter 13 bankruptcy.


  • Debt lawsuit defense
  • Bankruptcy protection
  • Debt protection program
  • Debt assistance program
  • Bank garnishments
  • Student loan assistance
  • Judgment lien release