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The 10 Best Bankruptcy Lawyers In Fort Worth

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Leinart Law Firm

At Leinart Law Firm, we understand that each client presents unique financial challenges. We excel in providing legal services and solutions to the challenges you face with our expansive knowledge of bankruptcy law and other debt solutions.

If you are facing overwhelming challenges from debt, you need a team of experienced, reliable legal professionals on your side. Since 2005, Leinart Law Firm has been providing dependable legal advice and financial solutions in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. With thousands of successful bankruptcy cases on record, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your case to help ensure success.

Our bankruptcy attorneys are experienced and they know what it takes to help their clients reach financial peace after unexpected hardships or a loss of income. At Leinart Law Firm, we understand that an approach that doesn’t include bankruptcy might be appropriate in some cases.

In addition to bankruptcy-focused legal services, our bankruptcy attorneys in Dallas & Fort Worth also help clients find other ways of managing debt. Each situation is unique. That is why it’s best to meet in person so that you can understand exactly how our legal services can help solve your financial difficulties.

Our law practice focuses on solutions to help you with:

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers
  • Divorce & Bankruptcy Lawyers
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers
  • Business Bankruptcy Lawyers

Law Office of Sharon E. Giraud, PLLC

When legal matters affect the family and the finances, the stakes are enormous. At the Law Office of Sharon E. Giraud, PLLC, we provide knowledgeable counsel and strong advocacy to clients facing family law, estate planning, probate and bankruptcy matters. We understand how important this legal issue is to your life and we are prepared to help.

Sharon E. Giraud is board certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, a designation that attests to her experience, education and reputation among fellow legal professionals. She has more than 30 years of experience handling complex and contentious legal issues ranging from child custody disputes to wills, trusts and estate administration.

Legal problems are often accompanied by stress, anxiety and worries about the future. By enlisting the services of an accomplished attorney, you can rest assured that your legal matter is in the right hands. At the Law Office of Sharon E. Giraud, PLLC, we provide experienced representation in the areas of family law, estate planning, probate, bankruptcy and real estate law.

Clients are served by Sharon E. Giraud, a Board-Certified Family Law attorney with more than 30 years of experience guiding clients through child custody disputes and other sensitive legal issues. At the Law Office of Sharon E. Giraud, PLLC, we provide experienced representation in the areas of family law, estate planning, probate, bankruptcy and real estate law.

Law Office of Marilyn D. Garner

At the Law Office of Marilyn D. Garner, we understand that everyone goes through hard times. With more than 30 years of experience, Marilyn D. Garner has a long track record of helping clients use debt-relief solutions like bankruptcy to overcome severe financial adversity.

Our skilled attorneys have helped individuals find relief through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy and businesses reorganized through Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The Firm’s dedication to excellence has earned it a prestigious reputation, including the honor of the AV Preeminent® rating from Martindale-Hubbell®, among the most sought-after peer-review ratings in the legal profession.

When you hire the Law Office of Marilyn D. Garner, you can rest assured your case is in good hands. Our firm is dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical and legal standards throughout every case. Our lawyer’s AV® rating is just one testament to how we fulfill this commitment to every client.

Many believe estate planning is not for everyone. However, estate planning is a powerful way to ensure that the people you love receive assets and care after you pass away. Estate planning can also help you avoid excessive taxes, set aside funds for dependents, and make future decisions for yourself in the event that you become incapacitated.

J. Michael McBride, P.C.

Our goal at J. Michael McBride P.C. is to protect our client’s assets within the limits of the law. Successful individuals appreciate the opportunity to have a frank, confidential discussion with an attorney about their business, its ownership and structures, and the risks they may face.

As a result of decades of legal experience representing corporations and individuals, Michael McBride brings a depth of knowledge to a risk analysis. We are here to review your options and implement your best strategic plan. Asset protection is an important strategy for individuals and businesses alike.

J. Michael McBride, P.C. offers services such as document preparation at a business arrangement’s inception, aggressive prosecution of civil suits to protect rights and assets, and full creative defense to any claims threatening a company’s viability. The following are further examples of services we have provided for clients. Contact us today to see how we may help you protect your assets.

Our Services:

    The depth of our firm’s experience and resources means that we can help our clients minimize risk by planning ahead.
    We have over 25 years of experience representing debtors and creditors, individuals and corporations in all types of bankruptcy cases.
    Aggressive yet creative litigation is a large part of what we do for our clients. We have years of experience practicing in federal courts, including bankruptcy courts, district courts, and appeals (federal and state).
    Michael McBride mediates all types of cases and disputes and is able assist parties in crafting creative solutions to their problems.

Higgins & Associates

Robert A. Higgins & Associates is a full service bankruptcy law firm that can help you navigate the bankruptcy process. If you live in Dallas Fort Worth area and you are considering Chapter 13 Bankruptcy or Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Contact Us today. Our firm is dedicated to providing quality legal counsel to every client.

We offer free consultations for all new clients. Our law office is conveniently located on Camp Bowie West in Fort Worth. We can also help you if you don’t live in north central Texas by referring you to a quality Bankruptcy Attorney in your area.

If you’re ready to find out if Bankruptcy can help improve your financial situation, complete the Free Case Evaluation form below. One of our representatives will contact you to discuss your case right away.


  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
    All of your dischargeable debts are wiped out. In most cases that we file, the debtor does not lose any of their possessions.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
    With Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help stop foreclosure, repossession, and even wage garnishment.
  • Social Security Disability
    Can’t work? You may be eligible for Social Security disability or Supplemental Security Income benefits.

Griffith, Jay & Michel, LLP

The firm handles litigation, transactional and appellate matters throughout the state of Texas in many practice areas, including civil litigation, family law, business bankruptcy, estate planning and administration, probate and guardianship, real estate, business organization and creditor matters.

The firm’s comprehensive civil practice allows clients to rely on the expertise of lawyers in a variety of fields. The attorneys at Griffith, Jay & Michel, LLP treat their clients with respect and assist them in making complicated legal decisions and work as a team to resolve clients’ legal matters and achieve optimal results. With more than 100 years of combined legal experience, the firm will help navigate clients through complex legal matters.

The firm provides solution-base representation throughout Tarrant, Parker, Denton, Johnson and Hood counties. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, the firm offers a different brand of legal services. Here, exceptional client service is the standard.

Everything else comes second. The firm’s lawyers are highly dedicated to helping clients in all legal endeavors. They are not driven to win per se, but to navigate clients through complex, difficult matters and to achieve results that are optimal for each individual client. For these Fort Worth lawyers, gratification comes in the form of developing methods, strategies and plans to resolve issues for clients.

Fears Nachawati

The Fears Nachawati Law Firm delivers a range of legal services including representation of public entities, personal injury and auto accidents, bad drug and medical device cases, wrongful death, business, bankruptcy, and criminal defense. We look forward to getting to know you better and becoming your legal counsel for today and beyond.

Time matters– whether a case impacts an individual or a public entity. Acting quickly and strategically can mean the difference between evidence lost or preserved, or between a wrong-doer getting away or being brought to justice.

Litigation is often complex and very often catches people off-guard, which can leave them vulnerable in unexpected ways. Nationally, our law firm leads the charge in complex cases that include, but are not limited to pharmaceutical litigation and defective medical devices, catastrophic personal injury, and water pollution and environmental damage claims. Fears Nachawati is a highly skilled team of lawyers and professionals with a long track record of success and satisfied clients.

Founded in 2006, the Fears Nachawati Law Firm is committed to being there when public entities, individuals and businesses need us most. Our attorneys come from diverse backgrounds and practices and are united in our goal of achieving the best results for our clients. Whatever the issue, we are able to quickly assess the situation, understand your goals, and put a legal plan of action in place with the goal of obtaining an effective result.

Decker Jones, P.C.

Decker Jones, P.C., is a full service law firm and is the second oldest law firm in Fort Worth with 120 years of service. The depth of our practice groups complements our client-centered approach, whether it be for a company, an executor, a CEO, or a family member. Tradition. Connection. Innovation. Value. These are the principles to which we hold ourselves accountable. They embody both our legacy and our mission.

At Decker Jones we believe in a one-on-one approach to customer service. Each client has a single point of contact backed by a network of attorneys working together on their behalf. It’s how we provide clients our full range of legal expertise with the personalized service they deserve. Our attorneys apply creative solutions to complex legal issues across a wide range of practice areas.

We help clients achieve long-term goals while addressing their immediate legal needs. Versatility, strength of character, a thorough knowledge of the law and our commitment to client satisfaction is at the core of the Decker Jones firm. If you need legal representation, please call. We’re here to help.

Decker Jones is a full-service law firm serving Fort Worth and the North Texas community. For more than 100 years, we’ve participated in the city’s economic expansion and addressed the ever-changing needs of our clients. Rooted in this rich history, we’re a forward-thinking firm working to advance and protect the interests of the clients we serve.

Alice Bower, Attorney at Law

Alice Bower, Attorney at Law is dedicated to providing relief for individuals and small businesses facing financial crises. If you are feeling overwhelmed by late payments or fighting to stay solvent, we can show you a proven path to recovery. Do not get lost in paperwork and surrender to frustration. Our lawyer is in your corner to offer proven strategies, decipher terminology, and make decisions with confidence.

Our law firm can offer you a clear roadmap and sound answers to your most complicated questions. The most satisfying part of our job is offering working Americans an effective means of debt settlement and bankruptcy help.

With more than 30 years of experience, we have the resources and experience to get life-changing results for our clients. We are proud of our track record and our reputation within the community, and we know it all depends on delivering the best possible service to our clients. Our attorney will ensure that you understand the process every step of the way.

If you need individual bankruptcy help, consult an experienced attorney at the first sign of trouble. We can help you understand the differences between, and eligibility requirements for, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 protection. We also can present other options you may not have considered.

Our staff will be happy to walk you through various debt settlement and restructuring processes. Seeking protection is an important decision with serious long-term consequences, so it is critical to get experienced legal help.

Acker Warren

Sean Acker and Brandon Warren formed Acker Warren, P.C. to provide bankruptcy law legal services to the Dallas/Fort Worth community. Collectively, Sean and Brandon have 15+ years of bankruptcy law experience in Fort Worth & Arlington and they’ve helped thousands of clients find debt relief and avoid having properties being repossessed through the alternatives the financial system and chapter 13, chapter 11, and chapter 7 bankruptcy processes offer.


    Acker Warren, P.C. represents people and businesses who need Chapter 7 bankruptcy to find relief from debt. The most common types of debts our clients eliminate in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy are credit cards, payday loans, signature loans, medical bills, utility bills, judgments, and deficiency balances due to a repossession or foreclosure.
    Find expert bankruptcy attorney services with Acker Warren P.C. We represent businesses and individuals in need of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. This chapter is for high income and high debt businesses and individuals to reorganize their business affairs, debts, and assets.
    Acker Warren, P.C. represents those who need to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy. It is most commonly filed to repay mortgage arrears, IRS debts, or child support arrears. Upon completion of a Chapter 13 plan many of our clients discharge credit cards debts, payday loans, medical bills, and deficiency balances due to a repossession or foreclosure without repayment in full