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Peterson, Peterson, Walchli & Roberson LLP

Our lawyers have decades of combined experience representing people in all areas of family law, including divorces, prenuptial agreements, custody and parenting time disputes, spousal and child support, adoptions, guardianships, wills and probate matters. We handle family law cases in the northwest part of Oregon (Counties of Clackamas, Columbia, Multnomah, Washington, and Yamhill).

Our emphasis on family law began in the 1980s when the technology boom created a need for attorneys who understood asset division for high-income individuals, which often includes such complex assets as restricted stock units, stock options and stock appreciation rights.

Practice Areas:

  • Child Custody and Support
    No one knows your children better than you. Judges say, and we agree, that the best arrangement is one developed by the parents. We can assist you in formulating your plan for custody and parenting time. For those cases that cannot be resolved by agreement, we will litigate custody and parenting time disputes.
  • Collaborative Divorce & Custody Cases
    To learn more about the Collaborative process, read Collaborative Practice: An Overview co-authored by Lauren E. Walchli.
  • Adoptions
    We represent individuals in uncontested step-parent or grandparent adoptions.
  • Guardianships
    At times, it is necessary for either a minor child or an incapacitated adult to have a legal guardian to make medical, financial, or other decisions. We represent individuals seeking to obtain guardianship in order to protect such a person’s interests.
  • Wills, Trusts & Probate
    We have extensive experience in both drafting wills and estate plans, as well as probating the wills of deceased individuals.

Jordan Ramis PC

Many of our clients are regional businesses, individuals, and local governments, but we also serve as local counsel to large national companies doing business in the Pacific Northwest. Our practice spans many industries, including construction, real estate, homebuilding, agriculture, local government and municipalities, hospitality/lodging, education, and insurance.

This broad spectrum of clients and industries has an equally broad spectrum of business needs, and we realize that what matters most is removing obstacles and reaching smart business decisions. Our flexibility, creativity, and steady approach are the foundation for deep, genuine client relationships that last beyond our confident legal representation.

We know our clients have a choice in the counsel they hire. We believe the client experience is paramount. We value collaborative relationships that better allow us to give our clients what they need to meet their objectives. We act as advisors to tell our clients what they need to know.

The end result is advice beyond the legal opinion that is technically sound, rooted in an understanding of our clients’ industries, and based on good judgment. Our clients tell us that our steady approach brings them a sense of focus and calm.

From our Oregon offices in the Portland Metro area and Bend, and our Washington office in Vancouver, we empower our clients by delivering value beyond the legal opinion. With our insider’s knowledge of our clients’ business and industry, we don’t just deliver an opinion, but rather deliver sound advice and counsel on what to do with that opinion.

Lyndon Ruhnke, P.C.

When it comes to making a decision over whether or not to file bankruptcy, there is a lot that you need to consider. Since most of us never actually plan to file for bankruptcy, it can come as a shock when you have to actually weigh the decision.

Things like unexpected job loss, medical emergencies, divorce, and other major life changes can quickly alter our plans and create overwhelming financial stress. Even a series of smaller financial losses can add up over time, leading to a level of debt that simply becomes insurmountable. It’s during these times that having a trusted and experienced consumer bankruptcy attorney working for you can make all the difference in the world.

Over the years I’ve learned that helping people understand bankruptcy law and how it relates to their personal situation can serve as a major relief to their financial struggles. Most people are surprised to learn how helpful filing for bankruptcy can be when it comes to helping you manage your debt and crafting a solution to help you repay what you owe.

That’s why it’s not only important to work with an experienced consumer bankruptcy attorney but to also understand some of the basic principles of bankruptcy and how they relate to you and your situation. Deciding to file bankruptcy is a serious decision, most people never plan to file bankruptcy, they work hard and pay their bills, but an unexpected loss of employment, medical emergency, or divorce can cause a financial disaster.

Often many small things over time will lead to a situation where the debt is simply too large to handle. The stress of financial problems can lead to serious health and relationship problems, and bankruptcy can help. We specialize in consumer bankruptcies, chapter 7 and chapter 13. Consumer bankruptcy will allow a majority of individuals to discharge all or most of their debts and stop foreclosures, garnishments of wages and bank accounts, vehicle repossessions, and harassing phone calls from debt collectors. In some cases, bankruptcy can even eliminate back taxes.

Tonkon Torp

Our bankruptcy and reorganization teams help clients restructure while maintaining operating efficiency, preserving liquidity, and maximizing value. Debtor clients facing Chapter 11 reorganization or an out-of-work workout rely on us to negotiate the best possible outcome and provide a viable plan for the future.

We represent creditors in renegotiating and restructuring debt, foreclosure proceedings, and litigation. We counsel on creditors’ rights issues to help structure the most beneficial transactions and to assist in the recovery of capital. In bankruptcy proceedings, we represent trade creditors, individual creditors, and official committees.

This bankruptcy case is among the largest and most complex ever filed in the state of Oregon. The case included the restructuring and $1.2 billion sale of more than 700 Sunwest entities. Tonkon Torp’s attorneys brought legal expertise in securities, tax, real estate, corporate governance, litigation and mergers and acquisitions.

Tonkon Torp’s bankruptcy and corporate reorganization practice is recognized nationally for our strategic and results-oriented work. Our experienced lawyers identify and tailor solutions for debtor and creditor clients of all sizes. Our attorneys approach cases with a business-first mindset. We have decades of experience handling a wide range of bankruptcy and creditors’ rights issues including:

  • Corporate reorganizations and debt restructuring
  • Bankruptcy proceedings for debtors and creditors
  • Sales and acquisitions of troubled assets, inside and outside of bankruptcy
  • Real estate foreclosures
  • Commercial and collection litigation in state and federal court

Stoll Berne

Deeply rooted in the great Northwest and nationally recognized for outstanding work for over 40 years, Stoll Berne has achieved extraordinary results for our clients through practical, strategic, and tenacious representation. Our firm’s achievements reflect our professional abilities. The consistent referrals we receive from satisfied clients and peers in the community better illustrate our success. We are not a full-service law firm.

We focus our practice and we do our jobs very well. Stoll Berne is based in Portland, Oregon. We are a local law firm, with local values. We enjoy representing clients from our community and, above all, giving back. Our firm encourages generosity, volunteerism, community involvement, and sustainability. And we practice what we preach.

Each year, the firm donates at least 1% of its annual revenue to charity. We’ve been recognized as one of Portland’s leading philanthropic small companies. For years, our firm has been recognized as Guardians of Justice and for one hundred percent participation in the Lawyer’s Campaign for Equal Justice (CEJ)—an important organization supporting Legal Aid services for underserved members of our community.

Stoll Berne and its employees have also financially supported a broad range of important community organizations that help advance issues that are important to our employees. Some examples include Self Enhancement, Inc. (helping youth to realize their full potential), Cycle Oregon, Boost Oregon, the Brian Grant Foundation, Portland State University, Lewis & Clark Law School, National Consumer Law Center, Oregon Ballet Theatre, and the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland.

The firm also donates $100 per child, on behalf of all employees’ children, to the local public school they attend in our annual “Cash for Kids” program. But giving money is not all we do. Our lawyers and staff also give time to dozens of charitable causes and pro bono cases each year, and we’ve been recognized for those efforts.

Michael D. O’Brien & Associates, P.C.

Are you thinking about filing bankruptcy in Oregon? Bankruptcy filings can be an emotional and worrisome event, which is why it is important to find the right bankruptcy lawyer who can understand your financial situation and guide you through the filing process.

At Michael D. O’Brien & Associates PC, our portland bankruptcy attorneys have more than two decades of experience helping Oregon families get a fresh start through Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcies, stopping wage garnishment, preventing home foreclosures or car repossessions, and assisting in matters related to lien stripping and fair debt collection.

Unlike other bankruptcy lawyers in Oregon, we understand that bankruptcy is not for everyone, which is why we also offer non-bankruptcy alternatives to help solve your financial problems.

Practice Areas:

    It can feel like there’s no end in sight when you’re dealing with overwhelming debt. Our Portland bankruptcy lawyers can help you take control of your financial future by filing Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy. Find out about Chapter 7 filing costs and eligibility.
    Filing bankruptcy can give you the debt relief you’re looking for. If you want to protect certain assets in bankruptcy, our Oregon bankruptcy attorneys understand Chapter 13 filing costs and can help you prepare your Chapter 13 petition to come up with a feasible payment plan to repay your debts.
    When your small business’ debts becomes a burden, you could reorganize it to make repayment easier. Our Portland Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney can help both individuals and businesses take advantage of this to avoid losing significant company assets and prevent business collapse.

Lane Powell

Lane Powell is a widely respected law firm made up of diverse and cutting-edge thinkers who thrive on advocating for our clients — individuals, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies — by advising them on their critical business challenges and complex legal matters.

With nearly 200 attorneys across more than 35 practice areas and industries in offices located in Washington, Oregon and Alaska, we are well-versed in the challenges that face our clients on a regional, national and international level. The longstanding client relationships we have developed in Asia solidify our position as a gateway to and from the Pacific Rim.

Our role with an increasingly varied set of clients is expanding as we work to understand their businesses as well as they do. Not only do we serve as their trusted legal counsel, but also as advocates and advisors — occupying a more valuable seat at the table. We represent them on their boards. We empower their business strategies. We help clients confront and survive disruptions in their industries as we have in our own.

Our progressive approach to diversity & inclusion initiatives differentiate us from other firms. We bring focus to our culture, our people, our communities and our commitment to the pipeline of diverse legal professionals. We build intentional programs that strive to improve the diversity not only of Lane Powell but also of our profession.

At Lane Powell our team is driven by achieving success for our clients, based on what is important to them and their business goals. We share a common vision, and pursue it collaboratively with a contagious spirit. Our commitment to giving back to our communities runs deep. From Wayfind to individuals and families aided by the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, we worked more than 11,000 hours pro bono last year.

Kelly K. Brown

Bankruptcy can be intimidating, but it may be the solution to your financial problems. Each person’s specific situation requires a unique approach. We offer a free consultation with Mr. Brown that will provide you with information and the opportunity to discuss your options and concerns.

If you are looking for a bankruptcy attorney in Portland, Oregon who is friendly, accountable, and efficient, call Mr. Brown with any worries or concerns you have. Our cozy home office is conveniently located in the SE district between Stark and Belmont, and our doors are open to anyone seeking debt relief.

Are you looking forward to working with our friendly staff? We are looking forward to meeting with you! Mr. Brown is the most reliable, supportive bankruptcy attorney in Portland, Oregon and we are here to guide you through the process of debt relief from start to finish.

Practice Areas:

  • Chapter 7—Liquidation is the most common bankruptcy. Most debts are discharged, and you must turn over all non-essential luxury assets, if any, to the bankruptcy trustee (the person appointed by the bankruptcy court to oversee your case). The trustee will sell the non-essential property to pay at least some money to your creditors. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be filed every eight years.
  • Chapter 13—Payment Plan Bankruptcy. Chapter 13 bankruptcies can be more suitable for persons seeking debt relief with regular income or certain assets. You can stop foreclosures and repossessions by forcing creditors to accept adjusted payments for three-to-five years. You make payments to the trustee, who pays your creditors under the terms of the plan.

Eblen Freed PC

Eblen Freed has the knowledge to guide you through the legal system, and the insight to recognize the system’s limitations. They aim to help individuals, families, and small businesses manage risk, plan for the future, and address the unexpected. They can provide you with the legal support you need to get to where you want to be.

We strive to form meaningful relationships with our clients in order to best understand our client’s circumstances, wants, and needs. Our goal is to support each client through understanding, listening, providing legal advice and our suggestions on what steps we think make sense. We believe in practical solutions. We work to make sure our clients know their choices, and the relative pros and cons to each of those choices.

There are times when litigation is necessary and we are ready to advocate for you. We regularly represent our clients in state and federal courts; sometimes prosecuting a violation of our client’s consumer rights, sometimes litigating a debt related dispute, and other times helping to collect a debt owed to them.

Practice Areas:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Debt Management
  • Creditors Rights
  • Consumer Protection

Brian Wheeler

Even thinking about filing a bankruptcy brings up many emotions and worries, and trying to choose a lawyer to help you through the bankruptcy filing process is not easy. Let’s face it, there are many bankruptcy attorneys in Oregon and, unless you were referred to me from someone you know and trust, you do not know much about me. We would like to assure you that my goal is to help you through the process with understanding, compassion and skill.

We hope that after browsing through this website you will learn enough to feel comfortable contacting me via email or telephone to schedule a free consultation. Filing bankruptcy is a legal and ethical option for people that need help. Let me explain how bankruptcy may be able to help you by scheduling a free office or telephone consultation.

We offer a free initial bankruptcy consultation by telephone or in person at my NE Portland office so that you can get your questions answered and make sure bankruptcy will work for you. We can also often answer some questions by email if you do not feel comfortable calling.

Is bankruptcy the right choice? Bankruptcy can help you and other honest, hard-working people get rid of burdensome debts and get bills under control. It can also do many other things like the following:

  • Stop garnishment
  • Stop foreclosures
  • Stop harassing phone calls
  • Put a stop to collection agency abuse
  • Prevent utility shut offs
  • Stop car repossessions
  • Get your car back after a repo
  • Eliminate some income taxes
  • Pay back child support
  • Stop driver’s license suspensions
  • Stop lawsuits