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Embry Law P.C.

Families from all walks and at all stages of life can turn to Embry Family Law P.C. in their times of need. At our firm, clients come first. Our San Diego attorney focuses on helping families find security and stability while navigating some of life’s greatest challenges.

Whether you are filing for divorce or for bankruptcy, you can rest assured that your well-being is our priority. From start to finish, your case will be handled with care and your needs will remain our greatest focus. As a Certified Family Law Specialist by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization, Attorney Ben Embry is equipped with the skill, the knowledge, and the experience needed to effectively resolve your legal matter.

With a professional career steeped in family law, Ben understands the profound impact his representation can have on a family and their future. He does not take his responsibility to his clients lightly. When you work with Embry Family Law P.C., you receive personalized service from an advocate who truly wants to see you succeed. With your best interests at heart, we want to help you see the future, not just the now.


  • Paternity
    Depending on the facts of your matter, you may need to establish parentage of a minor child. We can help.
  • Restraining Orders
    We have litigated many restraining order matters. Whether you are seeking protection or defending a request, we can help.
  • Premarital Agreements
    Premarital agreements are a complex roadmap for a pending marriage. Whether it is drafting, negotiating or review, we can help.
  • Bankruptcy
    Debt issues have been plaguing our country for years. If this is happening to you we can help you get a fresh start.

David S. Greenberg, Attorney at Law

Our reason for being is to provide affordable, timely and effective solutions to your IRS problems. The solutions we design allow our clients to resume a normal financial life, without having to worry about wage garnishments, bank levies, or other intrusive IRS collection methods that could otherwise ruin your life. His techniques are suitable for all individuals and business owners because they are straightforward, easily understood, and designed to affordably maximize the prospect of an excellent result.

Many of our bankruptcy clients have told us that they hesitated to ask for help because they didn’t think bankruptcy was for them, didn’t understand how it worked, and were embarrassed to admit they needed help. We understand these feelings. That’s why we make it so easy to get the information you need to decide if bankruptcy is the path you need to take—right from your living room!

It’s important to realize that it can be the first step towards regaining control of your life. David S. Greenberg is ready to help you take that first step.

You don’t have to be a credit abuser or wild spender to find yourself drowning in debt. Unfortunately, sometimes just providing for your family and paying bills can become overwhelming. If you are facing insurmountable debt, find out if bankruptcy is right for you.

Contreras Law Firm

A law firm you can trust and feel comfortable with can provide you with legal advice that will give you the confidence of knowing you’ve received expert professional counsel from attorneys who understand your legal needs. At Contreras Law Firm, PC we believe that creative solutions are integral in obtaining a faster resolution with favorable results to matters that would otherwise take longer when using conventional methods.

There are no “cookie cutter” cases at Contreras Law, we understand that each case has unique facts that need to be assessed from the get-go to create your personalized strategy. Your team at Contreras Law will provide you honest and straightforward advice you can understand throughout each step of your case. You can depend on our attorneys to put in motion the best course of action, giving you the confidence you need when hiring an attorney.

Our Practice Areas:

    Assisting you with divorce, custody, support and other family law needs.
    Helping you with contracts, business litigation, real estate disputes and other civil law matters.
    Offering you experienced guidance from drafting the initial surrogacy contract to finalizing the court proceeding.

Chang & Diamond, APC

At Chang & Diamond, APC, in San Diego & Riverside County, California, we work to dispel the stigma of bankruptcy. Many myths still exist regarding bankruptcy declarations—our aim is to clear up the misinformation, inform our clients of the benefits of filing for personal bankruptcy, and provide legal service that is caring and comprehensive.

We provide informative, accessible, and capable affordable service to our bankruptcy clients. We work closely with our clients through the entire process. All we need to start your case is your attention and cooperation. Our bankruptcy lawyers Richard Chang and Steven Diamond have worked together since 1995, and started Chang & Diamond, APC, their firm in 1998.

We practice out of a central San Diego & Riverside County office with numerous satellite offices throughout Southern California to maximize our accessibility to a broad range of clients for your benefit. At Chang & Diamond, APC, we focus our practice on debt relief through personal bankruptcy. We provide all-inclusive client services in the following areas:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Recovery from bankruptcy
  • Asset protection and exemptions
  • Foreclosure
  • Repossession and harassment
  • Divorce
  • Financial security

Buck Law Firm

Buck Law Firm provides affordable legal services to Ocean Beach and the surrounding San Diego community. We are passionate about providing responsive, practical, and cost-effective legal services to our clients. Mr. Buck is very responsive to client communications and you will always have a direct line of communication.

The firm provides legal services to the working class, middle class, and small businesses. We understand that our clients are on a budget and cannot afford ridiculous hourly rates or out of control litigation fees. We plan ahead and do our best to provide clients with transparent and often flat fee rates for their legal representation and services.

Many clients become frustrated when they cannot reach their Attorney. If you become our client, you have a direct line with Mr. Buck. Mr. Buck prides himself on promptly and directly responding to his client’s communications. Buck Law Firm uses technology to ensure that client legal matters are handled efficiently.

The firm utilizes electronic signatures, convenient methods of payment, and even a Client Portal to keep clients up-to-date on their case or matter. The office is paperless and clients may access their entire file at any time.

Legal Services:


Bostick Legal, APC

You have found the attorney you were looking for. Tanisha Bostick is a hard working consciencious attorney who aggressively represents each of her clients. Her success record is outstanding and she is driven to provide exceptional customer service and a desirable outcome. Ms. Bostick will not keep you in the dark. She will keep you informed on the status of your case and explainbeach nuanced detail until you have complete knowledge of the status and progression of your matter.

We understand that financial troubles can be a fact of life and the resulting pain and stress can be debilitating. If you are overwhelmed and need shelter from a storm of debt, the Law Office of Tanisha N. Bostick will examine your financial situation to help you decide whether filing a bankruptcy is right for you.
Your well being is important to us. We can help you stop repossessions, foreclosures, collections, levies, wage garnishments, harassment, and any other actions being taken against you in an effort to collect a debt.

We offer quality representation and will explain your bankruptcy options as well as bankruptcy alternatives. Whether you would benefit from a Chapter 13 repayment plan or a Chapter 7 discharge of your debts, we will work to simplify the process for you.


  • Bankruptcy
    ​Chapter 7 bankruptcies, Chapter 13 Bankruptcies, Opposition to dismissal motions, pleading amendments, and more
  • Family Law
    ​Dissolution (Divorce), Child Custody, Child Visitation, Move Away’s, Child Support, Spousal Support, Domestic Violence Restraining Orders, Property Division, and more

Bankruptcy Legal Center

Have your financial circumstances caused to you feel that you are buried in debt? At Bankruptcy Legal Center, we know that life happens; you are not alone. We are one of San Diego’s top bankruptcy law firms, successfully helping residents of San Diego get out of debt with bankruptcy for over a decade. We are experts in bankruptcy law and it is the only area of law that we practice. Call now and speak directly to your attorney.

We specialize in bankruptcy to help you get out of debt. Filing bankruptcy creates an automatic stay under bankruptcy law that stops all collection processes, and provides you with a discharge wiping out all of your debts.

With the help of an expert bankruptcy attorney, you will stop harassing phone calls, stop foreclosure of your home dead in its tracks, stop a lawsuit, and avoid wage garnishment. There are many other protections available to you, which your lawyer can utilize to protect your legal rights.

Having a process server show up at your door and hand you a lawsuit can be an unwelcome and stressful situation. You are now faced with the reality that your credit card lender or other creditor has sued you with the intention of going after your assets. Any creditor with a judgment against you can put a lien against your property that you currently own or hereafter acquire.

Bankruptcy Law Offices Of Mark L. Miller

Bankruptcy Law Offices of Mark L. Miller are your go-to bankruptcy lawyers from San Diego. We will help you file bankruptcy and get your finances back on track. We will assess your current financial situation, gather all the necessary documents, file them in a timely manner, and communicate with your trustee and creditors.

Additionally, we will stop your debtors from harassing you, prevent the foreclosure of your home, and provide legal representation in court. We will navigate the complex waters of bankruptcy and help you gain your financial freedom.

Stop stressing about debt. Don’t let creditors harass you. Save for your future instead of throwing away thousands of dollars paying interest. You have to look out for you and your family. It is time to get out of debt and start living the life you deserve, debt free!


  • Chapter 7
    Dealing with debt can be terrifying and frustrating, but debt relief through Chapter 7 can make it go away. Do not let stunted finances hold you back any longer.
  • Chapter 13
    If massive debt is hanging over your head, filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the safety net you need to consolidate your debt and begin to set yourself free.
  • Chapter 11
    Starting a small business is a daring move and bankruptcy is always a risk. Filing Chapter 11 may be your way out and we can help you find it.

Bankruptcy Law Center

Our Firm’s sole mission is to put you in a better financial situation. Bankruptcy is the only area of law we practice, therefore our team of lawyers have the experience and knowledge to help you through any tough financial situation.

At the Bankruptcy Law Center, our San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyers’ high rate of success speaks for itself. We get results. When we take on a client, that client can be assured that he or she is our primary focus. In a world that abounds with financial challenges, we formulate and execute plans that solve your problems and let you meet those challenges successfully and happily.

Our clients choose the best option based on solid advice and planning. We will not force you into anything. We are here for you and are 100% on your side. Together we will work to identify the best ways to manage or eliminate your debt. You always have options, and we will help you investigate these options until you find one that is a good fit for your situation.

We work with you to take charge of your debt–and your life–and move toward financial independence. You have legal options just like your creditors. Bankruptcy is a part of Federal law that gives people a fresh financial start when their debts overwhelm them. It is a legal remedy that you are entitled to use to stop your creditors in a fair and honest way and to get rid of debt completely or to restructure debt in ways that fit your income and situation.

Alzate Varley Attorneys at Law

When People Are Faced With Overwhelming Amounts Of Debt And Have No Realistic Options For Relief, The Entire Economy Is Damaged As A Result, In Addition To The Stress And Damage That Is Caused To Individuals And Their Families. While The Banking Industry Has Been Given Billions Of Dollars Of Bailout Money By The Federal Government, There Has Not Been Any Such Bailout Given To Individual Debtors And The Banks Who Received That Bailout Money Often Increased People’s Credit And Interest Rates.

Fortunately, Chapter 7 And Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Are Options For Individuals Who Are In Debt Due To Credit Cards, Medical Bills And Other Forms Of Unsecured Debt And Need Effective Relief. Bankruptcy Can Help You Take Care Of Your Family And Create A Fresh Financial Future. At Alzate Varley APC We Can Make The Process Of Bankruptcy As Easy And Stress Free As Possible.

If You Are Considering Bankruptcy, Talk With One Of Our Attorneys To Learn More About Getting The Relief You Need. We Can Help You Understand The Truth About Bankruptcy Protection, The Mistakes That People Can Make When Filing For Bankruptcy And What Considerations Need To Be Made When You Are Going Through The Process.