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Philip L. Weiser Attorney At Law

When faced with criminal charges, most people simply want their life to go back to normal. To a time when you didn’t need to hire a lawyer. At Weiser Law Group, Inc., my main goal is to restore that sense of normalcy and take the weight off your shoulders by helping put your mind at ease.

As a former police office of 15 years and attorney for over 20, I am well versed in the legal system, from both the perspective of an active-duty officer to that of an attorney defending my clients’ constitutional rights. The police can be incredibly aggressive when gathering evidence to charge you with a crime, using everything they have at their disposal to persuade you to give up your rights.

When dealing with larger firms, cases and clients can easily find themselves lost in the cracks. From attorneys fresh out of law school to lawyers who are more focused on racking up your bill than resolving the issues, you shouldn’t settle for less when gambling with your future. Each client I work with works directly with me, from initial contact to resolution of your case.

Have you been arrested? Are you facing criminal charges? Then your first call should be to an experienced attorney, like Attorney Philip L. Weiser at Weiser Law Group, Inc. As both a former police officer for more than 15 years and backed by over 20 years experience fighting for his client’s rights in the court room, Attorney Philip L. Weiser is well-versed in both sides of the law.

Hiring a lawyer at the first sign of trouble is critical to your case. Overworked publish defenders rarely have the time to dedicate to your case and representing yourself greatly increases the risk of achieving a less favorable outcome. Attorney Philip L. Weiser treats every client like his only client, dedicating the time, resources, and energy into every step of your defense process

Nguyen Law Offices, LLC

Nguyen Law Offices, LLC was established in 2003 by Alec Nguyen and it is located at 1518 North Broadway, Wichita, Kansas. The firm is committed to providing exceptional legal services to its clients in the following areas: Immigration Law, Personal Injury, Car Accident, Bankruptcy, Criminal Law, Family Law, Inheritance law, and Business Law. Our office is dedicated to providing the highest level of legal representation to our clients with a focus on individualized attention tailored to the clients’ specific case.

We will pursue our clients’ objectives aggressively. We will ensure that our clients know they are more to us than just another customer during the course of our representation of our clients. In order to accomplish these goals for our clients, members of the firm continue to attend continuing legal education (CLE) programs relating to the firm’s practice areas.

The fact that we are involved in these activities ensures that we remain involved in the rapidly changing developments in the law. Our involvement in these activities allows us to provide the highest level of representation to our clients.

Our law firm is dedicated to serving its clients with unparalleled commitment to their cases. We pride ourselves on offering individualized, professional attention to every case, through hard work, in depth knowledge of the law, and exceptional legal representation in the following areas:

  • Immigration Law
  • Personal Injury Law
  • Car Accident Law
  • Family Law
  • Will, Trust & Probate Law
  • Business & Contract Law
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Criminal Law

Milby Law Office P.A

Since 1994, Milby Law Offices P.A. has been dedicated to providing our clients with quality legal representation. We will strive to develop financial solutions tailored to your individual needs and provide comprehensive, reliable guidance. We offer Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy as well as debt settlement services throughout the State of Kansas.

People often have misconceptions or negative associations about filing for bankruptcy, but that should not be case. When you are drowning in consumer or medical debt or facing a wage garnishment, you have options under the law to get debt relief. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is your legal right to a fresh financial start. Milby Law Offices, PA can prepare and file your Chapter 7 bankruptcy no matter where you live throughout the state of Kansas without the need to leave your home.

If you are drowning in consumer or medical debt or facing wage garnishments, you have options under the law to get debt relief. Milby Law Offices, PA can prepare and file your Chapter 13 bankruptcy no matter where you live in the state of Kansas without the need to leave your home. The Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019, more commonly known as Subchapter 5 in the bankruptcy world, is another tool that we can use to help your current financial situation.

Subchapter 5 is aimed at Small Business Debtors that want to continue business operations but need help renegotiating and reorganizing the debts that are owed. Subchapter 5 Small Business Debtors can take advantage of many of the benefits offered to Chapter 13 debtors, which is reserved for personal and not business. If you are a small business owner and are considering bankruptcy, Subchapter 5 might be right for you.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
  • Subchapter 5

Law Offices of Morris Laing

Morris Laing one of the most respected law firms in Kansas, the region and beyond. We can and have done it all. Litigation, tax advice, estate planning, business formation, mergers and acquisitions, oil and gas work –the list goes on and on. With multiple offices to serve you, we can be where you are when you need us most and we have attorneys licensed to practice in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, and Florida.

Representing banks, lenders, mortgage brokers, loan servicers and other financial institutions has long been a part of Morris Laing’s practice. In addition to day-to-day operations issues, our attorneys regularly give advice on commercial and residential loan transactions, workouts of troubled loans, and collection of defaulted loans, including retrieving loan security from bankruptcy proceedings.

Morris Laing has been active in the areas of bankruptcy and reorganization since the 1970’s. Attorneys in the firm’s bankruptcy department have represented debtors in a variety of bankruptcy proceedings involving retail, agribusiness, manufacturing, oil industry, and real estate development. Our diverse group of clients includes institutional lenders, general creditors, debtors and committees.



Law Office of Allen M. Hickey

Let an experienced bankruptcy attorney guide you through the complicated process. We file Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies in all three District of Kansas locations: Wichita, Topeka, and Kansas City. Allen Hickey has been helping Kansans get out of debt and onto more sound financial footing for over 25 years. Bankruptcy isn’t always the answer to financial hardships, but it may be a good answer for you. Are you struggling to pay your credit card, medical, or other bills?

Are you being harassed by bill collectors? Facing repossession, foreclosure, or garnishment? If so, you may want to consider calling a bankruptcy attorney to discuss your options. Allen Hickey is available to talk with you on the phone, free of charge, about your situation and whether filing bankruptcy is the best solution to your financial problems. We file Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 and can discuss whether one of these chapters would help you.

After your bankruptcy case is filed, there is one court hearing that you must attend. It is called a 341 Creditors meeting. When you file, the court automatically assigns a date for the hearing. We will be able to tell you soon after we file your case the date and time of the hearing, as well as who your trustee will be.

You will be able to get credit, especially on personal property items like cars and televisions. Buying a house takes longer. Some companies are more willing to extend credit to persons who have filed bankruptcy than other companies are. Discuss this in further detail with your attorney. The trustee and your attorney will ask you questions under oath about the bankruptcy papers that you signed and that your attorney filed for you. Sometimes, but not always, creditors may appear at the hearing and ask you questions.

Klenda Austerman LLC

Klenda Austerman is a full-service law firm with more than 20 attorneys in Wichita representing diverse practice areas and industries nationwide. Representing more than 30 practice areas, our attorneys work cross-functionally to ensure our clients receive comprehensive, practical and effective legal guidance. We’re Kansas-based but our connections and impact are global.

Large corporations, entrepreneurs, privately owned companies, foundations and individual trust the attorneys at Klenda Austerman with the strategic management of their legal challenges. We take pride in being professional, approachable, positive, creative and flexible in our client relationships. Our experience and proficiency has made Klenda Austerman the firm of choice for clients in Kansas, the Midwest and beyond.

Klenda Austerman recruits some of the best and brightest legal minds to provide our clients experience in a wide array of disciplines. Our attorneys in Wichita are also accountants, authors, soccer moms, scuba divers, marathon runners, cattle ranchers and community servants. The diverse experiences and culture of achievement and service demonstrated by the lawyers at our firm benefit our clients and the profession.

Recognized by clients and peers, Klenda Austerman attorneys have garnered numerous awards. Our attorneys have been selected as leaders in the legal profession by the Martindale-Hubble, the Wichita Business Journal, Super Lawyers, the Wichita Bar Association, and many other publications.

Your choice of a law firm is a very personal decision. You, your family or your business should have lawyers who can handle all of your unique personal and business needs. Klenda Austerman LLC law firm commits to you – our attorneys have the versatility, creativity, expertise and experience to give you the legal care you expect and deserve from your lawyers.

Kansas Bankruptcy Center

When you decide that filing for bankruptcy might be the best solution given your current circumstances, it is important that you have legal advice from a skilled bankruptcy attorney in Wichita who can assess your situation and help you through the process. We know how overwhelming it is to have debt and want to use our experience to positively shape your future.

Bankruptcy is a solution that can allow you to be free of debt without permanently destroying your credit. Wichita bankruptcy Attorney Norman Douglas has assisted hundreds of residents in Kansas to resolve severe debt situations. A review of your personal financial situation should be done to determine if this the best course of action for you.

Norman Douglas, is a bankruptcy attorney in Wichita and has many years of experience in his field. He has a unique and in-depth understanding of all matters involving bankruptcy law. He is deeply committed to achieving the very best for his clients.

An experienced bankruptcy lawyer can help you protect what matters most when it comes to your financial freedom. Don’t let debt have an extreme hold on your life! Reach out to a bankruptcy lawyer in Wichita, KS today. At Kansas Bankruptcy Center, our attorney has years of experience and is ready to guide you through the bankruptcy process or provide you with alternative options to debt relief such as:

  • Debt consolidation
  • Debt negotiation
  • Debt settlement
  • And more!

Foulston Siefkin LLP

Established in 1919, Foulston Siefkin LLP is the largest Kansas-based law firm and one of the oldest, with a strong tradition for legal excellence. We’re proud to have our roots and our future in Kansas and the Midwest. The firm has grown to nearly 90 lawyers with offices in Kansas City, Topeka, and Wichita. Since our firm is based in Kansas, our clients benefit from a lower cost basis that can lead to a more personal, higher-value delivery of legal services from lawyers recognized by national organizations as among the leading lawyers in the United States.

The firm represents a broad range of clients mirroring the Kansas economy, including major agriculture, energy, and natural resource producers and processors, construction general and sub-contractors, corporations, financial institutions, franchisers and franchisees, health care and senior care providers, insurance companies, manufacturers, professional entities, public utilities, service providers and others.

Employment and Labor Affirmative action plans; employee relations; employee benefits, Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA); employment contracts and non-compete agreements; employment discrimination defense; immigration; National Labor Relations Board representation; organized labor; Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA); wage and hour; and workers compensation.

Healthcare Law Regulatory and corporate compliance programs; anti-kickback; electronic health records; EMTALA; fraud and abuse; government investigations; HIPAA Privacy and Security; licensing, accreditation, and certification; managed care; medical malpractice; peer review and risk management; professional liability defense; reimbursement; and Stark law.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Banckruptcy
  • Insurance Regulatory
  • Intellectual Property
  • Litigation & Disputes
  • Long-Term Care
  • Mediation/Dispute Resolution
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Native American Law

Eron Law

Prelle Eron & Bailey is committed to serving our clients with integrity and the highest quality of service from the beginning of the case to the end. Our relationships with both clients and others within the legal field are defined by a dedication to professionalism. In addition to our founding attorney, David Prelle Eron, Prelle Eron & Bailey is comprised of highly experienced attorneys with more than 100 years of combined experience.

At Prelle Eron & Bailey, we care about each one of our clients. Our goal is to improve your situation through education and legal assistance. Take a moment to browse our Help Center for free information that may relate to your case. Our founding attorney, David Prelle Eron, is Wichita’s only Business Bankruptcy Specialist certified by the American Board of Certification (the only ABA-approved entity for bankruptcy certification).

The majority of David’s practice is devoted to business bankruptcy law, and he has appeared in more than 100 business bankruptcy cases. In addition to David, our law firm is comprised of three other highly experienced attorneys. Together, the Prelle Eron & Bailey attorneys have more than 100 years of combined experience. The accomplished attorneys of Prelle Eron & Bailey are assisted by our qualified support staff. Prelle Eron & Bailey strictly adheres to absolute integrity.

By helping you work within the law to solve your problem, we will not only stay true to ourselves and obtain the best possible results, we will also protect you legally. Our goal is to provide the highest quality service by ensuring that our professionals are properly trained and educated, using ingenuity and creativity to resolve problems, and delivering the highest level of service from the beginning of your case to the end.

Coons and Crump, LLC

Are you dealing with credit card debt, medical bills, lawsuits, garnishments, taxes, foreclosures, repossessions, payday loans, title loans or creditor harassment? We may be able to help. Call Coons and Crump bankruptcy attorneys of Wichita for a FREE Consultation. Same day, Evening and Weekend appointments are available in our Wichita Office.

We understand that you are under stress and feel like there is no way out. We have helped thousands of people get out of debt and rebuild their finances. People like you file bankruptcy every day. We aim to make this process as simple as possible for our clients. Our bankruptcy attorneys in Wichita have over 25 years of legal experience in bankruptcy law.

Our staff is committed to providing compassionate and confidential representation. We understand that you are going through hardships right now and we are committed to helping you. We start with a free initial consultation which usually takes an hour. You will be able to sit down with one of our bankruptcy lawyers to discuss your financial situation and go over your options.

Our attorneys will talk about debt relief in bankruptcy and other options that might be available outside of bankruptcy, including debt management plans, debt settlement programs, and civil suit litigation. Same day, telephone, evening and Saturday appointments available to work around your schedule. We find that most of our clients find a sense of relief after speaking with one of our attorneys.

Bankruptcy attorneys who will work evenings and after hours to make scheduling easier. We understand that not everyone can make a regular office hours appointment and we try to accommodate our clients so they miss as little work as possible. Bankruptcy attorneys who carefully plan and explain your case with your needs in mind. We explain the how and why of your case. We explain the practical issues and the theoretical ones as well.