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Samore Law

We are here to help! When you’re future is at risk, you want to take a deep breath and make good decisions about how to handle difficult situations.One of those decisions may be hiring an attorney to help you. Those situations may occur when you or someone you love has been accused of a crime or is going through a divorce or child custody dispute. We have been helping people through challenging situations for thirty years.

No lawyer can guarantee results, so you want to sensibly think through what factors are most important to you when your future is at risk.When we represent you, you work with attorney John Samore throughout your case.Unlike many firms in this modern day, we guarantee you will not just meet the lawyer at the first interview and rarely see or hear from the lawyer for weeks on end.

Every call to us will be returned as promptly as possible by Mr. Samore himself. Our present and former clients have long been our best references, because they have come to appreciate the personal attention their case receives. At every critical stage, you will be involved.

Practice Areas:

  • Violent Crimes
    Violent crimes include not just the obvious use of force, such as battery, aggravated battery, murder, manslaughter, but also certain property violations, which are now categorized as violent crimes. An example of this would be “aggravated burglary” or “arson” crimes that for many years were not traditionally categorized as “violent.”
  • White Collar Crimes
    White collar crimes include tax evasion, embezzlement, other fraudulent conduct, and bribery. While less than 10% of criminal indictment results in trial, we have taken four embezzlement cases to trial in the last 20 years, and each client was acquitted.
  • Sex Offenses
    The allegation alone devastates not just the accused but also the family of the accused, and we take such allegations very seriously. In the last 20 years, federal laws in particular have increased enormously the penalties for a person accused of a sex offense.

Rothstein Donatelli LLP

Rothstein Donatelli provides bold proven advocacy for our clients. We have highly skilled and nationally recognized criminal defense attorneys, civil rights litigators, and Indian law practitioners and we use the expertise we have developed across these areas to serve our clients.

Our criminal defense attorneys skillfully handle a wide range of criminal cases, from complex capital offenses to simple assaults, and bring to each case a commitment to aggressively pursue the best outcome for our clients. Our criminal defense attorneys also have extensive experience representing professionals in licensing matters.

Our civil rights litigators file lawsuits on behalf of victims of sexual abuse by employees of schools and religious organizations, those who have been wrongfully arrested or been the victim of excessive force by police, and those who die while in custody due to medical neglect. We forcefully fight for the rights of our clients in order to obtain favorable settlements and trial verdicts in both state and federal courts.

Our Indian law practitioners are committed to advancing the sovereignty and protecting the interests of tribal governments and tribal entities. We have extensive experience in Indian law matters, including Indian gaming, economic development, natural resources, self-government, the Indian Child Welfare Act, labor and employment, and leases and rights-of-way.

Our services range from advice on personnel matters to big-picture enterprise development. Our services to tribal clients have included preparing thorough evaluations, assessments, and investigations; negotiating complex business deals, leases, and rights-of-way; identifying community and business needs; and implementing effective defense strategies to reduce the risk of litigation.

New Mexico Legal Group

Legal cases most often go wrong because of the attorneys handling the case, and the techniques (or lack of techniques) that are used in the case. We are right for your case and different from other law firms because of our team, experience, and strategy. Dealing with legal issues can be difficult for everyone involved.

Adding financial stress to the mix can bring one to their breaking point. We alleviate this stress through a proven process that allows our attorneys to work efficiently keeping their fees to a minimum for you. Don’t believe the hype! Despite all the horror stories and people insisting that divorce has to be a horrible process, it actually doesn’t.

We help clients determine the best way to reach an agreement that is beneficial for the family. We can be as aggressive or cooperative as your case requires. Being charged with assault can be very stressful. It can have a negative impact on your life in many ways. Assault is defined as causing another person to be reasonably apprehensive of imminent offensive or harmful contact.

Practice Areas:

  • Criminal Defense Overview
  • Criminal Defense Attorney
  • Aiding & Abetting
  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Drug Charges
  • Embezzlement
  • Expungement
  • Fraud
  • Homicide
  • Manslaughter
  • Sex Crimes
  • Theft
  • White Collar Crimes

New Mexico Criminal Law Offices

A DUI conviction can result in jail time, loss of your driver’s license, a stiff fine and other penalties, not to mention a permanent criminal record. It is easier to exceed the 0.08 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) threshold than most people realize, and you can be convicted with a BAC even lower than that if you appear intoxicated or are under 21. There are many ways to fight a DUI charge, however.

A skilled DUI criminal defense attorney can help. It is an easy trap to fall into if you’re not careful. Criminal defense attorneys have seen so many cases that they can be tempted to use something of a “one size fits all” approach to cases of the same charge.

In other words, a robbery is a robbery is a robbery, etc. After many years, attorneys can fall into the trap of seeing each robbery (or any other type of case) as very similar. It’s like driving to work each day. You’ve done it so many times that the route is ingrained in your brain and you don’t even think about it; you just drive there each day on autopilot.

But you can rest assured that our attorneys are never on autopilot. Although our attorneys focus exclusively on criminal defense and therefore are knowledgeable in the best arguments to make for each case, we also understand that your case offers a unique set of facts and circumstances, and that each and every detail matters.

Although we have over 2 decades of combined experience in handling criminal cases – which means we’ve handled just about every type of charge there is many times – we know that no two cases are alike. We never make assumptions, and we look at each case through fresh eyes.

Lisa A. Torraco, Attorney

Lisa Torraco is a former prosecutor with a solid background in public service. She served as a State Senator in New Mexico, where she was a leader in criminal justice reforms. Her work in the senate earned her a New Mexico Common Cause Good Government Award for sponsoring and passing a voter registration bill. She is also a former adjunct law professor and remains active in higher education, mentoring law students and teaching.

Her skills and passion for the law have led many lawyers to seek her out as mentor and as a sounding board for legal strategies. Lisa Torraco Law has a reputation as one of the southwest’s leading criminal defense litigators. Lisa Torraco earned that reputation through hard work and commitment to excellence. When she takes a case, she is committed to fighting charges and going the distance. Lisa fights with passion.

At Lisa Torraco Law, we do not settle for second best in anything we do. We only use the best experts, from investigators to criminal forensics. We seek expert witnesses who are at the top of their fields, and even our interns go through a rigorous vetting process. Our clients expect the best, so that is what we deliver.

As a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association, Lisa Torraco respects your right to bear a firearm. She is a fierce defender of the Second Amendment and will fight tenaciously to ensure your right to protect yourself and your family. She takes great pride in her record of success representing clients accused of gun crimes. Lisa Torraco is a champion of the second amendment and does not shy away from difficult cases involving firearms.

Law Office of Erlinda Ocampo Johnson, LLC

Erlinda Ocampo Johnson is a highly experienced and successful Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney that has represented hundreds of clients facing Federal and State Criminal Charges and obtained MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for our clients that have been wrongfully injured in Auto Accidents, Semi-Tractor Trailer Accidents, Work Accidents, Slip and Fall Accidents, or other wrongful injuries.

Erlinda Ocampo Johnson will passionately protect your Constitutional Rights when facing Federal and State Criminal Charges and Aggressively Fight for Justice and Compensation when you’re Wrongfully Injured in an Auto Accident, Semi-Tractor Trailer Accident, Work Accident, Slip and Fall Accident, or other wrongful injuries.

At the Law Office of Erlinda Ocampo Johnson, we will prepare an impassioned, thoughtful and vigilant legal defense tailored to you for a broad range of Federal and State Criminal Charges and devotedly fight for justice when you have suffered from a wrongful injury from an Auto Accident, Semi-Tractor Trailer Accident, Work Accident, Slip and Fall Accident, or other wrongful injuries.

There are specific investigation procedures that must be followed in both the federal and state legal systems. Often, improprieties occur during investigations, including violations of rules governing search and seizure or Miranda rights. These could become an unfair advantage to the prosecution unless you have a criminal defense attorney there to protect you by getting the evidence suppressed or even getting the charges dismissed.

As a highly experienced and successful lawyer, Ms. Johnson will make certain that you understand your legal rights and options completely, and she will provide a clear path for making informed decisions. With over a decade of training as a Federal and State prosecutor, followed by over a decade of Criminal Defense, Civil Rights, and Personal Injury Law Practice, Ms. Johnson has obtained an extensive and thorough understanding of Federal and State Criminal, Civil, and Personal Injury Law and Procedure as well as a profound respect and admiration for all of her clients.

Gorence & Oliveros, P.C.

Gorence & Oliveros work for injured people and with attorneys as trial counsel to bring justice to their clients. Robert Gorence and Louren Oliveros have worked together for the past 14 years serving clients in federal and state cases across the state of New Mexico and nationally. Together, they have tried over 120 jury trials in criminal and civil courts.

In the criminal context, Robert and Louren have achieved significant acquittals and dismissals following significant motions practice in dozens of cases. Their combined jury trial experience has resulted in over 20 million dollars in settlements and verdicts for their clients in civil cases, including medical malpractice, birth trauma, personal injury, slip and fall, traumatic brain injury, discrimination, and civil rights litigation in the state of New Mexico.

Robert and Louren prepare for trial from day one. A lawyer’s ability to take a case to trial and win has a great influence on the disposition of a criminal case and the settlement value of a civil case. Trial skills and an ability to understand and navigate the rules of evidence, the law and the jury system, whether in New Mexico or any other state in the nation, give Gorence & Oliveros an advantage at trial and in litigation.

The Gorence & Oliveros team works hard to bring justice to their clients through aggressively litigating personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, civil rights, excessive force, police misconduct cases and criminal defense cases. Gorence & Oliveros put in the time it takes to win for you.

When a plea or settlement is not in the best interest of the client or families harmed by serious injury or death, Gorence & Oliveros never hesitate to take the case to trial. In the past three years alone, the firm has taken four medical malpractice, three civil rights and seven felony criminal cases to trial.

Business Law Southwest, LLC Business Law Southwest, LLC

Blindly throwing your business’ energy and money at a legal problem and hoping for the best is not likely to yield a result that makes sense for your company. Even if you win a legal battle, it is a small consolation if you lose the business war. The tail shouldn’t wag the dog. Any solution to a legal issue for your company has to make sense for your business, not just your lawyers.

The Law Firm of Business Law Southwest understands this and will help you make sense of it all. Knowing our clients and understanding their businesses is a big part of our ongoing success. That commitment to understanding starts with our first meeting.

Before we render any legal services or charge any fees, we will sit down and talk with you about your legal concern. Then we’ll develop ways to collaborate effectively and contain your legal fees. We also will discuss whether an alternative fee, like a flat fee or contingent fee, is best for your case.

From complex business transactions to “bet the company” business litigation, white collar criminal defense to contracts, we have a great depth and breadth of experience in business law. We work in all forums including federal, state, and local courts, as well the United States Supreme Court.

Beyond the courts, we also handle alternative dispute resolution including arbitration and mediation. Our Law Firm primarily represents clients in Albuquerque and throughout the state of New Mexico, as well as the states of Texas and Arizona.

Business Law Southwest is wholly owned by Slingshot, providing better law through technology. Slingshot represents a group of attorneys and firms dedicated to the needs of business, focusing on the rapid change of the practice of law by introducing new technology, systems and processes to improve legal services while reduce costs and decrease turn around times.

Angela Arellanes Attorney At Law

When you’re involved in a serious legal matter, you need experience and focused knowledge on your side. I am attorney Angela Arellanes, and at Angela Arellanes Law in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I have defended clients in both criminal defense law and personal injury law for over 25 years.

When you have been accused of a crime in New Mexico, whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony, you face very serious consequences. You have the right to experienced and aggressive representation to protect your future!

As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I will provide a solid and thorough defense for charges including:

  • Assault and Battery
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug Charges
  • DWI
  • Homicide
  • Juvenile Defense
  • Property Crimes
  • Robbery
  • White Collar Crimes

When you’re facing a serious legal matter and its consequences, I understand that your future is at stake. I have many years of experience representing clients who have been charged with criminal acts as well as those who have sustained serious injuries in accidents caused by another’s negligence.

If you are facing serious criminal charges, you’re probably worried about spending time in jail, fines, and the impact that a conviction will have on your permanent record. Conviction of serious criminal charges will no doubt have a large impact on your family, reputation, and future as well.

William J. Cooley

If you were injured and feel that a person, company, or other entity was at fault, please call William J. Cooley, Albuquerque personal injury attorney right now to learn about your legal rights. When you hire experienced Albuquerque lawyer William J. Cooley, you pay nothing up-front.

You pay absolutely nothing at all unless and until we’ve won your case. Albuquerque lawyer William J. Cooley will do all he can to recover maximum compensation for your injuries, and William J. Cooley, Albuquerque personal injury attorney takes pride in treating his clients as a family.

Pick up the phone right now and call and talk to William J. Cooley, Personal Injury Attorney about your case. Remember, your consultation with an experienced Albuquerque lawyer is free, and you don’t pay anything unless he gets money for you! Being accused of a crime can throw your life into disarray. Bring some peace of mind back to your life by hiring New Mexico criminal defense attorney William J. Cooley.

When you’ve been arrested and charged with a crime, your life can quickly become chaotic. While you once had friends and family, a good job, and good wages, now you might be behind bars, your friends and family may be angry with you, and you may even lose your job and income.

William J. Cooley, has over 30 years experience handling many types of criminal cases. He will carefully investigate your arrest to find any reason your case could be thrown out due to improper procedures and build you a strong, smart defense. We have a long record of getting charges reduced and even dismissed.