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Hill Firm

Dan founded Hill Firm to provide aggressive and affordable representation with detailed, personal attention to every client. He has represented a wide range of individuals and businesses under investigation or accusation by both the federal and state governments, from professional gamblers to medical doctors. He has tried a number of cases to jury verdict, and has won multiple dismissals and acquittals.

Dan represented Ammon Bundy during the Bundy Standoff Trial, which resulted in the dismissal of all charges. Dan defended Vagos president Pastor Palafox against charges of murder and racketeering during the 7-month Vagos Motorcycle Club Trial. Mr. Palafox was acquitted of all charges.

Before starting Hill Firm, Dan helped run a boutique white-collar defense and financial crimes practice group at a national law firm, where he learned the fine craft of jury trials from a 22-year veteran of the United States Attorney’s Office. Dan learned what wins cases right from the start, clerking and drafting legal opinions for a federal judge on the United States District Court for the District of Nevada.

Dan is a lifelong Las Vegan and active in the community. He is a visiting professor of legal history at UNLV’s Honors College and sits on the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Citizen Review Board and the advisory boards for the Downtown Redevelopment Agency and NPR.

Goodman Criminal Lawyer

Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney Ross C. Goodman is one of Nevada’s leading defense lawyers, notable for his experience in representing clients for a variety of serious charges. He has earned a reputation for providing comprehensive and aggressive defense for his clients no matter what crimes they face.

He applies his lengthy experience in various aspects of the legal practice to better assist his clients reach an acquittal or reduced sentence for their criminal charges. From brief one-day hearings to complex state or federal criminal trials to legal appeals, Ross C. Goodman, Esq. has got what it takes to give the client the fair and balanced court decision that they deserve.

As a criminal defense attorney, Ross understands that people charged with crimes in Nevada are anxious to avoid conviction and the long-term repercussions it can have on their life and career. As such, he works closely with clients to make an accurate assessment of the charges they face, consider all the circumstances surrounding the case, and from there build up a credible and hard-to-assail defense.

His methods are aimed at providing a suitable defense strategy that fits each client’s unique situation. He is always available to answer any questions clients may have about their situation, helping them understand how the defense process works and how they can better protect themselves against related charges in the future.

Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney provides comprehensive and reliable defense for clients within and around Las Vegas. Backed by over two decades of experience in criminal justice, Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney helps clients get the dismissal or reduced sentences from their charges. From minor infractions to serious felony cases, Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney will be there to help see your defense through.

Practice Areas:

  • Driving Under Influence
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug Crimes
  • Casino Markers
  • Post Conviction Relief
  • Sex Crimes
  • Theft Crimes
  • Criminal Arrest

Law Office of Gary A. Modafferi

Our firm is led by an experienced state and federal trial attorney who has been undertaking complex criminal cases and strategies for more than 25 years. Mr. Modafferi has extensive experience in Nevada and Hawaii with high-profile murder cases. Mr. Modafferi has represented lawyers, judges, police officers and politicians in both criminal and administrative hearings. He is death penalty qualified.

Mr. Modafferi brings unique experience to the table as a former prosecutor and current defense lawyer. He knows how the other side thinks and the steps they will take in prosecuting a client. Mr. Modafferi has extensive knowledge of federal sentencing guidelines, and has in-depth knowledge of the criminal system.

We stand up for our clients when they have lost hope and when everyone else is against them. At the Law Offices of Gary A. Modafferi, we are passionate about the defense of our clients. We undertake some of the most complex and high-profile defenses in the state. If you are facing drug charges, white collar crime charges such as fraud or embezzlement, or serious constitutional law issues you can depend upon our firm to see you through.

The most serious criminal offenses have lifelong consequences, and when you have a small window of opportunity to protect your future, you know that competent legal counsel is of the utmost importance. When you need an advocate, you can turn to the Law Offices of Gary A. Modafferi for aggressive legal representation. Do not go against the government alone.

Gallo Law Office

If you have been arrested or charged with any crime in Nevada then contact an attorney at Gallo Law Office to discuss your case during a free and confidential consultation. James C. Gallo represents clients charged with all types of criminal offenses including DUI, hit and run, marijuana crimes, drug charges, theft crimes, or violation of probation cases. From a simple misdemeanor to the most serious felony offense, James C. Gallo is experienced in fighting the charges aggressively.

Clark County includes the world-famous Las Vegas Strip and covers an area the size of New Jersey. Clark County is the nation’s 12th-largest county with more than 2 million citizens and 43 million visitors a year. Clark County is home to the nation’s 9th busiest airport and the state’s largest public hospital, University Medical Center.

Many of our clients come to Las Vegas on vacation from another city or state. Law enforcement officers are skilled at targeting the unsuspecting tourist. A criminal charge can be particularly devastating because of the inconvenience and travel expenses required to return to the greater Las Vegas area to fight the charges.

An experienced criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada, with Gallo Law Office will seek to minimize the unnecessary trips back to Clark County while still fighting the case aggressively. We also represent clients with an outstanding warrant for any felony or misdemeanor, extradition charge, failure to appear, or violation of probation. Contact us at the earliest stages of the case including for a bail bond reduction hearing that occurs immediately after the arrest.


  • DUI

Gabriel L. Grasso

Gabriel L. Grasso, one of Las Vegas’ finest criminal defense attorneys, is licensed to practice in various jurisdictions before multiple federal, state, and appellate courts. With over 160 criminal jury trials taken to verdict, Mr. Grasso has earned his clients successful verdicts in more than 80% of his trials. Mr. Grasso will work with his clients directly and has been involved in every aspect of their cases.

Being a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer requires consummate trial skills, courtroom presence, the ability to negotiate under pressure, and a good relationship with prosecutors, which in many ways counts for as much as anything in getting the best case results. Over the years, Gabriel Grasso has forged an unblemished reputation for honesty and fair dealing with prosecutors.

Unlike what is portrayed on TV, a criminal defense lawyer who is always in a deathmatch with the prosecution will very rarely gain any ground for a client. Of course, when a case or situation calls for a courtroom showdown, Mr. Grasso is the best at presenting the case to a judge and jury and beating the prosecution.

It is important to understand that the vast majority of criminal defense cases are resolved by negotiation. Through decades of handling thousands of criminal cases in jurisdictions all over the United States, Gabriel Grasso has developed the courtroom “sixth sense” which very few attorneys possess.

Where a murder conviction normally brings a life sentence or at least 20 to 40 years in prison, Gabriel Grasso has been able to resolve his last 10 murder cases to sentences of less than 10 years, with most of Gabriel’s clients either winning outright or having their cases negotiated to 4 years or less.

After reading this you may be saying “that’s great, but I’m only charged with a minor charge or a charge nowhere close to the seriousness of a murder charge.” Interestingly enough, the majority of Mr. Grasso’s clients are people either caught up in bad situations or faced with having made innocent, or not so innocent, mistakes. Mr. Grasso has handled every kind of criminal charge.

Eric Palacios & Associates Law Firm

Eric Palacios & Associates was founded in 2004 by Eric Palacios to help families in Las Vegas resolve their legal issues. Licensed since 1999, Eric Palacios has worked with some of the best attorneys in the state and brings an inspiring mindset to those he works with: to treat each client as if they were his only client.

With that in mind, Eric Palacios & Associates will take the time to understand your situation, allowing us to resolve your case quickly and efficiently. Our Attorneys speak fluent English and Spanish so you’ll never have to meet a translator.

Practice Areas:

  • Criminal Defense
    Our strong defense team helps you mitigate risks, protects you against penalties, and supports you in every possible way.
  • Bankruptcy
    You’re not alone in this stressful time and we’re here to help you eliminate credit card debt, hospital bills, repossessions, and foreclosures.
  • Family Law
    Whether you’re facing a divorce, legal separation, alterations to child custody and support plans or any family law case, we’re with you every step of the way.
  • Traffic Tickets
    Our attorneys work with judges and prosecutors to get your charges dropped or reduced so you can avoid hefty fines or retain your driving privileges.
  • DUI
    Whether you’re a first time or repeated offender, we can help with your plea bargain to minimize the sentence and help you avoid expensive fine or even jail time.
  • Loan Mediation
    Our attorneys help you avoid foreclosures by securing financial aid from a remediation program, reducing your mortgage payments, interest rates, or even your payoff amount.
  • Wills & Trusts
    We can set up a will for you in one easy appointment so you’ll never need to worry about the wellbeing of your loved ones in the event of an unfortunate accident or sickness.

De Castroverde Law

When we say we operate as a family, we aren’t just speaking metaphorically. Family is what began and continues to inspire our firm. Brothers and firm partners Alex and Orlando De Castroverde started this Las Vegas law firm with their father, Waldo, after decades of watching him win cases. They built the De Castroverde Law Group together with an unparalleled dedication to their employees and clients.

The team at De Castroverde Law Group – Accident & Injury understands the impacts an injury can have on your life beyond any physical harm done. From filling out paperwork to fighting insurance companies to building a strong legal defense, we can give you the full defense you need. Our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys are well equipped to handle cases ranging from car accidents to slip and falls to nightclub injuries and anything beyond that.

While De Castroverde has grown from being a small firm, it has never stopped being a family-run firm. Brothers and co-founders Alex and Orlando De Castroverde work to continue their father’s legacy. We provide the highest quality legal service possible with an exceptional team of professionals and work as one of the first Spanish speaking firms in Nevada.

We have worked hard to build a community of lawyers, experts, and legal staff that work together seamlessly while also making clients feel welcome, whichever office they visit. If you are looking for a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer, we are located in downtown Las Vegas, Tivoli Village, and Reno, Nevada.

Our firm’s dedication and determination don’t go unnoticed in the legal and Las Vegas communities. For over a decade, the De Castroverde law firm has helped Las Vegas residents, as well as those who are visiting the city, by defending their rights and navigating them through the court system with ease.

Brian J. Smith Criminal Defense Attorney

Typically, punishments for federal crimes are more severe than similar offenses that occur on the state level. You should speak with a federal crimes lawyer immediately after being accused. With sound legal advice, you will be able to protect your freedom and reputation and move forward with your life.

Battery domestic violence charges are very serious matters. In Nevada, a conviction for a first offense carries penalties of up to 6 months in jail, mandatory counseling, and a fine and community service. If you are convicted of this crime, you will also lose your Second Amendment right to own or possess a firearm.

A second offense conviction carries a minimum mandatory 10 days in jail, along with enhanced counseling and community service requirements and a higher fine. A third offense may be charged as a non-probational felony, with a possible sentence of 1 to 5 years in prison.

Recognized for the glitz, glamour, and bright lights of Las Vegas, the state of Nevada is quite harsh when it comes to drug crime prosecution. Nevada boasts some of the strictest drug laws in America. Distribution of certain substances and drug possession are among the areas that the greater Las Vegas Metropolitan Police have decided to crack down on.

Many celebrities and countless residents have been dealt serious charges with consequences that range from large fines to significant jail time. There are many different drug categories, and in order to understand the charges you are facing, you need to know the basics.

Alexis Brown Law

Alexis Brown Law represents individuals and businesses in all phases of routine and complex lawsuits before federal, state and local courts in Clark County, Nevada, including thorough pre-litigation advice, and representation at hearings, mediations, and arbitrations. Alexis Brown Law guides the client through pretrial discovery and trial processes, appeals and pursues post-judgment collection efforts.

Alexis Brown Law represents owners, investors, landlords and tenants in real estate transactions and disputes. Real Estate services include purchases and sales, residential and commercial leases, transfer of ownership, evictions, lease termination and breach of contract. Correction of title defects, land use and zoning, construction liens, foreclosure mediation, homeowners’ association disputes are also services provided by the firm.

Whether you are looking to start, grow, defend or end your small business, Alexis Brown Law can assist you with entity selection and formation, licensing, contract review, negotiation and drafting, employment issues, shareholder and partnership agreements and disputes. The firm also provides legal services for dissolution, liquidation and other ownership transfers.

When you have been charged with any criminal offense, you deserve to have Alexis Brown Law carefully evaluate all of the charges against you. Alexis Brown Law will review all evidence available for your defense before negotiating a fair resolution of your case or taking your case to trial. Alexis Brown Law also efficiently resolves minor traffic offenses and warrants and can assist you with sealing your criminal record.

Las Vegas Defense Group

Las Vegas Defense Group is a 6-lawyer team that defends citizens against misdemeanor, felony, DUI and juvenile charges throughout the state of Nevada. Our firm has been awarded multiple times as Best Criminal Defense Firm – Gold Winner by the Las Vegas Review Journal’s Best of Vegas.

Our attorneys bring more than 100 years of collective experience. We defend clients against all criminal charges, including battery domestic violence, hit and run, grand larceny, assault and battery in Nevada, solicitation for prostitution, casino markers and drug charges.

We have our own in-house private investigator (a former 25-year Las Vegas Metro Police detective). We take an aggressive and proactive approach to every case from the very first moment. This has allowed us to secure countless “not guilty” verdicts at jury trial. And case dismissals short of trial – even in the most difficult cases.

We may be able to help you avoid jail time. And possibly get the charges reduced or dismissed altogether. Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers (NAPSO) is the state’s largest peace officer association. NAPSO selected one criminal defense firm to contract with to defend any of its members who face actual or potential criminal charges. They chose us.

Las Vegas criminal defense attorney Michael Becker has a long track record of winning dismissals and “Not Guilty” verdicts. Even in the most serious felony trials. He achieved full acquittals at jury trials for rape, felony child abuse, attempted murder, forgery, mayhem, assault and battery, solicitation for prostitution, and trespassing. He has been named to many “top attorney” lists, including Super Lawyers. He appears as a legal expert for local and national media.