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The Law Office of Steve Whitworth

When you are charged with a criminal offense and need a divorce attorney, you need a strong defense strategy. The keystone of any legal defense strategy is a driven, experienced criminal defense and divorce lawyer. Look no further than the Law Office of Steve Whitworth for honest, aggressive, reasonably priced criminal defense and family law representation.

When you are facing penalties like incarceration, fines, probation, and the loss of certain rights and opportunities, invest in yourself by investing in competent legal representation. The Law Office of Steve Whitworth is a Criminal Defense Law Firm and Divorce Lawyer representing those who have been accused of crimes including but not limited to DUI, Sex Crimes, Domestic Violence, Drug Crimes, Gun Crimes and also handling any Divorce Cases that come from those Criminal Charges or Convictions.

We serve all of Sacramento, Placer and San Joaquin Counties. District Attorneys are in the business of prosecution. Because of this, you should hire an attorney who has always been in the business of defending individual’s rights under Constitution of the United States.

Violent Crime Attorneys In Sacramento County According to KCRA NBC Channel 3 News Sacramento Police located the body of a homicide victim inside of a crashed vehicle on Sunday. Law enforcement throughout Sacramento is on high alert. After being charged with a violent crime you may be worried about your legal options.


  • DUI

The Law Office Keith J Staten & Associates

Our goal is to serve and defend the community with the upmost quality in legal representation. When dealing with any kind of legal action, it can be extremely stressful on the client and his or her livelihood. We strive to help our clients through these difficult situations as smoothly as possible.

We build strong relationships with our clients by guiding them throughout the legal process and keeping them informed of every aspect of their case. By keeping open and honest communication between attorneys and clients, we continue to build trust and loyalty.

Looking for a criminal defense attorney in Sacramento County? The Law Office of Keith J. Staten & Associates can help. The attorneys in our office are not only experienced in complex criminal litigation, they are experts in DUI and DMV matters. We will zealously fight to protect your rights in felony and misdemeanor criminal matters, DUI cases, DMV hearings, writs of mandate, occupational licensing and any other administrative actions and licensing proceedings.

When you are facing serious or violent felony charges, the Law Office of Keith J. Staten & Associates is the place to turn to weather the storm. During my 19 years of trial work, I have successfully represented individual in homicide, assault, manslaughter, gang, sex, narcotic offenses, and three strikes cases. The majority of trials the firm is involved in are serious matters where significant amounts of incarceration time is at stake.

Practice Areas:

  • Serious or Violent Felony
  • Misdemeanors
  • Medical Marijuana
  • Bail Issues
  • Expungement
  • Juvenile

Summit Defense

With over 120 years of cumulative and exclusive Criminal Defense experience, our reputation for aggressive and results-oriented performance, whether in State court or Federal Court, has been documented by several Bay Area news channels and vetted by hundreds of satisfied clients. Our success and industry recognition is the result of our EXCLUSIVE FOCUS on criminal defense; we don’t accept personal injury or family law cases.

This single-minded focus allows us to keep pace with the ever-changing landscape of legal doctrine and provide you with the best results possible. A criminal lawyer can convince the District Attorney not to charge the case or resolve cases through civil compromise. Our criminal lawyers want you home because fighting your case out of jail is a huge advantage.

Our criminal lawyers are battle-tested, aggressive, and rely on each other while fighting for you. Our criminal attorneys are former district attorneys and police officers who understand the system works to get you the best results possible. Our team can leverage the vast expertise of our team to help you keep your job, license, etc. Our team includes an expert Immigration attorney to help you avoid deportation proceedings.

Our team of attorneys understand legal theory and, more importantly, we understand the criminal justice system tasked with carrying out this theory. However, no single attorney knows every part of the law. Often, an attorney will benefit from the perspective of fresh eyes or the wealth of prior experience or motions bank used by other attorneys. Our ability to rely on each other’s prior criminal defense experience, knowledge, and prior success allows us to quickly assert your rights and assess the various legal and factual issues of YOUR unique case.

Practice Areas:

  • Violent Crimes
  • Assault
  • Business Crime
  • Theft Crimes
  • Traffic Offenses
  • Domestic Violence
  • DUI
  • Embezzlement
  • Federal Crime
  • Hit and Run
  • Grand Theft
  • Child Pornography
  • Child Molestation
  • Sex Crimes
  • Sex Offender Registration
  • Rape

Sacramento DUI Attorney

Drunk driving, Driving Under the Influence, Driving while Impaired or whatever you want to call it is a serious offense in California. One of the first things you should do after being arrested is contact or retain an experienced DUI lawyer.

Many of us offer Free consultations, which will give you some idea what issues may provide a defense and what the potential consequences are in the individual counties where we work. Taking DUI charges for granted can lead to far-reaching consequences.

A DUI conviction can affect your life in many ways. For example, you may end up losing your job or even ruin your chances of getting any job in the future. A single example is that people working in fields that require State Licensing are often affected through a separate Administrative Process. An even more obvious example might be individuals with jobs that require driving.

It can also lead to financial difficulties and bring about embarrassment to your family. This is especially true with people of certain cultures or religions that don’t tolerate alcohol or drug use. However, you may be able avoid some or all of these difficulties by hiring a qualified and experienced DUI lawyer familiar with the local tolerances in Sacramento, Yolo and Placer Counties.

Unfortunately, many DUI defendants end up in jail or prison and deported because of their ignorance of the law and a failure to understand their own legal rights. Unless you hire a DUI lawyer before you go to court, you may feel so embarrassed standing in open court that you enter a plea of guilty without truly understanding what you are doing.

Law Offices of Patrick K. Hanly

At the Law Offices of Patrick K. Hanly, Sacramento criminal defense attorney Patrick Hanly has had more than 16 years of criminal trial experience and has handled more than 60 felony jury trials. A former federal prosecutor, Mr. Hanly can assess your case, anticipate, and counter the prosecutor’s moves, and fashion a defense strategy tailored to fit your case and your needs.

Whether you have been called as a witness before the grand jury, are the target of an investigation, or have been formally charged with a crime, you need to act quickly to protect yourself. Every contact with a government agent is critical and every move you make must be the right one. There is no room for mistakes in this high-stakes game.

The government prosecution machine is a powerful weapon. Even the mere allegation of wrongdoing can ruin a career and wreck a business. Individuals and companies are investigated and charged with crimes every day. Prosecutors are more aggressive than ever, utilizing a vast array of modern investigative techniques.

The firm handles a wide range of criminal matters in state, federal, and appeals court, particularly cases involving allegations of fraud, white collar crimes, and drug crimes, including:

  • White collar crimes
  • Wire and mail fraud
  • Internet fraud and computer crimes
  • Consumer fraud
  • Forgery and check kiting
  • Healthcare fraud
  • Bank and securities fraud
  • State or federal tax fraud
  • Major drug crimes in state and federal court, including drug trafficking and importation, RICO,, money laundering, and weapons violations
  • Business crimes, such as embezzlement and fraud
  • Criminal environmental violations
  • Public corruption, including bribery and official misconduct
  • Environmental Law Criminal Defense

Law Offices of Daniel M. Wigon

Daniel M. Wigon and Thomas J. Baker are experienced Sacramento and Bay Area-based US immigration AND criminal defense lawyers who actively handle both immigration and criminal cases. They represent both citizens and non-citizens who require legal assistance from all over the world.

They travel to Immigration Courts throughout the United States and have worked on a wide array of immigration issues pertaining to deportation defense, naturalization, green-card, DREAM act (DACA), and family-based immigration.

If you or a loved one has a criminal and/or immigraiton issue, pay one law office that does the job of two. Do you really want to hire a lawyer that claims to practice immigration, but in reality they have never done a case? Daniel M. Wigon and Thomas J. Baker can represent you before the criminal courts to ensure the end result of your case leaves you with the best possible chances to succeed in your immigration case.

They will then represent you through all aspects of your immigration case – bond hearing, master hearing, individual hearing, and appeal. We pride ourselves on developing comprehensive and aggressive strategies to prevent deportation and obtain permanent residency for those who wish to remain permanently in the United States.

Our immigration law office understands that when people hire an immigration attorney, they are often experiencing very stressful situations. These people need someone who truly cares about them and doesn’t simply go through the motions.

Practice Areas:

  • Family and Mariage Based Immigration
  • Immigration Bond and Deportation Defense
  • Criminal Defense

Law Office of Thomas A. Johnson

If you are facing charges for any type of criminal offense, it is critical that you have a qualified criminal defense lawyer. A conviction for any type of crime can have a devastating impact on your future, and having the right attorney beside you can help to ensure that your rights and freedom are protected to the fullest possible extent.

At the Law Office of Thomas A. Johnson, we commit our entire practice to defending clients who are facing criminal charges. Attorney Johnson is a former state and federal prosecutor who has tried nearly 120 cases during his career. He is an aggressive advocate who knows how his opponents operate, and he builds a strategic defense to match them at every stage.

Our clients appreciate the level of service they receive from everyone at our firm. From our professional staff to the personal attention provided by our attorneys, our clients know that their cases are in the hands of a firm that cares about their well-being. We keep you informed about the status of your case and promptly respond to any inquiries that may arise.

Our dedicated focus on state and federal criminal defense allows us to be much more proactive in our approach to protecting your interests. We work closely with you to fully understand the circumstances surrounding your case, and we conduct thorough investigations to identify any flaws in the prosecution’s case that could provide the keys to your freedom.

When you choose the Law Office of Thomas A. Johnson, you can feel confident that everything possible will be done to secure a positive result on your behalf. We prepare every case as if it will go to trial, and our opponents know that we will pursue every available option in an effort to secure a positive result on your behalf.

Law Office of Param S. Pabla

Since 2005, Param S. Pabla has represented clients in the greater Sacramento area charged with DUI, Assault, Battery, Drug Crimes, Parole Violations, and Other Crimes. He has successfully fought for, upheld and safeguarded their rights. Since the beginning of 2013, he have found great joy in representing clients in their estate planning.

Helping clients’ avoid probate, set up their wills, trusts and powers of attorney has been a gratifying experience. Applying rigorous energy, experience, and resourcefulness to every client he accepts, he is dedicated to his clients’ success. Param S. Pabla will do the same for you.

If you are facing a charge of a any offense, whether it be a DUI, drug offense, theft, or other crime, it is very important that you have an attorney in your corner who will work diligently to protect your interests and rights. Many California drug crimes involve marijuana, methamphetamines, heroin, or cocaine.

Most commonly, California courts handle cases involving the sale or transportation of marijuana, and manufacturer or possession of methamphetamines. Many people also do not realize they can be charged for using prescription pills that are not prescribed to them, or selling prescription pills even if they have a prescription. This often includes Vicodin and other prescription narcotics. This type of drug crime is fairly common, especially in Sacramento.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas:

  • DUI Defense
  • Assault
  • Basic Facts About Bail
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug Crime
  • Gun Crime
  • Search Warrants
  • Theft
  • Types of Pleas in a Criminal Case

Foos Gavin Law Firm

Foos Gavin Law Firm is the perfect blend of experience and energy. Retired Sacramento Superior Court Commissioner David Foos brings the many years of experience and knowledge of the inner workings of the Courts to provide to you the best in representation and to get you great results. Commissioner Foos focuses on criminal defense, personal injury law, and employment matters.

Sean Gavin brings an abundance of energy matched with a sharp analytical mind to resolve your legal issues in your favor. Sean focuses on employment law and general civil litigation. Sean demonstrates the perfect traits for an effective attorney – a strong intellect with an intense competitive spirit such that he strives to provide positive results for his clients.

Foos and Gavin have a proven track record of success for their clients. So if you want knowledge, wisdom, experience, and a strong desire to prevail, Foos Gavin is the perfect law firm for you. If you or a loved one have been charged with a crime, you need an experienced, knowledgeable, and aggressive attorney to fight for you. The penalties can be severe including jail time, heavy fines, loss of driver’s license, and probation.

David Foos has thirty-five years experience representing the accused. As a result of his experience, David knows the players in the system including the D.A.s and the Judges and will use his insider’s knowledge to benefit you. Mr. Foos was a Judicial Officer in Sacramento County for sixteen years and presided over criminal cases gaining a rare perspective on the law.


  • Criminal Defense
  • Civil Litigation
  • Employment Law
  • Landlord / Tenant Law
  • Personal Injury

Abrate and Olsen Law Group

When faced with a life-changing event that requires professional representation, the legal team at Abrate & Olsen Law Group guides clients through demanding legal process and ensures the most favorable outcome for their clients. Providing personal legal services to the Greater Sacramento Area is the focus of the Abrate and Olsen Law Group.
Our law office combines years of legal experience serving Northern California clients with the personal attention your legal issue deserves. Estate Planning Attorneys Michael Abrate and Daniel Olsen are also dedicated to your Business Entity Formation needs and best interests in Criminal Defense Representation.

Estate Planning Attorney services are the most effective way to ensure that your assets will be distributed to your loved ones as you desire after you are gone. Our experienced Estate Planning Attorneys can guide you through the process of creating Estate Plan that may include a will, trusts, an advance health care directive, and a durable power of attorney.

Our Business Entity Formation Lawyers have extensive experienced in the many legal issues associated with business startups. From choosing the best way to structure your business to protect your company with detailed legal contracts and agreements, you can rest assured that our business attorneys will guide you through the process.

Practice Areas:

  • Estate Planning
  • Criminal Defense
  • Business Formation
  • Business Law Services