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The Law Offices of Adam Allen Arant

After being arrested for a criminal violation or driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) in California, your first action should be to seek a professional and experienced criminal defense lawyer. Our San Jose criminal defense law firm is committed to providing clients with all of the resources necessary to build a strong case that can stand up against the toughest of prosecutions.

Our firm’s top priority is to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality legal representation available and that they feel comfortable protected as their criminal defense or DUI case develops. We promote justice for each of our clients and truly care about their future and freedom.

At The Law Offices of Adam Allen Arant, Esq., we treat our clients as more than just another case number. We proudly serve individuals who have been arrested for serious accusations, such as assault or drunk driving, and treat them with the personal respect that they deserve.

It is through this one-on-one attention that we can craft a personalized criminal defense case that is as effective as possible. We know that cookie-cutter approaches do not work, and we would never use one.

When you contact our firm, you can receive the proven defense of our San Jose criminal defense attorney. Our goal is to help you avoid the full force of the penalties you may be facing.

Silicon Valley Law Group

Silicon Valley is not just a place. It’s a spirit of innovation. It’s a spirit that drives entrepreneurship and engineering excellence, far surpassing other tech centers around the globe. From new ventures to multinational corporations, businesses flock to Silicon Valley to try and capture that spirit.

Silicon Valley Law Group understands that spirit. And we help our clients solve the problems that sometimes stand in the way of delivering on the promise of that spirit. For over 20 years, SVLG’s seasoned attorneys have provided sophisticated legal services to businesses and individuals throughout Silicon Valley and beyond.

From our offices in San Jose, California, we serve not only Silicon Valley but also the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area, all of California, the United States, and other parts of the world. Of course, we bring high-quality legal advice to our clients. But we add so much more. Because of our focus as attorneys on the industries that have made Silicon Valley famous around the world, we provide real-world legal counsel that also makes business sense.

Our lawyers provide practical solutions for a complex world. Most of our business clients have been with us for many years. Over that time, we have become key members of their decision-making teams — indispensable in helping these companies and their leadership achieve their desired business results.

Sam J. Polverino Attorney at Law

Have you or someone you know been arrested for criminal charges? An arrest can be a very humiliating experience. The consequences of a conviction can affect you, your family member, or your friend now and in years to come. The criminal process can be intimidating and stressful, especially to someone unfamiliar with the process.

It is at this point that experience matters. An experienced and effective attorney may dramatically change the outcome of your case. An experienced attorney will protect your interests, ensure that your side of the story will be investigated and vigorously advocated on your behalf. Nothing in the criminal process can substitute for experience.

​If you or a loved one has been arrested for a criminal charge, it is critical that you understand the criminal law process and the ramifications of your situation. Sam J. Polverino understands the stress associated with the criminal defense process. He will devote the time and effort necessary to explain to you all of the aspects of the law and how they apply to your case.

He works personally with his clients. Drawing upon a depth of courtroom experience, he informs his clients of their legal rights and options. He does everything necessary to serve their best interests and achieve a positive result. At a time when you feel overwhelmed or abused by the criminal system, you need an experienced and effective attorney who can work aggressively on your behalf.

Law Offices of Valencia, Ippolito & Bowman

Some criminal defense firms will have an experienced, knowledgeable attorney conduct their initial client interview. But then, after hiring, the client never sees that attorney again. Instead, the client’s case is handled by a junior partner who the client has never met.

We consider this a form of false advertising. At VIB Law, we have three partners who are all expert trial attorneys and negotiators. Many times the attorneys will share their experience or work together to get you the best result. But make no mistake, the attorney you hire is YOUR attorney. You will not be shuffled off to a junior partner or law clerk.

In our view, too many criminal defense lawyers harm their client’s cases by taking a “wait-and-see” approach. In fact, many attorneys will not even do any work on your case prior to the first court appearance.

By contrast, we believe the most critical window for defense work is often the first few days following an arrest. During that time, we can locate favorable defense evidence and witnesses, and get a “head start” towards defeating the charges. If charges have not been filed yet, we can sometimes intervene with the DA’s office on your behalf.

Even if your case can’t be investigated in that manner, there are lots of other things that should be done before your first court date. For example, we often encourage clients to attend AA meetings or take anger management classes in certain types of cases. Or we might ask you to help obtain character letters or other “good conduct” evidence prior to court.

Law Offices of Thomas Nicholas Cvietkovich

Facing criminal charges can be very frightening; the process of a criminal case is often confusing, and the future may seem alarmingly uncertain. At the Law Offices of Thomas Nicholas Cvietkovich, we understand the seriousness of every criminal case and recognize the importance of an aggressive, skilled defense. Choosing the right criminal defense attorney is vital to protect your freedom and your future.

Nick Cvietkovich and his team have worked with clients facing a wide variety of both misdemeanor and felony charges. Our experience with criminal law includes:

  • DUI – We provide California DUI defense. This includes cases involving failure of DUI roadside and blood tests
  • Drug crimes – We handle cases including drug possession charges as well as distribution and manufacture.
  • Burglary and retail theft crimes – Shoplifting and misdemeanor theft charges may seem minor, but even a juvenile conviction can have lasting consequences.
  • Weapons offenses – These include carrying a weapon without a license as well as assault with a deadly weapon.
  • Sex crimes – We offer defense for misdemeanor and felony sex crimes in San Jose and the surrounding areas of Santa Clara County.
  • White collar crimes – Common white collar crimes include fraud, embezzlement, identity theft, Ponzi schemes and more.
  • Juvenile crimes – Our attorneys have experience defending minors as well as getting juvenile records expunged or sealed.
  • Domestic violence – Charges for domestic violence can be highly emotional. We offer representation for a range of domestic crimes.
  • Search warrants – We can assist with improperly executed search warrants and illegal search and/or seizure without a warrant.

Law Office of Ronald A. Cabanayan

At the Law Office of Ronald A. Cabanayan, you will have a dedicated ally by your side to stand up for your rights. If this is your first DUI charge in San Jose or Santa Clara County, you can’t take the charge lightly. We work to reduce or eliminate the charges against you so you can go back to living your life.

Even the most upstanding citizen can get in trouble with the law. Without a lawyer, these a criminal charge could permanently impact your life, your career and your freedom.

My job is to make the justice system work for you. Unfortunately, it’s possible that police officers and prosecutors will infringe upon your rights when arresting you or charging you with a crime. With honest and experienced counsel by your side, you can ensure you are treated fairly under the law.

Becoming a citizen or uniting your family in this country is harder than it may seem. Immigration and naturalization law is difficult to navigate alone − I am here to make the legal process as simple as possible. As a criminal defense attorney, I will also do everything in my power to protect your immigration status when you are charged with a crime. As your ally and your partner, I will always put your best interests first in your case.

Law Office of Maureen F. Baldwin

Criminal charges are always serious, whether you are charged with a felony or a misdemeanor. A criminal case negatively impacts your freedom, your family, your finances, your ability to find or change jobs, and of course can be personally devastating to law-abiding people.

If you are not a U.S citizen, a criminal charge can cause you to be deported, or keep you from becoming a U.S. citizen. You need an experienced, aggressive, and knowledgeable attorney on your side to avoid a conviction, avoid filing of criminal charges by the police, and avoid county jail or long prison sentences.

Maureen Furlong Baldwin has 30 years experience as a criminal defense attorney. She has handled all types of criminal cases from simple misdemeanors up to very serious and complex felony trials. Whether the case for which you are seeking an attorney is as simple as a petty theft or as complicated as a homicide or sexual offense, she has the experience to handle your case.

Exclusively Criminal Law ~ This firm handles ONLY criminal defense, and criminal law. Ms Baldwin will not try to fit you in with divorces, injury cases, and wills. In order to offer excellent services, and to stay current with the courts, Ms. Baldwin has limited her practice to criminal law.

Javier Rios, San Jose Criminal Defense Attorney

Javier Rios is an award winning criminal defense lawyer from San Jose, California. He graduated from UC Berkeley and one of the most prestigious law schools in the country, the University of Michigan Law School. He has dedicated more than 25 years to defending people accused of crime. He is a seasoned trial attorney, not a paper shuffler.

He has successfully represented people in many trials, from DUI to murder. Some of his work has been described on the front page of the San Jose Mercury News as well described in other newspapers and news websites across the state and across the country. He fights hard to defend his clients and protect their rights in a court system that often wants to just roll over people.


  • DUI
    Javier Rios has tried many DUI cases, everything from first time misdemeanor DUI to Double Murder DUI. He is highly qualified to negotiate a settlement and just as able to take it to trial.
    Javier Rios has represented hundreds of people for domestic violence: felony, misdemeanor, homicide, injuries, no injuries, cooperative witnesses, uncooperative witnesses. He has also won this type of case in jury trial.
    Javier Rios has represented many people for rape, child molest, solicitation, child pornography and other sex charges. He has favorably settled many such cases.
    Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana, and any other kind of illegal drug a person can put in their body, Javier Rios has seen it all.
    Javier Rios has extensive trial experience in just about any kind of violent charge a county prosecutor can charge.

Bernard P. Bray

An arrest can often times have lifelong consequences, and can even potentially ruin a life. If you or a loved one face criminal charges, or are the target of a criminal investigation, have no doubt about the fact that you need experienced and aggressive legal help at every stage of the process.

San Jose Criminal Defense Attorney Bernard P. Bray is widely recognized and respected in the legal community for his over 30 years of Extensive Experience and Successful Results handling criminal cases involving Drunk Driving, Domestic Violence, Drug Trafficking, Theft, White Collar Crime, Homicide, and All Other Criminal Matters in State and Federal Courts. Call now and put San Jose Criminal Defense Attorney Bernard P. Bray’s experience to work for you now, it can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

Attorney Bernard P. Bray is licensed to practice before all the State and Federal Courts of the State of California and the United States Supreme Court. Attorney Bernard P. Bray is passionate about his work as a criminal defense lawyer, takes great pride in working personally with each and every client, and is committed to protecting the rights and minimizing the consequences of an arrest or criminal investigation for all of his clients.

Ahmed & Sukaram Attorneys at Law

At Ahmed & Sukaram, Attorneys at Law, a criminal defense law firm, we understand what it takes when facing a criminal charge. We offer our San José clients a focused approach that allows us to design comprehensive defense strategies. We routinely use our considerable resources on behalf of our clients to help fight back against charges, and we can help you navigate the stress that comes with criminal matters.

At Ahmed & Sukaram, Attorneys at Law, our goal is not only to provide a strong defense but also to help you during this emotionally difficult time. We defend criminal cases and also work to help children with juvenile matters such as suspension and expulsion from school. We firmly believe that all individuals, even those who make mistakes, have a golden opportunity to achieve their dreams if given an opportunity.

Our tenacious team of trial lawyers explores any avenue toward a reduction of your charges, or outright acquittal, when you stand accused of any of these offenses in state or federal criminal court:

  • Drug crimes such as trafficking, manufacture and importation
  • Crimes against people – assault, battery, spousal abuse, child abuse and others
  • Sex offenses that include rape, prostitution and internet solicitation
  • Domestic violence that warrants orders for protection
  • White collar financial crimes, fraud and public corruption
  • Weapons violations such as felon in possession
  • Drunk driving charges connected to vehicular manslaughter or homicide