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The 10 Best Family Lawyers In Chicago

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Lois Kulinsky & Associates, Ltd.

At Kulinsky & Associates Ltd, you will find lawyers who have been providing skilled representation to people throughout Illinois for more than 20 years combined. We have helped thousands of people get positive outcomes in practice areas that include family law, estate planning, disabled estates, guardianships, probate and business law.

We have earned the trust and respect of the people we serve, as well as from the legal community itself. In fact, a significant portion of our clients is referred to us by members of the legal community, including attorneys and judges. These people have seen our integrity in action in the courtrooms of Illinois; they know we care about our clients and work hard to get a positive outcome in every case we handle.

Since 1983 the law firm of Kulinsky & Associates Ltd., with its close-knit team of attorneys and support staff has been providing high-quality service in a variety of practice areas, including family law, estate planning, guardianship, disabled estates, probate and business law.

Law Office of Lance R. Minor, Ltd.

At the Law Office of Lance R. Minor, Ltd., my mission is clear: I am a lawyer dedicated to my personal and business clients and to providing them with aggressive but civil representation. Civility does not mean weakness. Civility is found on the path to justice. Many lawyers are uncivil to witnesses, other lawyers, and the parties. Incivility of attorneys usually arises out of insecurity, fear, and incompetence and has no place in the profession.

In order to achieve success you must first be able to define it. I work with each and every one of my clients to ensure that this mission is positively completed. How do I do that? I listen. My knowledge and experience is then skillfully utilized to achieve each client’s individual success.

The Law Office of Lance R. Minor, Ltd. was established with a vision of creating a small firm focused on superior service at a fair price. Whether you retain me for your personal or business affairs, you may rest assured that your needs will be met and your rights will be protected. I do it every day.


  • Family Law
    Family law matters are often emotionally-charged and gut-wrenching situations for the people involved. Retaining competent, compassionate and ethical legal counsel can make a huge difference in these types of cases—especially in divorce, where complex family, financial and emotional issues intersect.
  • Civil Litigation
    The choice to file a lawsuit is a difficult one. Based on many years experience, and highly successful outcomes for clients, Lance takes an ethical approach to assessing needs and likely results to ensure a wise decision is made by clients with respect to the prospect of litigation.

Kezy & Associates

Family law matters are among the most challenging legal matters because the stakes are so high for everyone involved. At the law firm of Kezy & Associates, we understand how important these matters are to our clients, and we are committed to providing exceptional legal counsel and services.

With over 25 years of experience handling all types of family law cases and related matters, we have the knowledge and skill to effectively represent your interests both in and out of court.

While we provide high quality legal counsel for simple divorce proceedings, our divorce attorney is known for taking on complex family law cases that other attorneys cannot handle such as high asset divorces involving complicated property and asset division matters. We also handle difficult child custody disputes.

Founding attorney Mark L. Kezy’s experience extends to all areas of family law as well as probate litigation, estate administration, guardianship, and tax issues, and we offer our clients skilled legal services in these areas as well.


  • Adoptions
    There are many ways to grow your family, and adoption is one of them. Adoption is usually a win-win proposition with parents welcoming the child
  • Divorce
    Ending a marriage is a challenging experience even in the best of situations, but with an experienced and dedicated divorce attorney
  • Family Law
    When disputes arise between family members that require legal attention, the help of an experienced family law attorney is necessary.
  • Guardianship For Disabled Adults
    Whether due to a mental, physical or developmental condition, some disabled adults are unable to properly care for themselves and their finances.

Hurst, Robin & Kay, LLC

The dedicated and compassionate team of lawyers at Hurst, Robin & Kay, LLC, provide a full range of family and divorce law services to clients with legal needs in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. Family is important. Family matters, even the most joyous ones such as marriages and adoptions, come with a lot of pressure and gravity and more often than not, a lot of stress.

We know that this kind of stress is often felt as if it has been multiplied exponentially when people are going through stressful times like they do during divorces, making child custody and/or visitation schedules, making child support/maintenance arrangements, and dealing with domestic violence.

Our attorneys practice divorce and family law exclusively. This helps to ensure that our clients get top notch legal representation for these things when they need them and that your case will get the quality attention it deserves. The extensive and broad scope of our different attorneys’ experience and backgrounds mean that there is a good chance that we have an attorney especially suited to your particular needs.

We take pride in our ability to resolve cases through negotiation and thus save our clients money. We know from our track record that we do not hesitate to fight fiercely and skillfully in court litigation when it becomes necessary. We are compassionate and understanding about what our clients are going through while also going head to head with our opponents to fight to get you what you need and are entitled to.

Dolci & Weiland

When you are facing a court case, you want the most experienced team of lawyers on your side to fight for what is right. At Dolci & Weiland, you will find the qualified professionals you need to face your case with a positive outlook.

It doesn’t matter if you need a family attorney to handle a divorce case, a DUI attorney to help you fight drunk driving charges or a criminal attorney to battle against other serious charges; we are here to help. We put our clients first and want to make sure you have the guidance you need.

Our Services:

    Don’t let a DUI charge destroy your future. From license reinstatement to defending your case in court, we’ve got you covered.
    As dedicated drug crimes attorneys, our goal is twofold: fight for our clients, and give them the opportunity of a brighter future.
    If you have been accused of a financially-motivated crime, building a stringent legal defense is absolutely vital. Let’s start building one, today.
    Regardless of the circumstances, divorce can be a complicated process for you and your family. From litigation to collaboration, you can count on us for your legal needs.
    From divorce to post-decree litigation, we adapt our family law practice to fulfill the needs of our clients and their families.
    Theft cases are often more complicated than expected, especially when a retailer is involved. With years of experience, we can navigate those obstacles for you.
    Has your case already been resolved? Now, let’s clean up your record and build you the future you deserve.

Di Giacomo & Somers L.L.C.

At Di Giacomo & Somers L.L.C., we listen to your needs, answer your questions and provide you with valuable information to make smart decisions. We use a collaborative approach to law — looking for answers and solutions instead of starting, or engaging in, unproductive debates with the other side.

Our attorneys are trained mediators, litigators and collaborative divorce attorneys. We will work with you to determine the best course of action. Whether that be mediation, litigation or collaboration, we will always focus on achieving the best possible outcome for you. At Di Giacomo & Somers L.L.C., we understand how painful and life changing a divorce can be on everyone involved. Let’s start a conversation about your options.

Divorce litigation is the traditional, and least popular divorce. With divorce litigation, the attorney’s present the case to the court. The courts hear the case and a decision is made regarding property division, child custody and support and maintenance. Litigation is often more expensive and offers you the least amount of control over the outcome.

Our Services:

  • Divorce Law
    Divorce and family law solutions
  • Estate Planning
    Helping to protect your assets and financial future after divorce
  • Bankruptcy
    Guiding you through the bankruptcy process with ease

Cozen O’Connor

Ranked among the top 100 law firms in the country, Cozen O’Connor has more than 775 attorneys in 30 cities across two continents. We are a full-service firm with nationally recognized practices in litigation, business law, and government relations, and our attorneys have experience operating in all sectors of the economy. Our diverse client list includes global Fortune 500 companies, middle-market firms poised for growth, ambitious startups, and high-profile individuals.

We provide sophisticated, business-minded advice aimed at one simple goal: getting the right result for our clients. No matter how complex, contentious, or critical the undertaking, we persevere until the job is done.


  • Business Law: The firm serves as a trusted adviser and lead dealmaker on behalf of an impressive roster of national and international corporate clients. Our attorneys are recognized as among the country’s most practical and creative corporate practitioners.
  • Litigation: Cozen O’Connor’s historical roots are in litigation, and we are widely known as one of the top trial firms in the country. This firm has more attorneys in the American College of Trial Lawyers and more attorneys who have led major trials than any other comparably sized firm.
  • Government Relations: Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies is a bipartisan government relations firm based in Washington, D.C., with strength through the mid-Atlantic region. The group serves clients on the federal, state and local level and before both the executive and legislative branches of government.

Arami Law

Your divorce is much more than a legal procedure – it’s a life-changing process for you and your family. No matter how necessary it may be, ending a marriage is never easy. The attorneys at Arami Law understand this, and that’s why we’ve dedicated our careers to guiding couples through the divorce process and helping families like yours move toward a better future.

Family law issues are mentally and emotionally draining, and our attorneys know that people in these circumstances need a strong advocate to ensure that their rights and best interests are protected every step of the way. For nearly twenty years, attorney Kourosh Arami has been the Chicago divorce lawyer people trust when they need one of the best to handle their case.

Our Practices:

  • Divorce:
    Through mediation and/or litigation, our divorce and family law firm can help you gain the most equitable, fair results from your divorce, including distribution of the marital home and other assets, reasonable child support payments, and child custody rights enforcement.
  • Parenting Agreements:
    We care for and defend your parental rights to healthfully raise and support your children in a loving and proper home and seek to find the arrangement that meets the best interests of your family in custody and visitation decisions.
  • Child support:
    Arami Law assists in making sure you are given or are paying a reasonable amount of financial support that is needed to raise and parent your children in a quality environment.
  • Spousal maintenance:
    Divorce should not lead to financial instability. At Arami Law, we help you establish a fair amount of spousal maintenance.

Anderson & Boback Family Law Attorneys

Experiencing a divorce is one of life’s most stressful events. Your future is unclear, your finances are uncertain and the fate of your children is unknown. Having the right Chicago divorce lawyer can make all the difference.

As experienced and highly respected family law attorneys, we provide compassion, guidance and skilled legal counsel during the difficult times of family or marital challenges and transitions. It can be stressful and confusing to try to figure out how you begin to adjust to your new life that may include a new home, adjusted parenting time with your children and a modified income.

Divorce may be the end of a marriage, but it’s also a time of new beginnings. Make sure you start this new chapter of your life with a well-planned outline for your financial stability and wellbeing by enlisting the help of a family law attorney early in the process.

It all starts with in-depth consultation. We clearly explain the legal process involved in your divorce or family law situation. We listen and learn the details of your marriage, family and divorce. We understand that emotions run high during any divorce, child custody or family conflict. We’ll provide you with the knowledge, confidence and action plan that you need to take on the challenges ahead. We maintain clear and open communication with you every step of the way, working hard to resolve your case.


  • Divorce
  • High Asset Divorce
  • Military Divorce
  • Property Division
  • Alimony & Spousal Support
  • Father’s Rights
  • Child Custody & Visitation
  • Child Support
  • Adoption & Guardianship
  • Grandparents Rights
  • Order of Protection

Law Offices of Jonathan Merel, P.C.

Family law matters are undeniably stressful, emotional, and overwhelming. There are a lot of decisions to make along the way – decisions that could impact you, your partner, and your children for years to come. If your family is facing a contentious dispute, a complex divorce, or any other type of family law matter, rest assured that a family lawyer at the Law Offices of Jonathan Merel, P.C. can help you through this difficult time.

As one of the premier family law firms in Illinois, we proudly serve families throughout the Chicagoland area. Our knowledgeable attorneys will take the time to fully understand your situation before devising a legal strategy centered on achieving your goals. Every step of the way, our legal team will be there to advise you and help you make informed decisions with your family’s needs in mind.

Over the last decade, our family law firm has helped countless families, so you can rest assured that the Law Offices of Jonathan Merel, P.C. has what it takes to resolve your case in a fair and favorable manner.

Practice Areas:

  • Alimony & Maintenance
  • Child Custody & Visitation
  • Child Support
  • Divorce Mediation
  • Orders Of Protection
  • Paternity
  • Pre & Postnuptial Agreements
  • Property Division