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Law Office of Dailey & Pratt, LLC

With thirty years of representing clients in divorce, custody, and other family law cases, the lawyers at the Law Office of Dailey & Pratt are passionate about helping each client reach an equitable resolution. Our services are tailored to meet each person’s needs, and we strive to help our clients reach their goals within the bounds of the law and put them on a successful path after their case ends.

The Law Office of Dailey & Pratt advocates for our clients through a tailored approach while remaining solution-oriented. We understand that every client is different, and our lawyers are dedicated to reaching the right solution for your specific case.

After more than thirty years of representing clients in divorce, custody, and other family law cases, the lawyers at the law office of Dailey & Pratt are focused on helping each client reach an equitable, fair resolution. Our services are tailored to meet each person’s needs, and we strive to help our clients reach their goals within the bounds of the law and help them move forward with their lives.

Practice Areas:

  • Family Law
    The best family law attorneys are excellent communicators, dedicated, and hard-working. Because the outcome of each family law case has far-reaching implications on multiple lives, the team at the Law Office of Dailey & Pratt is passionate about advocating for your best interests while demonstrating extra care and sensitivity if children are involved.
  • Wills, Trusts, & Estate Planning
    At a minimum, your estate plan should include a will, an advanced directive, and powers of attorney. It’s important to understand how each asset will pass to your beneficiaries, as well as your estate as a whole. The best options may vary by asset type and size, your age, goals, and other factors.
  • Appeals
    If you’re dissatisfied with an order from a family, juvenile, probate, or other civil matter, you may want to consider an appeal. Trial courts may make errors, or the process may seem unfair. Even if you are discouraged by a divorce, custody, guardianship, or other civil order, an appellate attorney may help you protect your rights.

Knies, Helland & McPherson Attorneys at Law

At Knies, Helland & McPherson Law, our team of Colorado Springs attorneys and supporting staff are singularly dedicated to helping our clients achieve their legal goals and gain peace of mind. No two cases are alike. Our divorce lawyers believe that collaboration and a personalized strategic approach to each case is needed to find the right solution.

We understand that going through a divorce, or thinking about divorce can be stressful, leaving you with more questions than answers. Often there are powerful emotions that can create great obstacles in knowing the right course to take. Issues such as child custody, abuse, or spousal support can be points of great contention while going through divorce.

Our Colorado Springs attorneys are ready to provide their knowledge, experience, and compassion to help alleviate the burden of taking on this stress alone. However, if you need a little extra help to feel better, we proudly staff emotional support animals who can accompany you in our meetings!

Knies, Helland & McPherson Law is a firm that focuses on the area of family law. Our attorneys offer unique and skilled services to help families work through their legal issues. We believe that the majority of family law matters can be worked through amicably. For those situations that require a courtroom proceeding, our attorneys will always passionately advocate for your best interests.

Practice Areas:

  • Divorce
  • Military Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Dependency & Neglect
  • Legal Separation
  • Common Law Marriage
  • Same Sex Divorce
  • Child Support
  • Modifications

Jennifer B. James, PC

As a family law attorney with a background in child and family relationships, I believe strongly in the benefits of reaching a mutually agreeable settlement to resolve the divorce or legal separation whenever possible. Traditional courtroom divorce is an adversarial setting that assumes one spouse will be the “winner” and one will be the “loser.”

I prefer out-of-court alternatives like mediation and arbitration because I believe everyone involved wins when spouses can speak directly about their needs. As a former Head Start teacher who has worked extensively with young parents and children six and under, I have a special focus on the needs of children involved in divorce or separation and the pressures facing young parents.

Jennifer B. James, P.C. is a law firm specializing in family law and criminal defense. Led by Colorado Springs divorce attorney Jennifer B. James, the firm represents clients in the greater Colorado Springs area and throughout the state of Colorado involved in a divorce or related legal matters, or facing criminal charges.

Colorado law allows you to represent yourself in family law matters and criminal cases. But with so much at stake, it pays to get professional advice about your rights and your legal options. If you’re headed to family court or criminal court in Colorado, contact Colorado Springs divorce attorney, Jennifer B. James, P.C., or drop by my downtown Colorado Springs offices.

Practice Areas:

  • Family Law
  • Divorce
  • Military Divorce
  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Maintenance


Family law is all we do. Period. With Graham.Law, you get the full resources of one of the Colorado Springs’ largest, and best, family law firms dedicated to your case. And don’t just take our word for it – Graham.Law was named one of the top law firms in America by U.S. News & World Report.

This is an unsolicited, unpaid, peer-reviewed recognition, not one of those places where you’re included on a list if you paid. This is just one of several genuine honors for the firm. If you want results, you need a lawyer with focus, one who specializes in what matters to you – divorce and family law.

Colorado Springs divorce lawyers who know the family law system because they devote 100% of their professional time and energy exclusively to family law. If you have a child custody case, are wanting to modify parenting, or need a military divorce lawyer, is your case strengthened because your attorney also practices criminal defense or bankruptcy? Or is this a law firm spreading itself too thin by not focusing on what matters to you?

We’ve deployed. We’ve waited for loved ones to return from deployments. Graham.Law is truly a veteran law firm – over half of us are veterans, family members. Or both. We have the expertise your military family law case needs. Carl, an Army JAG officer for 8 years, teaches CLEs on military divorce issues, and fields questions from judges and attorneys alike.

A divorce, or dissolution of marriage, is the most common way to end a marriage in Colorado. The process takes a minimum of 91 days, although a contested case will typically take 6-9 months. A divorce will resolve all outstanding issues between the spouses, including dividing property & debt, determining parenting, child support & maintenance. For more information, see the divorce articles in the Colorado Family Law Guide.

Goldman Law, LLC

When dealing with any issue or dispute related to your family or loved ones, sensitive matters can quickly become contentious and complicated, and having an experienced attorney to advocate your interests can be critical to obtaining a favorable outcome in your case.

At Goldman Law, LLC, our Denver family law attorneys are skilled at standing up for our clients’ rights, advancing their interests and ultimately helping them resolve their cases as favorably and efficiently as possible. In addition to providing aggressive representation in the courtroom (or in any legal setting), our respected lawyers can also always be trusted to provide each of the firm’s clients with:

  • Personalized attention and regular progress updates throughout the course of a case.
  • Honest answers about the strength of their case, as well as their best options for moving forward.
  • Superior representation that will bring their case to a successful resolution so they can focus on their future and moving on with their life.

When a married couple makes the decision to move forward with a divorce, tensions can run high, especially when the impending divorce may involve children, disputes over property and/or allegations of infidelity. In fact, even when divorcing couples may have a friendly relationship prior to the legal proceedings, it’s quite possible for the divorce to quickly turn ugly as some of the most important and sensitive matters of their lives become central aspects of the divorce.

Galyn Johnson PC

Our goal is to bring smart, affordable legal representation to our clients. We bring logic and educated, strategic decision making to an emotionally chaotic time in your life — at a time when your life is fragmented, feeling like the pieces don’t fit together.

With more than 32 years of experience in all aspects of family law, we help you find the pieces of the puzzle, redefine them and put them back together in a well-fit NEW life. Yes, it’s possible, and we can help, give us a call. We are located off Bijou street, in an old Victorian home, on the edge of downtown Colorado Springs. Call us, we can help.

Galyn Johnson, P.C. provides services in all areas of Family Law. This includes, but is not limited to divorce, custody/parental responsibility, parenting time/visitation, child support, spousal maintenance, division of property and debt, division of military retirement and other retirements, step parent adoptions, modification of prior orders and paternity.

We hope to make a difficult process easier by providing reasonable, affordable, efficient and knowledgeable service to our clients. We are a small firm so you know from the outset that Galyn will be dealing with your case. Galyn handles all cases with the efficient help of her paralegal, Marianne.

We believe that in any divorce situation there are no “winners”. If you are looking for an attorney who will guarantee you a “win”, do not look here. If you are looking for someone to help you get what is fair and in everyone’s best interests then give us a call.

Our job is to protect your interests, to help you through a difficult time, and get you a fair and equitable settlement. This we will do. We will not take your spouse “to the cleaners” and we will not rack up unnecessary attorney fees just to “make him pay”.

Daugherty Law LLC

When you work with Mary Daugherty, you’ll benefit from her relevant experience. She can provide valuable insight and will work hard to ensure that the needs of you and your family are met. She’s prepared to help clients with difficult issues such as divorce, child custody disputes, child support modification, paternity, and other issues as a child custody lawyer in Colorado Springs.

Anyone who needs the assistance of a Colorado Springs family law lawyer is dealing with a great deal of stress. When you work with Mary Daugherty, you’ll be able to get help from a family law attorney in Colorado Springs who really cares about you and your family.


  • Divorce
    Mary Daugherty is here to provide the compassionate and experienced legal guidance you need to work through divorce in the least stressful manner possible.
  • Alimony
    Some are required to pay alimony as a form of financial support to their former spouse following divorce or separation in the form of alimony and child support.
  • Legal Separation
    One thing you can do to move a divorce towards a resolution quickly is to begin with a legal separation. Mary Daugherty can get your legal separation started!
  • Same Sex Divorce
    Regardless of sexual orientation, married couples face the same challenges that can affect any committed relationship – including divorce, separation and alimony.
  • Military Divorce
    Military divorce proceedings feature certain complexities that conventional civilian divorces do not. Mary Daugherty can help you with a military divorce.

Brighter Day

Here at Brighter Day Law, we are an experienced and qualified team of divorce and family law attorneys in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We aim to help you get through that emotional and challenging time of divorce and other family disputes.

Our attorneys handle all kinds of family law cases, including child custody, divorce, high asset divorce, mediation, and alimony. We also deal with cases regarding separation, property division, grandparents’ rights, prenuptial agreements, domestic violence, wills, estate planning, and bankruptcy.

Brighter Day Law firm recognizes that cases involving divorce are sensitive and difficult to deal with. We understand that it’s never easy to file for divorce or child custody – that’s why we offer guidance and professional legal assistance to help you pursue the right path.

We recognize that your family rights need protection, and we don’t want you to be another case to us. Our Colorado Springs divorce lawyers approach each case with high attention to detail and focus to ensure we offer the best personalized legal representation possible.

We help both non-custodial and custodial parents set, compel, and revise child support orders across the Teller, Pueblo, and El Paso counties. Even in complex scenarios, our Colorado Springs family lawyers will help you get to a resolution that allows your child to get the support they are entitled to.


  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Order Modification
  • Military Divorce
  • Protection Orders

Aviso Law, LLC

We are a Colorado law firm with offices in Colorado Springs and Denver, dedicated to serving clients and providing tailored advice to guide them through life’s challenges. We have hundreds of cases under our belts in the areas of criminal defense, family law, employment law and military law.

We are respected professionals, with reputations and professional skills that we have built through our diverse backgrounds and experiences. We’re not your typical law firm. We don’t wear fancy suits (unless we have to in court) and we don’t hide behind big desks.

Reflective of our military roots, we strive to serve. We understand the legal process can be confusing and frustrating, which is why we work with our clients to get results. We promise to be respectful, diligent and fairly priced to provide the best legal representation.

To us, success isn’t measured by the years we’ve sat at a desk but rather by the careers we’ve built, the contacts we’ve made and the thousands of clients we’ve served to protect careers, families, educations and reputations. We developed our careers in Colorado’s military and civil courts, successfully defending clients from all walks of life. We come highly rated by our clients and have received professional recognition for our work.

Every attorney will tell you they put their clients first, but it’s how we go about it that makes us different. We understand the difference between being prepared and aggressive in court, while being understanding and pragmatic in a client meeting. Being realistic and easy to work with from a client standpoint and in the courtroom saves clients money and time, while still receiving the best service and outcome.

Drexler Law

During a divorce, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your rights and future will be protected throughout the process. Since we began over a decade ago, our team at Drexler Law has earned a reputation as the Colorado Springs divorce lawyers clients can trust.

Our family law attorneys take the time to understand the needs and situations of our clients in order to help them develop a compelling case to obtain the best possible outcome. If you are in need of a legal professional you can count on, call the team at Drexler Law today to schedule a consultation with our Colorado Springs family law attorney.

Our Colorado Springs family lawyer helps those dealing with concerns such as contested or uncontested divorce, child support and custody matters, divorce modifications, protection orders, and other family law matters.
If you are facing a family situation that requires legal assistance, Drexler Law has the in-depth knowledge and insights to help you obtain the best possible outcome for your situation, not to mention over 100+ years of combined legal experience.

With multiple recipients of 10.0 Superb Avvo Ratings, our family lawyers have proven our ability to provide unmatched legal service. Do not fight your case alone. Call a Colorado Springs divorce attorney from Drexler Law now to get started on assembling the information necessary to build a strong case for your family’s future.

Our Practice Areas: