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Law Office of Zeppy Attashian, PC

Are you thinking of getting a divorce? Perhaps you are involved in a post-divorce modification or other family law matter. Whatever your case is, you may be facing one of the most stressful experiences of your life. Divorce, child custody, visitation, and other issues related to the family or domestic life are often intensely personal and emotionally charged issues.

These legal matters can have long-lasting consequences for everyone involved. They can even extend into personal relationships, financial situations, property issues, and a thousand other details connected with the family. In this difficult time, you can trust your case to a family law attorney who is a member of the California State Bar and the Fresno County Women Lawyers. You can trust a divorce lawyer with a solid reputation.

As a Fresno divorce lawyer serving clients throughout the Central Valley, I understand how sensitive family law matters can be and the degree of impact they can have on your life. I am prepared with the unique skill-set and compassionate approach needed to effectively resolve your case, no matter its complexity.

At the Law Office of Zeppy Attashian, PC. , I generally recommend collaborative law and encourage clients to obtain divorces through compromise and settlement, which is much more cost effective and less emotionally damaging than litigation. If all else fails, however, I am more than willing to apply my extensive litigation experience to fight for your interests in court in a contested divorce or other family law dispute.

Practice Areas:

  • Divorce
  • Restraining orders
  • Child custody & visitation
  • Spousal support
  • Grandparents’ rights
  • Legal separation
  • Paternity

Law Office of Rebecca M. Medina

When your family is facing a challenging family law matter, select a family law attorney who can help you sort through your situation with compassion and with the goal of guiding you to a better future. Rebecca Medina is a Fresno and San Diego family law attorney and mediator who can help you with a divorce, spousal and/or child support, mediation, paternity, prenuptial agreements, and more.

If you are looking to minimize the emotional and financial strain that often accompanies divorce and other family conflicts, consider mediation or collaborative divorce that empowers individuals to resolve conflicts out of the court adversarial process. Mediation and Collaborative Law each offer a consensual, non-adversarial approach that seeks to facilitate constructive communication and encourage creative problem-solving.

At the Law Office of Rebecca M. Medina, a Professional Law Corporation we understand that family law matters are emotionally charged. We work with you to minimize the stress at this challenging time and to guide you through to a brighter future. As a mediator and a collaborative attorney, Ms. Medina can help guide you through the process, so you can make decisions that are solution-oriented and best for all.

The Law Office of Rebecca M. Medina is committed to helping individuals and families in the greater Fresno and San Diego areas with family law matters. Our firm has seen first-hand the devastation of families, finances, and relationships in traditional court litigation practices. We believe that there is a better way to help our clients with family law matters that provides a healthier and more holistic approach to family transitions.

Law Office of Miles A. Harris Esq.

While our firm serves clients facing a full range of charges from small misdemeanors to felonies, Miles A. Harris is especially known for his work with clients accused of serious criminal charges, including violent crimes, weapons charges, gang crimes, major drug crimes, etc.

As many of these charges come with enhanced penalties with far-reaching impacts, Mr. Harris knows what’s at stake for defendants facing these charges—and his intimate knowledge of the criminal court system makes him the perfect advocate to fight back on your behalf, making sure your rights are protected in the process. Why are we so fierce about protecting our clients’ rights?

Because Mr. Harris knows the criminal justice framework inside and out, and he understands how easy it is for people to be unfairly accused and disproportionately punished within the system. Mr. Harris also has extensive experience with the judges and prosecutors working in this system, so he can accurately anticipate their strategies and devise effective countermoves.

As a result, he’s gained a solid track record for securing even surprising outcomes for his clients that few would reasonably expect. Mr. Harris is extremely committed to the needs of his clients, making himself available at all hours of the day or night if need be. He’s also an attorney who pulls no punches, whether in the courts or with his clients.

When you hire him as your defense attorney, Mr. Harris will give you the unvarnished truth about your case, letting you know exactly what’s at stake in the court battle ahead so you and your family can be fully prepared. He’ll talk about the advantages and disadvantages of your case, how the prosecution is likely to move forward, and what your options are for a positive resolution. Once you’ve settled on a strategy and game plan, he’ll work tirelessly and aggressively on your behalf to get you the best possible outcome.

Law Office of Julie C. Jones

Family law matters can be emotionally charged and financially devastating. As your attorney it is our goal to get you through the legal process in the most efficient, stress-free manner possible. Since inception, our office has been committed to providing exceptional client service, individual attention and prompt communication no matter the complexity of the situation.

Clients look to us for honesty, integrity and a realistic assessment of your legal dilemma — and a clear path through your challenges. We encourage you to schedule a consultation to discuss your specific situation. Even if both parents have the best intentions, splitting one family into two can have a devastating impact on a child.

At the Law Office of Julie C. Jones, we remain dedicated to guiding our clients through the divorce process in the most compassionate, efficient manner possible. We take the time to learn about the entire family, and can provide direction throughout the legal process. Our goal is to resolve disputes quickly and effectively to lessen the stress that the entire family feels.

If you have additional questions regarding your family law matter, including divorce, adoptions, support, guardianship, mediation or fathers’ rights, schedule a consultation at the Law Office of Julie C. Jones. Our office is conveniently located in Fresno’s River Park area.

Practice Areas:

  • Divorce
  • Legal separation
  • Nullity
  • Child custody/child visitation
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Modifications
  • Adoptions
  • Guardianships
  • Paternity
  • Property division

Law Office of Glenn R. Wilson

Glenn R. Wilson is a Fresno Divorce Attorney located in Fresno, California, just blocks from the Courthouse. For more than 24 years, the firm has been providing high quality “family law” related legal services to our clients, throughout the greater San Joaquin Valley area. Our firm currently ONLY services clients with cases in the Fresno Superior Courts, including the Child Support Courts.

Having been a police officer for 20 years before becoming a lawyer, Mr. Wilson has an insight into the reality of family law disputes that most lawyers do not share. While Mr. Wilson promotes settlement of cases where possible, his firm has a reputation for being very aggressive where necessary to get to the truth and to get his clients what they are entitled to under the law.

We are one of the few Family Law firms in the Central Valley that spends a substantial amount of time preparing our clients for custody mediation and for each hearing. Our clients are given Mr. Wilson’s personal cellular telephone number so that he can be reached 24/7 in case of emergencies, such as a parent refusing to comply with a custody/visitation order over a weekend or holiday.


  • Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage
  • Legal Separation
  • Domestic Partnerships
  • Property Division
  • Child Custody
  • Child Visitation
  • Child Custody and Visitation Modification
  • Child Custody Enforcement
  • Child Support
  • Child Support Modification
  • Spousal Support/Alimony
  • Spousal Support Modification
  • Post judgment modifications
  • Enforcement of court orders
  • Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Orders (DVTRO’s)
  • Paternity

Kenneth M Cavin, Attorney at Law

Kenneth M Cavin, Attorney At Law is experienced with a wide variety of legal cases and situations. With a strong knowledge of Family Law, Divorce, Parentage Disputes, Grandparent’s Rights and Restraining Orders, Kenneth M Cavin, Attorney At Law will work with you to talk about your situation and then we can work with you to develop a strong, aggressive legal case.

We know it can be difficult to pay for your legal case, and you need to protect your rights to your children and their rights to YOU. For your convenience, Kenneth M Cavin, Attorney At Law accepts all major credit cards and offers a variety of payment plans to ensure that you can receive the legal advice you need at an affordable price. We also offer free initial consultations so you can explain your unique case to us.

The Office of Kenneth M Cavin, Attorney At Law is committed to providing to you the best Family Law services possible. Your family and children are vital to you. Protect them and your time with them by seeking an aggressive, yet affordable office that will work hard to protect your interests and rights. Kenneth M Cavin, Attorney At Law is proud to represent you in a variety of family law cases including:


Protecting children and families is our top priority and Kenneth M Cavin, Attorney At Law will work had to ensure that your family receives the careful and agressive representation they deserve under the law. Whether you are seeking Child Custody, Child Support, Spousal Support, Property, or Restraining orders before, during or after a divorce, or you are seeking other legal help, call Kenneth M Cavin, Attorney At Law today.

Debra L. Slaybaugh Attorney at Law

The ending of a marriage is not only the separation of two adults who no longer want to be married; it is a complete restructuring of all aspects of a family’s life. It significantly affects each family member. When children are involved, no matter how well the adults may try to hide what is going on, children know. They hear, see and feel everything.

The mediation process is confidential. Nothing that is discussed, nor any documents prepared for mediation purposes, can be used in any court proceeding. The reason for this confidentiality is to ensure the process is as open and honest as possible. When the process is successful, my office will prepare the legal documents necessary to finalize the dissolution, and neither party will ever set foot in the courthouse.

In addition to the emotional stress caused by litigation, families also find themselves saddled with a huge financial burden. The law provides when there has been violence in the home the victim can request a restraining order.

A restraining order, if granted, can order a person to stay away, restrict contact, set custody and visitation orders, set support orders, order batter’s treatment, allow recording of conversations and will order the relinquishment of all firearms. Violation of a restraining order can result in being arrested.

Practice Areas:

  • Mediation
  • Divorce
  • Post Judgement Issues
  • Child Custody/Child Visitation
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support
  • Limited Scope Representation
  • Prenuptial Agreement
  • Domestic Violence

Brungess and Kezirian, LLP, Attorneys at Law

If you are considering divorce, you may be wondering about the process and the best way to handle these proceedings. Mediation may be a good choice if you are still on amicable terms with your partner and both of you are invested in reaching an agreement that works best for you and your family, including the division of debts and assets, child custody and care arrangements and other issues related to your divorce.

Your mediator will conduct meetings with you and your former spouse to facilitate discussion about ways to resolve the issues associated with your divorce. The mediator will help you explore ideas unique to your situation that might otherwise be overlooked.

Throughout the process, the mediator will will act as a guide to each party through the divorce, striving always to keep the family’s best interests first and foremost, while maintaining a safe environment for both parties. When a couple decides to divorce, and they are unable to reach an agreement amongst themselves, they may have no choice but to proceed with a litigated divorce.

In divorce litigation, each party has a divorce attorney who advocates for their separate interests and all communication and correspondence takes place between the lawyers. Once the petition has been served and delivered, either party can request temporary orders to permit or prohibit one or both sides from participating in specific actions such as spending. Temporary orders help establish rules for both sides to live by until the divorce case is resolved.

Attorney Richard A. Harris

Divorce has a tendency to extend into and effect other aspects of your life like business assets, wills, trusts, and retirement. Richard A. Harris understands the legal issues within family law and strives to uncover viable solutions in your family law dispute. Richard A. Harris represents clients throughout Fresno, CA. with exemplary and cost-effective family law representation.

Are you in charge of the families finances? If you aren’t the one who manages the finances make it imperative to understand them in order to accurately divide debt and assets. Advice from friends or family may be reliable but each case is different, so what happened to your friend may not be best for you. Get reliable advice from an attorney you can trust.

Practice Areas:

  • Business Law
    Fresno, CA. Business Law Attorney Richard A. Harris and his associates provide affordable legal advice to businesses of all sizes.
  • Employment Law
    Fresno, CA. Employee Rights Lawyer Sometimes you need someone to defend your rights in the workplace, when you do, turn to accomplished.
  • Real Estate Law
    Eminent Domain – High Speed Rail Richard A. Harris has extensive experience in representing clients in actions involving taking of private property.
  • Family Law
    Fresno, CA. Family Law Attorney Divorce has a tendency to extend into and effect other aspects of your life like business assets, wills, trusts, and retirement.
  • Estate Planning
    Fresno, CA. Estate Planning Lawyer Estate planning circumscribes a wide range of end-of-life planning decisions not just wills and trusts.

Amy L. Lopez, Attorney at Law

The law office of Amy L. Lopez, Attorney at Law is located in Fresno, CA, and focused on family law. For over two decades, attorney Amy Lopez has been advocating and protecting the legal rights of her clients and their families. She’s experienced in family-related issues, including divorce, child visitation, parenting plans and child support. She is well-known for her compassion, personalized approach and effective legal solutions.

Not every divorce needs to wind up in the courtroom. There are alternative resolution strategies that are less costly, adversarial and time consuming when compared to settling matter in family court. As a matter of fact, these alternative options allow both divorcing spouses more control in the final outcome.

During mediation, a series of meetings is held with a neutral third party assisting the couple to identify the disputed issues and achieve an agreed resolution. Attorney Amy Lopez acts as a legal coach during the process and helps her client prepare for each meeting. She also meticulously reviews any proposed agreement before you sign on the dotted line. Another option is collaborative divorce.

During this type of divorce, attorney Amy Lopez works closely with the opposing in a non-adversarial manner to reach an agreed resolution. Attorney Amy Lopez has experience in both simple and complex divorces. Turn to attorney Amy Lopez for questions about child support, child custody and parenting plans.

She knows the state’s guidelines for child support and can assist with a child support modification petition should you become unemployed or disabled. She’s experienced in the drafting up of parenting plans for child visitation. Her goal is to act in the best interests of the child.