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Hollingsworth Roberts Means

At Hollingsworth Roberts Means, our lawyers collaborate with and counsel our clients in a broad range of areas including divorce and family law, complex business transactions and contracts, commercial disputes and business litigation, civil defense including professional negligence matters, criminal defense and estate planning.

With firm origins dating back more than 15 years and an unrelenting dedication to meeting client needs through sharp, cost-efficient, and compassionate representation, our attorneys welcome each opportunity to put the firm’s growing resources to work to serve our clients’ needs.

We aim to always keep our clients in-the-know regarding updates in the legal world. Our attorneys write blogs regularly to keep you updated. From parenting tips to firm news, we keep pertinent information at the tip of your fingers.

Built upon a foundation of unique culture and client collaboration, the attorneys of HOLLINGSWORTH ROBERTS MEANS bring a diverse collection of backgrounds, skills and experiences to provide exceptional service in a broad range of family, business, civil and criminal legal matters in Carmel & Indianapolis. For more than a decade, Hollingsworth Roberts Means has made a name for itself in Carmel and throughout the state of Indiana for providing high-quality legal representation that is professional and caring.

Our skilled Carmel family law attorneys — many of whom have been included in Super Lawyers® list and Super Lawyers® Rising Stars℠ — strive to minimize conflict, but are ready to go to court on your behalf should the need arise. As an Indianapolis family law firm, we are dedicated and have the resources and insight necessary to handle a wide range of family law issues.

Wanzer Edwards, PC

At Wanzer Edwards, we believe that people facing divorce have the power to choose a peaceful process. We are Indianapolis, Indiana divorce attorneys who empower our clients to handle family transition with respect and dignity so that they build a positive future. We promote peace and protect family because we know that divorce can be done differently.

There is no divorce outcome that is “one size fits all”. Your family has a unique story. As your family faces the transitions that come with divorce, you need solutions that are tailored to meet your specific needs. By offering mediation, collaborative divorce, arbitration and parenting coordination, Wanzer Edwards can help you write the next chapter of your story in a positive way.

A family transition is never easy. With an understanding that changes in family structure have far reaching impacts, our team of professionals facilitates collaborative decision-making and practical solutions for family law issues. We prioritize family health during the most difficult challenges faced during times of transition.


  • Divorce
    At Wanzer Edwards, we guide clients through the divorce process and explain the options and potential solutions at each step. The divorce process in Indianapolis will involve an analysis of all the property owned and debt owed by either spouse individually and by the spouses jointly.
  • Post Divorce
    Following a divorce, while property issues remain finalized and not subject to change, child-related issues can change throughout the child’s life until he or she reaches adulthood.
  • Child Support Modifications
    Just because a Court has issued a Child Support Order does not mean it will stay the same throughout the child’s life until he or she reaches adulthood. A change in circumstances such as a job loss, increased salary, a child no longer needing work-related childcare, a child going to college, or a change in the parenting time schedule can all impact the child support obligation. The parties’ child support order should reflect those changes.

Megan Wells Family Law

You put your family first, and so will we. Megan Wells is an Indianapolis family law office that focuses solely on matters relating to just that, your family. With over a decade of experience, you can rest assured that our family attorney will put the best interests of you and your children first. We offer holistic advice to families in the Indianapolis area for cases ranging from divorce and divorce mediation to child custody and adoption.

At Megan Wells Family Law, we believe in direct and constant communication. After all, knowledge is power. During an already confusing time, we work hard to ensure that all of your questions are answered beyond your expectation. In doing so, we equip you with the legal know-how you need to approach your family law case with confidence. No matter what case you’re facing, we will ensure you know all of your options.

Navigating your family through legal disputes can be emotionally unsettling, especially if there are children involved. When the wellbeing of your family is at stake, you need a lawyer that can offer you both legal and emotional comfort. Family Attorney Megan C. Wells is an Indianapolis lawyer who offers this kind of compassionate and legally proficient representation.


  • Divorce
  • Divorce Mediation
  • Guardian ad Litem
  • Adoption
  • Paternity
  • Guardianships

Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C.

The law office of Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C. has endeavored to set the standard of excellence regarding adoptions in Indiana and throughout the country. Our firm has handled numerous adoptions and has over 90 years of combined experience in the field. Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C. truly understand adoption and it’s intricacies and provides each member of the adoption triad with the attention and care they deserve.

Awarded the Congressional “Angels in Adoption” Award in 2005, attorney Steve Kirsh, along with his brothers, Joel Kirsh and Rob Kirsh, and his son, Grant Kirsh, have built their law practice around the human needs of the prospective birth mothers with whom they work and not simply the “transactional” nature of filing papers and providing documentation.

As adoption lawyers, we recognize the emotional nature of what is involved and provide a number of resources for prospective birth mothers to relieve them of some of the stress and anxiety associated with adoption. We have provided rough estimates for some commonly asked questions.

In working with Kirsh & Kirsh, we will tailor an adoption that fits your needs and desires to the extent we possibly can. We do not subscribe to the theory that all adoptions will be open or closed (confidential). Frankly, we have found that the views of our prospective adoptive parents about openness in an adoption often changes as they move through the process.

Katzman & Katzman, P.C.

At the Indianapolis law firm of Katzman & Katzman, P.C., we provide sound, experienced legal advice, combined excellent client service. For more than 30 years, families and business owners throughout Indiana turned to our attorneys for their proven abilities in family, real estate and business law matters.

Whether representing an individual or large business, our commitment to client service is the same. We adapt our practice and our approach to suit your case, needs and expectations.

Founded by a husband and wife legal team, our office has grown over the years to be a true family-operated practice. We blend the credibility of a highly experienced and professional legal organization with a personal approach of treating our clients with respect and compassion.

n the more than three decades since we accepted our first client, who remains our client to this day, we have built a reliable foundation based on professional practice, outstanding client service and proven success. Our clients include large and midmarket corporations and financial institutions, small family-owned businesses and individuals throughout Indiana.

We understand that family-related matters are deeply personal. Often, these matters affect not only the individuals immediately involved but also the entire family. In working with our family law clients, we use our legal experience and commitment to personalized client representation to not only protect our client’s rights and interests but also to guide them through their situation with as little impact on them and their family as possible.

Herrin & Leach

At Herrin & Leach, we know and embrace the importance of your adoption. That’s why we have created a firm that focuses solely on adoption. We believe attorneys who are committed to the adoption process best serve those families seeking to adopt and the children who need safe, loving families. We are committed to helping adoptive parents and expectant mothers navigate the adoption process.

Indiana adoption law is complex and ever-changing. It is not always easy for non-lawyers or lawyers who do not work exclusively in adoption to stay on top of the ever-changing laws. Since our focus is adoption, we understand the laws inside and out.

We offer decades of experience, a highly regarded reputation and volumes of legal adoption knowledge. But our most important skill is that we know how to listen. We understand the concerns you may have about building your family through adoption and are here to help.

Herrin & Leach is highly experienced in all types of private and agency adoptions, including newborn adoptions, stepparent adoptions, kinship adoptions, foster parent adoptions, interstate adoptions, international adoptions and contested adoptions. We also handle assisted reproductive technology and surrogacy cases and regularly draft agreements and obtain Pre-Birth Orders for Intended Parents.

Frangos Legal, LLC

At Frangos Legal, founding attorney David C. Frangos and his team have a deep understanding of the close relationship between the law and our personal lives. We offer a wide variety of legal services because family law, veteran services, criminal defense, personal injury, estate planning, and countless other practices are inextricably intertwined.

When you retain our support, you will receive counsel and representation informed by a multifaceted perspective. Because we have worked with so many different types of people, we appreciate the subtle differences between cases and know that they require fully personalized strategies.

From where we live to who we love, nearly every aspect of our lives can at some point involve the legal system. The need for professional support may arise at any time, and when you look for an attorney, how will you decide who is right for you?

At Frangos Legal, we serve Indiana residents with a fierce dedication to their causes. Our dedicated attorney works vigorously to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients, and we will do this in the most effective manner possible—without running up your legal fees. We also understand that our clients greatly value their privacy, which is why we take every step necessary to protect your attorney-client privilege.

Cairns Law

Helping you resolve family-related legal issues is our only priority at Cairns Rabiola Vance, LLC. After a thorough assessment of the issue you are facing, our Indianapolis family law attorneys will guide you through the legal process. We understand the complexity and sensitive nature of family-related legal issues.

If you are looking for assistance in the complex process of filing and proceeding in a divorce case, you have found the right team. Our team has extensive experience with family-related matters and can provide the unique and close attention to detail that your case requires. The negotiation process is different for each client and we offer personalized services to keep you informed throughout the process.

For those pursuing legal assistance in post-secondary education, we offer services to ensure you are well aware of the complex family law regulations and laws pertaining to your situation. We know the burden that weighs heavily over these matters and are sensitive to the issues at hand. Our attorneys can provide the necessary knowledge for decision-making in a clear yet comprehensive manner.

Our team can provide a thorough evaluation for clients who are considering modifying the financial responsibilities of child support. The economic factors that are involved will be carefully addressed in a fair and sensible manner. Our attorneys can provide clear presentation to help you maximize your chances of receiving the result you want.

Broyles Kight & Ricafort, P.C.

BKR Family Law Group, formed in 2002 by experienced family law litigators, practices with the philosophy that families in crisis deserve focused, personal attention to help resolve divorce and family law issues in the Indianapolis area.

BKR Family Law Group offers services, including divorce actions and property division, child custody and parenting time, child support, international custody and interstate jurisdiction, paternity actions, children in need of services (CHINS) actions, adoptions, family law appeals, family dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration, parenting coordination, collaborative law.

Broyles Kight & Ricafort are divorce and family law attorneys in Indianapolis committed to excellence and integrity. Our team of recognized and respected family law and divorce attorneys provide legal advice and representation to clients throughout Indianapolis, Indiana and the surrounding area, including Marion County (Indianapolis); Johnson County (Greenwood, Franklin); Hamilton County (Carmel, Noblesville); Boone County (Lebanon, Zionsville); Hendricks County (Danville, Avon); and Madison County (Anderson).

Our family law attorneys help develop effective options for our clients and their families to reach fair and reasonable resolutions during their divorce in Indiana. As a team of highly experienced Indianapolis family lawyers, we collaborate to provide creative solutions to family law issues. Our family lawyers have served as Guardians ad Litem , argued appellate issues to the Indiana Supreme Court and Indiana Court of Appeals, and presented on a vast array of family law topics locally, regionally, and nationally.

Black Clay LLC.

The experienced attorneys at Black Clay LLC are dedicated to providing high-value legal services at affordable and competitive rates to individuals, families, small-business owners, and entrepreneurs in Indianapolis and the surrounding communities. Adam Clay and Matt Black are experienced litigators, having obtained successful results in courts throughout the state of Indiana and Chicago.

The Indianapolis law firm of Black Clay LLC, offers a variety of legal services to its clients in Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, Noblesville, and other central Indiana communities. Our range of services include but are not limited to criminal defense, family law, personal injuries, parenting time orders, driver’s licenses issues, expungement of criminal records, small business formation, and wills and estate planning.

Black Clay LLC provides comprehensive family-law services, representing clients in divorces, adoptions, custody disputes, paternity actions, guardianships, and CHINS proceedings. Adam and Matt take pride in being accessible to their clients and are available for evening or weekend office appointments by request.

Having previously worked as Deputy Attorneys General for the Indiana Attorney General’s office, Adam and Matt take a team approach to the representation of their clients and work diligently to obtain a successful result on every case. If you’ve been arrested or charged with a crime and would like to set up an appointment with the criminal defense professionals of Black Clay LLC.