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Karen L. Vervaecke

Vervaecke Law and Mediation uses a client-centered approach based on identifying clients’ needs, goals and priorities. Karen L. Vervaecke concentrates on mediation, family and criminal law. Her dedicated and professional staff provides individualized attention and custom-tailored assistance to clients at every stage of the process.

In addition, she regularly networks with two other experienced family law attorneys, Lynnette Z. Boyle and David Riley, in the same office, as well as a real estate and probate attorney, Thomas Anderson. The mediation process is becoming more and more popular as a way for parties to control their destiny instead of putting their future in the hands of judge.

Any criminal allegation or arrest can result in serious penalties including jail time, fines, and a lasting criminal record. Vervaecke Law and Mediation’s mission is to provide innovative legal solutions for individuals in the greater Omaha area. Her goal is to gain the best results for individuals, families, children and for our community.

Karen strives to build and maintain a healthy legal practice with integrity, professionalism and respect. Whether through a mediated settlement or court order, Vervaecke Law and Mediation is committed to seeking a fair, equitable and dignified resolution to your divorce or family law conflict. Karen’s experience enables her to bring open communication and a sense of control to clients frustrated by the often emotional and chaotic environment of family conflict.

Family Law Services:

  • Probate/Wills/Estate Planning
  • Paternity
  • Modification of Custody or Support Orders
  • Domestic Abuse and Protection Orders
  • Child Custody
  • Basic Nebraska Divorce Law
  • Adoption

Higgins Law

Domestic relations or “family law” cases may be resolved in one of four ways: a trial of the matter, a settlement, a reconciliation or the death of a party. The first two of these are the domain of a divorce attorney. If the matter cannot be settled and an accord reached, then Higgins Law in Omaha, has the skills, experience and reputation to effectively meet and prevail over Nebraska’s best legal talent.

Operating by the light of the principle that “one never negotiates effectively from a position of weakness,” Higgins Law also understands that sometimes what is in your children’s best interests (as well as your own) may only be had by the application of textured and thoughtful litigation. Whether it be by the politics of negotiation or the razor of litigation, Higgins Law will pursue your family’s best interests with integrity, acumen and vigor.
Higgins Law is a practice dedicated to providing the absolute highest level of legal advocacy in every aspect of domestic relations representation — be it by the mastering of our opponents in the arenas in which such advocacy is tested: counseling, family court litigation or by appeal to the Nebraska Court of Appeals or Nebraska Supreme Court; or by the manner in which such advocacy is conducted: with an attention to detail and follow-up, by peerless written and spoken communication, by strength in argument and integrity in the conduct of all matters; or be it by experience and reputation in negotiations.

In the past 20 years, the lawyers at Higgins Law have, through advocacy on their clients’ behalf, had a direct hand in changing and developing the law as it pertains to the removal of children from the state, the rights due a citizen in contempt actions and protection orders, fathers’ rights and the role of guardians ad litem — among others.

Hathaway Law Group, P.C. L.L.O

Hathaway Law Group, P.C. L.L.O. is a client-centered law firm that provides representation for several types of divorce, including fully litigated divorce, collaborative divorce, uncontested divorce, and mediated divorce. As every divorce is different, we tailor our divorce services to do what is right for you and your loved ones.

Family law is not just about divorce, child custody, property division, and spousal support. At its core, it is about people. Surprisingly, many law firms and attorneys do not make that fundamental connection. However, we do at Hathaway Law Group, P.C., L.L.O. because people are our passion.

Our attorneys practice family law exclusively and are skilled and trained in the nuances of the subject matter. From the moment you hire our firm, know that you are retaining attorneys who will develop a case plan best suited for you, not best suited for us. At Hathaway Law Group, P.C. L.L.O., people are our passion and helping you with your legal needs is our mission.

Hiring an attorney can be difficult. This is partly because when you need an attorney it means something in your life has gone awry. At Hathaway Law Group, P.C. L.L.O., we understand where you are coming from. Our mission is to ensure we do everything we can to exceed your expectations. We work diligently to get a favorable outcome for our clients, no matter how complex their legal matter.

We work with you to develop a detailed plan and strategy that will get you where you want to go. Because we are passionate about seeing our clients succeed, we will strive to help you obtain a favorable outcome whenever possible.

Gnuse & Green Law Offices, P.C.

Protect your family from the stress of legal complications with the assistance of a reliable attorney who will understand your needs and guide you through the process. Enlist legal assistance for all stages of divorce with Gnuse Law Offices P.C. of Omaha Nebraska.

Our legal team will approach your divorce with the sensitivity and care it requires while protecting you in the courtroom with aggressive representation. From the decision to file through the enforcement of divorce orders in Nebraska, you can look forward to supportive and efficient aid every step of the way.

When you’re planning an estate, the selection of your legal representation is critical. Enlist detail-oriented, thorough, and compassionate services from Gnuse Law Offices P.C. of Omaha Nebraska. Our legal team will explain all of the options available to you and will assist with the establishment of an estate plan that will protect your loved ones and ensure that you remain in control of your finances.

The legal team at Gnuse Law Offices P.C. of Omaha Nebraska can assist you with drafting and interpreting contracts or leases, litigation of property rights, tax-related issues resulting from real estate transactions, and more.

Practice Areas:

  • Division of assets
  • Debt division
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Spousal support (alimony)
  • NebraskaTax liability
  • Changes in family court orders
  • We also provide protection during periods of legal separation.

Family & Juvenile Law Omaha, Anita L. Mayo, PC, Llo

When you are facing a divorce or custody dispute, you need to know what your rights and options are under the law. An experienced family law attorney can help you understand how the law protects you and advise you on the approach that will yield the most favorable results.

At Family & Juvenile Law Omaha, Anita L. Mayo, PC, LLO, we are committed to helping Nebraska families find workable solutions to their legal problems. Family law encompasses many issues such as divorce, child custody, property division, child support, and adoption.

As a full-service law firm, we have the capacity to handle cases at all levels of complexity. ​At Family & Juvenile Law Omaha, Anita L. Mayo, PC, LLO, we believe in taking the high road. We treat our clients with courtesy and respect, and we are committed to maintaining a high level of professionalism.

We understand the emotional nature of the situations that our clients face, and we work closely with them to help them understand the choices they have available to them and their rights under the law. We provide effective guidance that enables our clients to come out the other side — feeling whole and standing tall.

Our Omaha family law staff builds a strong relationship with each client. To us, our clients are not just numbers on a case file — we know them by name. We understand how important it is to have access to your attorney when you are experiencing legal challenges.

Desirae Solomon Attorney at Law

As a licensed attorney in Nebraska, Desirae is capable of providing legal advice on any number of potentially troubling matters. In every instance her goal is to protect her clients from liability, maximize any award due to them, and maintain the highest ethical standards by carefully informing clients of the options available at each milestone along the way, from the moment she is hired until the final moment of resolution.

After starting her legal career as a criminal defense attorney, Desirae successfully expanded the focus of her legal practice to includes civil law disciplines including: drafting wills, trusts, and real estate contracts along with civil litigation of matters including divorce and child custody.

Since then she has also amassed extensive experience representing individuals, landlords and corporations in a variety of tort actions, eviction proceedings, and replevin actions. In her continuing effort to protect her clients’ assets, Desirae also began managing probate; trust registration statements, and inheritance tax matters.

Practice Areas:

  • Criminal Law
    Criminal Matters, Drug Crimes, Sexual Assaults, Domestic Violence & Driving Under The Influence
  • Family Law
    Divorce, Legal Separation, Child Custody, Child/Spousal Support, Prenuptial Agreements, Adoption, Paternity & Property
  • Estates
    Wills (Simple & Complex), Estates, Trusts, Farm Trusts, Probate, Conservatorship & Guardianship, Powers of Attorney, Advanced Health Care Directives
  • Personal Injury
    Claims, Defenses, Settlements & Trials

Deborah D. Cunningham, Attorney at Law

The area of family law encompasses many topics, including prenuptial agreements, divorce, child custody, property settlement agreements, and parenting plans. Deborah Cunningham is well qualified to represent your interests in these areas, and can help solve the myriad of problems and questions that arise in this area.

A consultation will provide guidance and recommendations for resolving your issues. In family law and divorce cases, people experience a wide range of emotion, and soon realize that there are no “winners”. You need an attorney dedicated to understanding your needs and resolving these issues in a way that works best for you.

Family Law Areas of Practice:

  • Divorce/Legal Separation
    Deborah assists clients in finding solutions for every aspect of their divorce, including property division and spousal support, as well as issues pertaining to retirement, and/or pension, and 401K division.
  • Child Custody and Visitation
    Any visitation agreement must take into account the best interests of your child and your family. The concerns of our clients are paramount in custody and visitation agreements that meet your needs.
  • Child Support
    Child support can be more than a computerized calculation. It is also important to analyze the individual needs of the child, and their health and activities.
  • Custody Modification and Enforcement of Court Orders
    Deborah can help modify your child support order or custody and visitation agreement. She can also help enforce payment of court-ordered child support or spousal support.
  • Alimony
    Although alimony findings are not as plentiful as they were in the past, they can be a very important factor in stabilizing home economics.

Campagna Law

Divorce is the first thing that comes to mind, but Pat Campagna knows that Family law involves cases which go far beyond divorce proceedings. Pat’s years of experience allow him to offer quality representation on many issues including child custody and parenting time, child support, alimony, paternity, child abuse, grandparent visitation actions, and adoptions.

Pat Campagna has significant experience representing parties involved in complex abuse and neglect proceedings in Nebraska. That experience allows him to address a broad spectrum of situations involving families, foster parents, and vulnerable children.

In any Juvenile Court matter, Pat provides knowledge and experience to address the issues which matter most to his clients. Campagna Law understands that Estate Planning should begin at an early age. Estate planning may include drafting a Will, identifying guardians for minor children, providing for incapacitated adults, and establishing charitable donations.

In addition, Pat will prepare Powers of Attorney for Health Care and Durable Powers of Attorney. ​Pat recognizes that every situation is different and will take the time to make recommendations based on each individual circumstance.

Whether you are just starting a small business or seeking legal advice for an established Nebraska company, you can count on Pat’s years of experience to provide thoughtful guidance. Pat represents a number of Nebraska businesses and enjoys addressing the litigation needs of his clients.

Buchanan Law

Get the best family law attorney in town on your side by calling James Buchanan in Omaha, NE. James has fought for countless people in our community and helped them get the justice they deserve with family legal services. James is experienced and known throughout our community as dependable in your time of need.

James Buchanan is a family law attorney that has spent years fighting for our community. He is experienced in the courtroom and always works hard for the people he represents. If you need a divorce or child custody attorney, James will fight tooth and nail for you.

James Buchanan has been a staple in the Omaha, NE, and surrounding communities for over 15 years, and during that time we have become one of the most trusted and relied on family law attorneys in the area. James is proud of the community he serves and wouldn’t have it any other way.

The legal battles and issues that James can represent you for are some of life’s toughest moments, and we want you to know that our law firm will be there for you throughout the entirety of the legal process. We’ve truly got your back in the most difficult of times. James Buchanan prides himself on being the next step forward for the people he represents.

Practice Areas:

  • Mediation
  • Family Law
  • Adoption

April D. Cover Law Firm

Attorney April D. Cover has more than 19 years of experience advocating for clients. We understand that dealing with a divorce is often stressful and emotional, with an unknown outcome. With Attorney Cover’s extensive family law experience and hard work on your behalf, she is dedicated to achieving optimum results. Our firm believes in finding inventive ways to solve problems. Every case is handled thoughtfully and sensitively.

April D. Cover has been serving clients throughout Nebraska and Western Iowa from our office in Omaha, NE. She brings over 19 years of experience in helping others through the very difficult situations that a divorce will bring. She fulfills that role with honesty and compassion.

April listens to every detail and ensures that every step is covered properly. Her clients know from the onset that the path may be hard, but April and her team will take on the difficult tasks and produce results. Attorney Cover works closely with her clients and can tailor the right approach to meet their personal needs.

April Cover is a Divorce Lawyer that listens, understands, and knows what it takes to make your difficult time easier. You need competent representation and personal attention to achieve the results you need. We are here to help. We provide legal representation for many of the following situations:

  • Divorce
  • Same-Sex Divorce & Child Custody
  • Unmarried Couples Custody
  • Custody Modifications
  • Pre-Marital Agreements
  • Child Support
  • Paternity
  • Child Abuse
  • Marital Agreements
  • Juvenile Law
  • Guardianships
  • Adoptions
  • Wills, Trusts, and Probate