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Katherine Sabo Family Law

You face tough emotional and practical choices in family court, and during this difficult time, you need to know your options. At the Law Office of Katherine Sabo, we will work with you to ease the long-term and short-term impact on you and your family, your resources and most importantly, the needs of your children.

We will help you make the best decisions for your situation and get you through the confusion and stress of court. Every case is different and you need an attorney who will not just litigate your case, but will also explain the legal process to you and help you prepare for the next stage of your family’s life.

Whether your case can be resolved by simple negotiations or needs extensive litigation, Katherine Sabo has been practicing family law since 1996, and with her experience at your side, you will be able to resolve your family law case knowing you’re in capable hands.

As difficult as it is to contemplate your separation or divorce, the feeling of being alone and not knowing what to do next can leave you overwhelmed and at sea. You don’t have to feel that way. Having an experienced family law attorney at your side can help you weather the storm and give you peace of mind throughout the process.

Services offered:

  • Divorce
  • Annulment
  • Legal Separation
  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support
  • Property Division
  • Marital Settlement Agreements
  • Paternity
  • Adoptions, including stepparent, same-sex parents, etc.
  • Modifications of Existing Orders
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Limited Scope Representation available

Jin Kim

Ending your marriage can be a traumatic experience, but mediation can make divorce easier and more affordable. In mediation, parties meet with divorce mediator Jin Kim to resolve their issues outside of court. In contrast to the high cost of litigation in family court, mediation can save parties thousands of dollars in attorney fees. Mediation can be an affordable alternative to litigation in family court.

Unlike divorce attorney fees, mediation does not require a large upfront retainer fee. In mediation you pay-as-you-go with the client making payment for each session at the time of service. Accordingly, mediation can help parties work towards their marital settlement agreement while they spread out the total cost over several months, much like collaborative divorce although there are key differences between the two.

Affordable child support attorney Jin Kim helps custodial parents gain fair child support awards. Unlike many family law attorneys, Jin believes in transparent pricing and predictable billing so clients can afford an attorney throughout their child support case. Accordingly, Jin Kim charges a low hourly rate of $300 per hour payable by credit card.

All parents want to provide for their children, but California child support law can impose a significant financial burden on the income-producing parent. California child support law recognizes that child support awards are calculated using each parent’s actual income and may appropriately increase the standard of living of the custodial parent.

Hundal Family Law

Hundal Family Law is a premier full-service family law firm in Sacramento, CA. We are based out of Sacramento, and offer services to the greater Sacramento region, Roseville, Rocklin, Vacaville, Fairfield, and Woodland. We offer legal representation in family law matters including divorce, separation, child custody, child support, spousal support, property division, domestic violence, and estate planning.

Our founding attorney, Jaspreet S. Hundal, has litigated countless divorce and family law cases in the greater Sacramento region. He is well-respected in the legal community and is known for his unique ability to settle basic to complex family law cases. Jaspreet passed the notorious California Bar Exam on his first attempt, and is proud to be known as a fierce and relentless litigator.

Jaspreet’s fighting spirit has inspired many who have sought his legal services. Hundal Family Law is committed to a holistic, client-centered approach. As divorce attorney’s, we take the time to connect with clients and understand their concerns and fears.

Each divorce, child custody, support, and domestic violence case is different, and as an experienced family law attorney in Sacramento, we understand that there is no one size fits all. Our holistic approach means that your case gets the personalized time and attention it deserves, and where cookie cutter solutions cease to exist.

At Hundal Family Law, we exclusively practice family law not just because it’s our passion, but to provide high quality legal representation that goes beyond just knowing the law, but knowing the judge. For years, we have appeared in the Sacramento, Roseville, Fairfield, and Woodland courthouses before family law judges, mediators, and child custody evaluators.

Hemmer and Barr LLP

At Hemmer and Barr our Sacramento family lawyers limit our practice exclusively to family law, focusing on the complex issues which may arise during a dissolution of marriage or domestic partnership. Our Sacramento family lawyers have skill and experience in areas such as division of high-value assets, child custody and support, visitation, same-sex marriage, as well as post-judgment modifications.

However, representation by an attorney who is knowledgeable, dedicated, and compassionate can help ensure the best possible outcome for you. At Hemmer and Barr LLP our Sacramento family lawyers are highly effective and skilled litigators and negotiators.

We pride ourselves on our solid case preparation and ability to keep clients informed regarding the expected results of your case. Our team works tirelessly to ensure your needs are represented in the best possible manner, both inside and outside the courtroom. With the skills necessary to successfully resolve your case and protect your rights, we can help you achieve an outcome that is in your best interest.

Our Sacramento family law firm has more than 70 years of expertise in litigating and negotiating family law cases in California. We’ll help you through all of your legal issues. At Hemmer and Barr we enjoy working closely with our clients to ensure the best possible outcome during a difficult, transitional time in their lives. Our practice includes significant expertise in the following areas of family law:

  • Divorce/Dissolution
  • Complex Financial Issues and Spousal Support
  • Child Custody, Visitation and Child Support
  • Registered Domestic Partnerships, Paternity, Separation and Annulment
  • Litigation
  • Out Of Court Settlement

Ginter Family Law

Ginter Family Law began in 2009 by family law attorney & mediator, Bryan Ginter. Family law services include mediation, collaborative law, document review, consultations and litigation support. We assist with a multitude of family law issues, including divorce, legal separation, premarital agreement drafting and review, child custody, child & spousal support, and more.

We also offer basic estate planning: Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Advance Health Care Directive and Living Trust. Whether you choose an out-of-court service, such as mediation, or whether you choose litigation support, our approach is the same…to reach settlement out of court while trying to keep costs down. Our focus is on what is best for you, not what makes us the most money.

We offer flexible and customizable services for many family law issues, including mediation, divorce, limited scope, legal separation, premarital agreements, child custody, child & spousal support, property division, stepparent adoptions, and more. For family law, we cover the Greater Sacramento County region, including Sacramento family law , Placer County family law , El Dorado County family law , Yolo County family law , Sutter County family law and Yuba County family law.

We also draft California estate planning documentation. There are many types of family law cases. We offer a multitude of services that are customized to fit YOUR needs and budget: Mediation and Collaborative Law are OUT-OF-COURT options.

Partial Service allows the responsibility for the case to be divided between you and the attorney, which typically means that your costs are reduced. Full Service is where we handle all aspects of your case, but is the most expensive. Or, you can choose to only involve us for either document review and/or consultations.

Ewing Law Group

Ewing Law Group has represented clients in the Sacramento area since 2004 with a variety of legal matters, including criminal defense, traffic citations, criminal record expungement, personal injury, elder abuse, employment law, divorce and family law.

We handle cases in Sacramento County, Placer County, Yolo County, El Dorado County and throughout California. Our office provides experienced, affordable and personal legal representation to all of our clients. Unlike many law offices, we offer payment options and can come to your home or other location to meet with you.

Ewing Law Group provides a wide array of personal injury and family law services to clients in Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin, Woodland, Davis, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Lincoln, Auburn and throughout Northern California. We are committed to helping you reach your desired outcome quickly and effectively.

Ewing Law Group was founded by Jason and Janet Ewing. We are a husband-and-wife team of attorneys with more than 20 years’ combined experience, and between us we have represented thousands of clients in our family law, personal injury, criminal defense and appellate practices.


  • Divorce
  • Custody & Visitation
  • Domestic Violence
  • Restraining Orders
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support
  • Property Division
  • Modifications

Dena L. Blaylock

The office of Dena L. Blaylock, Attorney at Law is committed to providing affordable and professional family law legal services. We represent clients in Sacramento and Placer Counties. Ms. Blaylock will take the time to listen to your individual objectives and will cater her services to meet your needs.

Whenever possible she will attempt to negotiate and settle matters outside the courtroom which saves time and money and helps preserve civility in the relationship. If matters cannot be settled outside of the court process, Ms. Blaylock is qualified and prepared to advocate on your behalf in the courtroom.

Our office also offers multiple flat rate options to assist clients with their legal matters particularly when the parties have agreements on most issues but have a limited budget. This will provide you with peace of mind knowing your attorney fees up front without the worry of excessive legal fees.

You will receive the same quality legal representation not provided with document preparation services alone. Your case will be completed properly and you will have access to necessary legal advice to help you make informed decisions and ensure your rights are

Practice Areas:

  • Family Law Services
  • Divorce/Dissolution
  • Legal Separation
  • Paternity
  • Child Custody/Visitation
  • Child/Spousal Support
  • Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
  • Post-Judgment Modifications/Enforcement

Bartholomew & Wasznicky LLP

With over 125 combined years of experience, our attorneys have a thorough understanding of the legal system. Our years of practice have allowed us to grow into the region’s largest law firm that focuses exclusively on family law. Because we represent only clients with family law needs, our lawyers are able to provide individuals in Northern California with the superior counsel they need and deserve when acting to protect important family interests.

Our firm offers the dedicated and insightful services of highly trained attorneys who have over 125 combined years of experience. We use this experience to not only help our clients resolve divorce-related and other family law conflicts, but also improve the practice of family law and provide important information to the community. We offer a complete range of services to individuals with both simple and complex legal needs.

We handle all aspects of divorce and legal separation in California, assisting our clients in resolving issues related to child custody, child support, property division and spousal support. We have established ourselves as being one of the preeminent firms for collaborative divorce and divorce mediation.

By offering these alternative forms of dispute resolution to clients when feasible, we can contribute to a healthier resolution of disputes that often leads to stronger long-term relationships for families who retain ties due to children or other circumstances. However, when these are not the right fit, we will take your case to trial and fight for you.

Our Areas Of Practice:

  • California Divorce
  • Child Custody & Visitation
  • Child Support
  • Collaborative Divorce
  • Divorce Mediation
  • Family Law Issues & Children
  • Financial Issues & Divorce
  • High Net Worth Divorce
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Property Division
  • Domestic Partnership Law
  • Spousal Support

Baron Family Law

With every client and family we serve, our goal is to always exceed expectations of what a divorce and family law firm can do, be, and provide. This means that we make ourselves available, remain honest and up-front, and strive to offer our sincere support at all times.

During the challenges that stem from separation, and creating a new life, this focus on your unique needs is indispensable. The dissolution of marriage—known as divorce—is quite overwhelming, with many considerations. All too often, emotions are high and the process can have a significant effect on each person’s overall life.

Divorce requires a detail-oriented approach to handling the multiple issues that are involved. Child custody can be quite overwhelming, with many considerations. All too often, emotions are high and the process can have a significant effect on each person’s overall life.

Child Custody requires a detail-oriented approach to handling the multiple issues that are involved. An initial step in understanding you custody matter is if there is already child custody order in place. Once we have this information, we can proceed.

How We Can Help You:

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support
  • Relocation
  • Domestic Violence
  • Order Enforcement
  • Paternity
  • Prenuptial Agreement
  • Estate Planning

Andrews California Family Law

We at Andrews Family Law know that finding the right attorney to represent you is a choice not to be taken lightly. It is our goal to help clients and families find resolution that will last. Our compassionate and experienced legal team is here to support you during this understandably difficult and stressful time. We are a bilingual firm fluent in English and Spanish and will meet with you one-on-one in a language you can understand.

As every family is unique, we bring compassion to every case and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns. That is the energy that sets Andrews Family Law apart from the others. Our team brings an exceptional level of dedication to each and every case.

Practice Areas:

    Litigation is the traditional approach involving judges and court orders. Our goal is to protect and retain every asset through litigation based on our aggressive and diligent representation to protect your family and finances. If litigation is your goal, we are ready and willing to assist in every aspect. Please contact our office to set up a consultation.
    It is ideal for the parties to establish a mutual plan for their future. However, we understand that this is not always realistic. If the parties are able to agree, with or without our assistance, our team can then reduce your agreements to writing and navigate the court process effectively and efficiently on your behalf.
    Through voluntary mediation, the parties will work with a neutral third party Mediator to identify the issues and discuss possible solutions. Our attorney will serve as Mediator and assist the parties to come to an agreement regarding parenting plans and financial issues. Our attorney will then reduce the agreement to a legal document for signing.