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Warren Major LLP

Family law is a legal practice area that focuses on issues involving family relationships, such as adoption, divorce, and child custody, among others. Attorneys practicing family law can represent clients in family court proceedings or in related negotiations and can also draft important legal documents such as court petitions or property agreements.

Warren Major LLP’s family law attorneys understand the sensitive nature of difficult family law matters, and are dedicated to maintaining the privacy the clientele. Whether you need a lawyer to inform you of your rights so you can reach a quick settlement in your case, or an attorney to forcefully fight for your rights, we will aggressively pursue your goals.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Family Law
    We believe that by simplifying the divorce process, couples are empowered to reclaim control over their destinies.
  • Personal Injury
    We understand the complexities involved with personal injury cases, as well as the importance of presenting adequate supporting evidence.
  • Business Litigation
    Businesses face a complex web of legal obligations and challenges. We offer extensive experience and skill in a wide range of legal issues.
  • Elder Abuse
    We represent elders and their family members in obtaining justice against facilities that intentionally or negligently abuse our elders.

Van Voorhis & Sosna LLP

We provide legal services to clients confronting divorce/dissolution, separation, annulment, custody issues, and domestic partnership or same-sex marriage issues(including dissolution, separation or cohabitation agreements) in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We also provide legal advice regarding all types of Marital Property Agreements and Domestic Partnership Agreements: Pre-Marital Agreements, Pre-Registration Agreements, and Post-Nuptial/Post-Marital Agreements. We are experienced and dedicated to representing both traditional and non-traditional families and individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area. Specializing only in family law in the San Francisco Bay Area, Van Voorhis & Sosna LLP offers legal advice and representation based on integrity, trust, and understanding.

Practice Areas:

  • Divorce
    Divorce (dissolution of marriage) can be stressful and traumatic. We understand the decision to divorce is difficult but also must be handled efficiently, but carefully. We handle a full range of matters related to divorce with the commitment to securing fair resolutions to our clients. In cases of divorce, a range of simple and complex issues will surface.
  • Custody
    Litigation of child custody rights and visitation (parenting time) is difficult and emotionally trying. Child custody litigation can arise in dissolution of a marriage or domestic partnerships. In most custody cases, parents must either come to an arrangement that is reasonable for both their children and the parents, or an arrangement will be made by the court.
  • Pre-Marital Agreements
    Some couples may ask, “Why sign a pre-nup?” A Pre-nuptial agreement is designed to save litigation time and costs in the event of a divorce. Pre-nuptial agreements offer peace of mind, clarity, and security.

Seifer, Murken, Despina, James & Teichman, ALC

The law firm now known as Seifer, Murken, Despina, James & Teichman, A Law Corporation was founded by Monroe A. Seifer and Douglas G. Murken in 1979. While the firm began with a focus on tax planning advice, tax representation and tax return preparation, the firm has been providing competent, professional and affordable legal advice and services in numerous areas of the law, as detailed in this site, for more than thirty years.

Seifer, Murken, Despina, James & Teichman, A Law Corporation is comprised of four experienced and skilled attorneys and two experienced and skilled tax accountants. All of the professionals have earned advanced degrees and two of the attorneys are certified as a specialist in a specific practice area by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. Practice areas include taxation, estate planning, wills and trusts, probate, business law, real estate law, family law, personal injury and general civil litigation.

As a result of more than three decades of dedicated, honest, skilled and creative hard work, and a commitment to obtaining the most beneficial outcome for each client, the firm has earned the trust and loyalty of thousands of clients. The firm has represented small business owners, professionals, rock and roll personalities, high tech startups, sports personalities, writers, artists and others.

While the firm’s office has always been in San Francisco, the firm is proud to note that its clientele includes many loyal clients from San Mateo County, Alameda County and Contra Costa County. The office has been located at the same Marina District location in San Francisco for nearly twenty years, which location is convenient for the firm’s Marin County clients and accessible for Sonoma County clients as well.

Schoenberg Family Law Group, P.C.

Our law firm will diligently yet expeditiously handle your case. While we cannot control the speed of the court’s docket, we will work to move your case along as quickly as possible. We offer seasoned advice on the issues that arise in dissolution actions. We will respect your wishes and aggressively yet compassionately work to advance your interests while maintaining high standards of legal, professional, and ethical integrity.

We will devote our attention to your case, without delay, prepare documents, filings, and discovery tailored to your matter. We will keep you apprised of court dates and important deadlines in connection with your case, and will be in contact regarding documents that you will need to read, authorize, and execute before we file them with the court.

In these complex and contentious disputes, our aim is to keep the proceedings as amicable and as simple as possible. If you have children, your chosen approach will affect your future relationship as co-parents, and a practical parenting agreement is almost always preferable to a judge’s edict.

We try to resolve every case without litigation, yet we realize an out-of-court resolution is not always possible. As formidable trial lawyers, we will litigate if faced with a bad faith offer. Whichever course your family law matter takes, Schoenberg Family Law Group, P.C., will treat you with respect, compassion and honesty.

Sawyer Mediation

Mediation is a process in which a neutral Mediator helps two people come to an agreement together voluntarily. Today, many couples use mediation to complete their divorce. In California, a divorce is a lawsuit. Nonetheless, in many cases, the mediation process can eliminate the parties need to ever appear in court.

Generally, the mediator facilitates communication and understanding, helps the parties articulate their goals and their true interests, and employs creative problem solving. It is OK if you are not getting along with the other person right now. Ask the Mediator about responsible ways to invite the other person to mediation.


    Even if your relationship with your spouse is irreparable, you may still be able to complete your entire divorce in mediation. As an experienced divorce lawyer and trained neutral mediator, Chris Sawyer can help divorcing spouses file the necessary paperwork to start the divorce action, mediate contested issues, and prepare a Marital Settlement Agreement to finalize the divorce.
    Because Child Support is governed by statutory guidelines, parents can sometimes come to agreements quickly and in a straightforward manner. Child Support gets more complicated when incomes fluctuate or when parenting plans have not yet been decided.
    Although they almost always want what is best, it is not uncommon for parents to disagree on plans and goals for their children. As an experienced divorce attorney and trained mediator, Chris Sawyer can facilitate and encourage parents to agree on parenting plans and long term goals that satisfy the best interests of their children.

Ruben Law Firm

Ruben Law Firm can help you find the right answers when navigating a divorce or other challenging family law situation. We assist clients in San Francisco and the surrounding area with support and custody questions, asset and property division, pre-trial settlements and probate administration.

It can be hard to know how to proceed once you have decided to get a divorce. The attorneys of our firm are experienced in the fine details of family law, and we work with our clients on these issues as well as many others:

  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Property division
  • Asset division, including retirement plans
  • Child custody conflicts
  • Pretrial settlement motions and mediation
  • Paternity determination

Our firm has several attorneys who are certified family law specialists, a designation conferred by The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. Very few lawyers have this level of expertise with family law issues. Because of our level of focus in this area, we are able to provide clients with innovative ways to resolve their divorce, probate and premarital agreement issues.

Moradi Saslaw LLP

Our firm is comprised of premier divorce lawyers with a strong record of courtroom success and negotiated settlements. Our clients come from varied backgrounds, including private equity and venture capital partners, elite doctors and lawyers, top-performing CEOs, successful entrepreneurs, and dedicated homemakers.

Moradi Saslaw has been supporting clients through their most difficult family law issues since 2009. Our attorneys are highly experienced and have all practiced law extensively before joining our team. Every single person at Moradi Saslaw is dedicated to helping our clients find the most advantageous resolutions for them and their families.

Whether your needs are simple asset division or a basic custody agreement, or more intricate matters such as an analysis of dividing stock options, limited partnership interests, or a contested custody dispute, we develop creative strategies to meet your goals. Our organized and thorough approach achieves results.

We are a full-service family law firm with experience litigating and negotiating complex divorces and domestic partnership dissolutions in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our team of talented attorneys handles the whole range of family law matters, including:

  • Divorce
  • Domestic Partner Dissolution
  • Division of Assets & Debts
  • Spousal Support
  • Child Support
  • Custody & Visitation
  • Move-Away / Relocation Custody Disputes
  • Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Lerner Poole, LLP

Divorce can have a lasting impact on the lives of everyone who is involved. At Lerner Poole & Stewart, LLP, our family law lawyers have a combined 30 years of experience assisting individuals throughout the Bay Area. Our firm uses a sophisticated approach in protecting our client’s interests with regard to all aspects of divorce, including child support, child custody, high asset community property disputes, and complex family law matters.

We understand that divorce can be a disruptive process, and we aim to help clients maintain their sense of normalcy. Our principals are both certified Family Law Specialists. Stacey Poole possesses a master’s degree in tax and is also recognized by Super Lawyers magazine. Kristine Stewart has received extensive training in mediation and other alternative dispute resolution processes.

We draw upon our education and experience to understand the emotional and financial conflicts that accompany many divorces. Our San Francisco family law attorneys also rely on a wide network of financial and mental health professionals when appropriate for our clients.

At Lerner Poole & Stewart, LLP, we provide a comprehensive range of family law services, covering the legal aspects of our clients’ personal family law concerns from the beginning to the end. We understand that these are difficult times for you. We are committed to doing everything within our power to ensure that the matter is resolved as efficiently and with as little stress as possible.

We provide representation in:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Asset Protection and Hidden Assets
  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Child Support
  • Contempt and Enforcement
  • Divorce and Dissolution
  • Divorce Planning
  • High Net Worth Divorce and Dissolution
  • Legal Separation
  • Marital Property Settlements

Law Offices Adam N. Gurley

If you are stressed out from a divorce/custody/spousal or child support/domestic violence matter, you want to talk promptly talk to an actual experienced Divorce/Family Law attorney and get divorce law advice, rather than reaching someone’s voice mail. I don’t use an Administrative Assistant to screen my calls. If you call me, you will reach me. I usually return calls, emails, and texts within a few hours.

I do traditional representation and “Limited Scope” as an Attorney/Lawyer for San Francisco (SF) Bay Area divorce/custody/spousal support/child support/visitation cases. With Limited Scope, there is no large up front retainer to pay me as your attorney to help with legal divorce advice.

You just pay as you go. In all cases, my rates are reasonable for something with my experience. My office is on 39th & Balboa in San Francisco. Because I do not have an expensive downtown office, I can keep my fees low compared to downtown SF Family Law/Divorce Lawyers/Attorneys.

Practice Areas:

  • Divorce
    Many years ago, the State of California changed the legal name of a divorce to “dissolution of marriage.” Despite the name change, most people, including most San Francisco Bay Area lawyers still call it divorce.
  • Child Support
    Welcome to Law Offices of Adam N. GurleyUnless the parties agree to a different amount, Child support in California is done by a “guideline calculation.” California’s law on child support is found in the section of state law called the Family Code.
  • Custody
    Welcome to Law Offices of Adam N. GurleyWhen people break up and they have children together, people frequently disagree as to where the children should live and how much time they should see the other parent. If people can’t agree as to custody/visitation, they have to go to court and seek orders from the court re custody/visitation.

Fox Rothschild LLP

Our dedication to pro bono work spans our national network of offices, directly benefiting the communities where our attorneys live and work. By making a concerted effort to donate their time and services, our attorneys are involved first-hand in making a lasting impact on those communities.

Fox attorneys actively participate in numerous initiatives to help veterans of our nation’s armed forces as well as first responders. We operate a free legal clinic – the first of its kind – at the largest Veterans Administration hospital in New Jersey, handling landlord-tenant cases, child support and custody hearings, divorce litigation, and Social Security benefits cases for veterans and their families.

Our attorneys also prepare wills for dying veterans and first responders to ensure their last wishes are preserved and honored. Additionally, we participate in other pro bono efforts for veterans, including transition assistance to post-military life and estate planning services.

Our Knowledge Management team develops custom solutions that streamline the flow of work and interactions between you and our lawyers. We build tools to put critical legal and industry information at your fingertips. And we assist businesses in automating their own processes and frequently used documents, saving time and money at the ground level.