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S.L. Pitts PC

S.L. Pitts is a Seattle and Los Angeles-based boutique family law firm focusing on complex family law matters. The attorneys at S.L. Pitts deliver positive results for clients facing difficult family law issues including: high-asset and complex property division; high-conflict custody disputes; and interstate or international divorces. The firm is dedicated to pursuing our client’s interests, but we do so with respect for all parties involved.

The conduct of family law litigation casts a long shadow into the future. Unlike other civil litigants, spouses are often tied to one another for years or even for life due to ongoing financial obligations or children. Unnecessary conflict in the initial divorce often condemns both parties to years of additional litigation related to enforcement and other post-divorce matters.

Our understanding of this fact shapes the advice we give and our demeanor in negotiations and in court. Our practice emphasizes taking a long view, with a focus on formulating and securing lasting remedies for clients that keep them out of the courthouse whenever possible. This not only reduces the financial cost for clients in the long run; perhaps more importantly, it also reduces the emotional stress that necessarily attends family law litigation.

While we zealously pursue a client’s interest in all forums, we conduct the representation respectfully and without unnecessary, disparaging comments. Couples faced with a family law issue usually bring enough conflict to the table on their own – the last thing they need is for attorneys to increase the conflict through unhelpful posturing or mudslinging.

Platt & Buescher Attorneys at Law

Our lawyers have more than 80 combined years of legal excellence. We know criminal defense law and the inner workings of the local courts. We know family law and what the judges will and won’t consider important in your case. If there’s a way out of your situation, we’re great negotiators. When your back is against the wall, we know how to win in court. Platt, Thompson and Buescher have the right experience to change the outcome of your case.

We do handle cases in Seattle and statewide, but we like to focus on the homefront, representing the residents of Coupeville, Oak Harbor and Island County. A lot of our clients are longtime locals (like Brent Thompson who grew up on Whidbey Island). We also represent many military personnel and military dependents from the Naval Air Station who find themselves facing divorce court or an arrest for DUI or domestic violence.

Our attorneys live and work here. Our kids go to school here. We understand the joys (and sometimes frustrations) of island life. We know all the players in the Whidbey Island legal system. We understand the lifestyle and what’s important to our clients. Experience matters. Local experience is invaluable.

Charged with a crime? Dealing with divorce or custody? Recovering from an injury? Let our accomplished trial attorneys shoulder your burdens and fix your problems. We promise to do everything in our power to make things better for you.

Envision Family Law

Envision Family Law Group was founded by Jason Benjamin and Timothy Healy, attorneys who have been practicing law since 1995. They formed a partnership in 1998 and opened their first location in Lakewood, Washington, which was formerly recognized as the Law Offices of Benjamin and Healy, PLLC. Each pursued their individual areas of practice, gaining expertise in family law with an emphasis for trial advocacy.

As years passed, their vision for the business continued to grow – a preeminent family law firm that provides strong and compassionate legal services while focusing on individual client needs during difficult times.

The founders are also insistent on setting new and better standards for efficiency and customer service – offering multiple methods of communication to clients (including text messaging) and ensuring that every team member has up to date software and resources available at their fingertips. They understand that clients need answers and the more expeditiously those answers are provided, their client’s overall stress can be reduced.

Today, Envision Family Law Group has flourished, providing a personal, hands-on approach that has helped us become a Premier Family Law Firm in the Pacific Northwest. We offer multiple office locations and a team of approximately 30 and counting that’s been recognized by Avvo, Attorney and Practice Magazine, American Institute of Family Law Attorneys, and Martindale-Hubbell, as among the best in the region.

Our elite and reputable team possesses the legal acumen to lead clients through all facets of their family law needs, including divorce, child custody, visitation and support, domestic violence, valuation of assets and debts, adoption, trial litigation, appeals process, and more. Contact us today for help with your legal needs.

Eagle Law Offices

Eagle Law Offices, P.S. specializes in family matters, including: divorce, spousal and child support, custody, domestic partnership, paternity suits, non-parental custody, and much more. Our staff is sensitive to each client’s experience and offers options beyond litigation, if desired. Every case is tailored to the client’s needs.

Eagle Law Offices, P.S. can offer light at the darkest hour of your life with aggressive representation to minimize the effects of criminal allegations. Our attorneys understand the potentially devastating affect a criminal record can have on you and your family’s lives. Eagle Law Offices, P.S. will defend your rights.

Eagle Law Offices, P.S. attorneys emphasize on Estate Planning and can guide you through the process to protect your assets and heirs. With a keen understanding of the tax consequences of every decision, we can help preserve your legacy by making it certain that your family is provided for after you have passed.

The professionals at Eagle Law Offices, P.S. are available to help you in several areas of law, with particular emphasis in family law, criminal law and estate planning. Our comprehensive law practice is dedicated to providing you legal representation to address and resolve family, criminal and estate planning matters.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Divorce
    In Washington, the terms divorce and dissolution of marriage are synonymous
  • Family Law
    Eagle Law Offices, P.S. has a team of associates specializing in Family Law.
  • Criminal Law
    Eagle Law Offices, P.S. can effectively and aggressively represent your need.
  • Estate Planning
    Eagle Law Offices, P.S. strives to protect you and your family’s interests.

DuBois Cary Law Group PLLC

Our team provides you the resources of nine attorneys, five paralegals, and legal assistants. Depending on your needs, we may bring in experts and professionals from disciplines including finance, accounting, parenting, trial consulting, tax planning, and psychology to develop a strong, effective case.

A professional team with substantial experience in divorce law will save you money and give you the peace of mind that your case is in good hands. DuBois Cary Law Group provides experienced family law and estate planning representation in an emotionally supportive environment.

Negotiating parenting plans and property division agreements can be an intense process, and you will most likely want to engage in a continuing dialogue with your lawyer over a period of time. We offer high-quality, personal attention combined with timely and efficient online communications to help you deal with issues as they arise. We represent people from many different professions including business owners.

With the stressful uncertainty of the legal process of family law ahead of you, finding an attorney whose personality and philosophy matches yours is the key to a successful outcome for your case. To help you reach a decision, let me tell you a little more about myself, our legal team, and our approach to client service.

Divorce Litigation Partners

At Divorce Litigation Partners, your Seattle Family Law Partners, we will seek a settlement that works for you regardless of your circumstances. Our mantra is “prepare, prepare, and prepare some more. Know the facts and the law better than anyone in the courtroom. Show the Judge why our client’s story is the only fair and just story.” The judge may be the decider, but your lawyer is the one who decides what the issues is are and how the law applies to your unique assets.

We will go to Court FOR YOU! Most people hire a lawyer for their divorce because they have something important to say and it’s not being heard. Divorce and custody disputes are personal and unique and emotional. Giving a strong voice to the truth and the stories of our clients is where we start. At Divorce Litigation Partners, our family law attorneys go to court. We are detail oriented and we never lose sight of the big picture. We are the experienced and effective lawyer you want standing beside you when it is time to tell your side of the story.

The law specifically states that misconduct during the course of the marriage, whether it be physical or emotional abuse, infidelity, substance abuse, or even reckless spending, will not to be considered in awarding spousal support. Interestingly, most lawyers (not in our firm of course) believe that misconduct is considered by judges when determining the rate and duration of maintenance, especially where the conduct of one party has diminished the assets of the marriage.

Delino Law Group – Seattle – Georgetown/SoDo District

Our firm is a full service. The attorneys at Dellino Law Group are available to consult with you in a private setting at a time that is convenient for you. Rather than simply churn out documents for you like many other faceless firms do, we prefer to be a trusted adviser you can turn to for help. Rest assured, we will get your paperwork done, but at our firm you are more than a name — you are a person.

As a client of the firm you will have an attorney available to you when you need it most. We seek to build lasting relationships with our clients, offering you a friend in the legal community to whom you can turn with questions or concerns — even after the conclusion of your case.

This firm is founded on the belief that working with us is more than simply hiring an attorney, it should bring you peace of mind and allow you to continue with your life while we attend to your legal matters. We offer the flexibility of experience that allows us to excel in both aggressively representing your interests or reaching amicable resolutions borne of a collaborative approach, dependent upon your circumstances.

We offer our experience to you in the following practice areas:

  • Comprehensive and Personalized Family Law Representation
  • Services that compliment your family law needs including:
    – Protection Orders
    – Estate Planning
  • Experienced Aggressive Defense of All Felony & Misdemeanor Criminal Charges

Cassady Filer LLP

The attorneys at CASSADY ∙ FILER, L.L.P. focus their practice solely on family law matters. Our vast experience and knowledge over family law issues will help you achieve faster and more satisfying results, often avoiding lengthy courtroom battles that can set your family back financially and emotionally for years to come.

Unlike many other firms, our primary goal is to achieve favorable results without putting our clients in legal debt. We work hand-in-hand with our clients in a conscious effort to minimize costs as much as feasibly possible. The Law Offices of CASSADY ∙ FILER, L.L.P. is dedicated to providing the information and zealous representation that you need to resolve your case fairly.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Divorce Lawyers
    The divorce process can be a scary and emotional time for all parties. Often times there are multiple issues within the divorce, which can involve how to fairly divide assets and debts, implement a parenting plan that is in the best interest of the child or children, provide support (child or spousal), the need for a restraining order, etc.
  • Child Support Lawyers
    Each parent has the legal duty to help financially support his or her children. Child support is money paid by one party to another party to help financially support and cover at least some of a child’s living expenses.
  • Separation Lawyers
    Situations may exist where the parties wish to live separately, but do not wish to end their marriage. In a legal separation, the marriage remains legally intact, whereas in a divorce, the marriage is terminated.
  • Property and Debt Lawyers
    Washington is a community property state, per RCW 26.16. This essentially means that any property acquired during the course of the marriage is presumed to be community property and subject to division. Property may include: income, real estate, vehicles, retirement, clothing and jewelry, etc.

Carroll Law Group PLLC

When you can’t work things out on your own, Carroll Law Group, PLLC in West Seattle is here to help. We can assist with the resolution of a variety of issues that affect what’s most important to you: your family, your job, or your money.

Hiring an attorney can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be – in many ways, reaching a swift, smart, efficient, and lasting resolution to your legal issues can save you lots of time, money, and stress in the long run. We’ll provide compassionate legal counsel, honest answers, and steadfast advocacy for you and your family’s best interests every step of the way.

Carroll Law Group, PLLC, originally opened in 2005 as the Law Offices of Susan Carroll, PLLC. Over the years our practice has grown, always focusing on family law and other areas of law that touch the most personal aspects of our clients’ lives.

We help clients address legal issues regarding the most important things in their lives: their family, their money, and their jobs. Most of our work is in family law—divorces, child custody, property division, domestic violence protection orders, adoption, and third-party custody. We also help and advise on estate planning, tax, and employment issues.

You can start working with us no matter where you are in the legal process—we assist clients with everything from simply exploring their options in advance of making decisions; with mediations, arbitrations, negotiations, and collaborations; with contested court hearings, trials, and appeals; and with administrative hearings and interacting with government agencies on your behalf.

Anderson, Fields, McIlwain & Eubanks Inc., P.S.

For experienced counsel, compassionate support and reasonable fees, contact Anderson, Fields, McIlwain & Eubanks, Inc., P.S., we work closely with our clients throughout the duration of their case. Our approach to Washington family law involves listening carefully to our clients and discussing their options thoroughly, so they have the knowledge to make informed decisions. Our lawyers are tough negotiators who are willing to go to trial when necessary.

Since 1977, Anderson, Fields, McIlwain & Eubanks, Inc., P.S., has been a family law partnership serving the Seattle area. We are proud of our commitment to excellence in family law and of our service to this community. If you choose our law firm, you will immediately notice that we treat clients as individuals, thoroughly work up our cases and skillfully handle negotiations and litigation.

The skill and experience of our attorneys set us apart. We are members of the elite American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, to which membership is by invitation only, and other professional associations and organizations focused on family law. Wolfgang Anderson has been designated a Super Lawyer by Law & Politics in Washington State 2006 to present and is named as one of Seattle’s Top Lawyers of 2010 in Seattle Met Magazine.

Our Services:

  • Divorce
  • Complex Divorce
  • High-Asset Divorce
  • Divorce for the Professional
  • Legal Separation
  • Annulment
  • Child Custody & Parenting Plans
  • Relocation
  • Third-Party Custody & Visitation
  • Property Division
  • Spousal Support / Alimony / Maintenance
  • Child Support
  • Modifications
  • Reconciliation & Counseling
  • Mediation & Arbitration