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Law Office of Ricardo A. Bracamonte

You might feel out of control of your life due to divorce or criminal allegations. This is a natural reaction when experiencing personal and financial hardship. Every part of your life is affected, causing anxiety and confusion. At the Law Office of Ricardo A. Bracamonte, we have a passion for helping every client find a clear path to a meaningful legal solution. We provide experienced legal representation for family law and criminal defense in Tucson, Arizona, and throughout Pima County.

Founding attorney, Ricardo A. Bracamonte has over two decades of legal experience to represent you in divorce, child custody proceedings or in defending against criminal charges. As your attorney, Mr. Bracamonte will impart honest and personal counsel to help you navigate your legal problem with compassion. He connects directly with clients to provide balance and peace of mind during a time of turmoil.

Stress often stems from confusion or indecision during difficult moments. We will help you reduce the inherent stress of the legal process by advising on the best steps to reach a positive outcome for your legal issue. Our practice focuses on keeping you aware and informed throughout the life span of your case.

We work to provide comprehensive solutions to solve the root of the problem. We assist in finding resources for addiction and mental illness. You will receive instruction about your options and guidance for the best choices. We want to achieve a clear mind and a definite path to a beneficial outcome.

Practice Areas:

    Representation for divorce and child custody proceedings.
    Experienced legal defense for criminal allegations in Arizona.

Law Office of Michael A. Johnson, P.C.

Taking the time to select the right attorney can seem like a daunting task. When the pressure of divorce is added to the decision, it can quickly become emotionally overwhelming. It is wise to retain a skilled family law lawyer to help you navigate through these difficulties.

Michael A. Johnson is known for providing excellent customer service through personal attention, thorough preparation and in-depth knowledge of family law issues. Along with his trusted assistant, Krystal, Michael strives to remove as much stress and worry from clients’ lives as possible.

We recognize that this is an emotional time for our clients and their children. Divorce, and the resulting practice areas, can be some of the most stressful times in anyone’s life. We work with our clients so they have realistic expectations, an understanding of the legal process and a firm grasp on the challenges they might face as the case proceeds.

Michael Johnson is a skilled practitioner of divorce mediation as well as an accomplished trial attorney. He is a member of the Collaborative Law Group of Southern Arizona and has practiced family law his entire career. In addition to Arizona, Attorney Johnson is licensed to practice in Montana and Colorado.

Practice Areas:

  • Divorce
  • Child Support and Spousal Support
  • Child Custody And Visitation/ Parenting Time
  • Mediation and Collaborative Law

Law Office of Merle L. Stolar, P.L.L.C.

The Law Office of Merle L. Stolar, P.L.L.C., is a full-service family law firm that has a well-deserved reputation for providing timely, cost-effective representation to clients. The law firm accepts a wide range of family law issues. A hallmark of the law firm is highly personalized advocacy for individuals, families, or couples affected by a variety of issues including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Divorce & Separation
  • Child Custody
  • Asset & Debt Division
  • Other Family Law Matters

Whether a resolution of the issues occurs through litigation or alternative dispute resolution such as mediation, the Law Office of Merle L. Stolar, P.L.L.C. continuously seeks innovative, compassionate solutions that put each client’s needs first. Attorney Merle Stolar is committed to the delivery of the highest quality of personal care, responsiveness, and distinctive service to each her clients.

At your first meeting, attorney Stolar will ask you questions about your particular family law situation, your goals, and what you want to accomplish through the legal system. You can speak freely and in confidence in a welcoming environment. Ms. Stolar will explain and outline the various procedures to accomplish your stated goals.

Attorney Merle Stolar is respected by colleagues and adversaries alike. She has reached favorable results for clients both through negotiation and litigation. Merle is very accessible to her clients, returns phone calls and email messages promptly, and takes a straightforward approach to conveying information clearly to each client.

Law Office of Karen R. Pollins, PLLC

If you need help with divorce, child custody or other family law issues, you need a lawyer who takes the time to understand your unique circumstances, your needs and your goals. You need an experienced professional to efficiently and effectively guide you through the process.

Before becoming a lawyer, I earned a Master of Business Administration degree in International Management and worked for a number of years in the corporate incentive and business group travel industry in the United States and abroad. I earned my law degree from the University of Arizona and worked for a judge on the Arizona Court of Appeals before entering private practice focusing on family law.

My training and experience laid the foundation which remains the cornerstone of my law practice: to consistently provide the personalized, professional and courteous customer service my clients deserve. If you are going through a divorce, you are undoubtedly experiencing a mix of emotions, including sadness, anxiety and anger. You may even be feeling relief about getting a bad experience behind you and a sense of excitement about what comes next.

All these emotions are perfectly natural reactions to what you’re going through. However, sometimes emotions can cloud our judgment when we need to make important decisions. That is one reason why you need the guidance of an accessible and experienced lawyer to help you stay focused on the issues that will ensure you are better prepared for the next stage in your life.

Practice Areas:

  • Division of property
  • Payment of debts
  • Child custody and support
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Post-judgment modifications
  • Parent and child relocation

Ketti Mccormick, Esq.

At Ketti McCormick PLLC, we offer practical and comprehensive legal advice when facing family law matters like divorce, child custody modifications and other legal issues. Led by founding lawyer Ketti McCormick, our Tucson family law firm is determined to help Arizona clients and U.S. military members resolve their matters in the least litigious and most cost-effective manner possible.

The attorney has more than two decades of Arizona family law experience and a lengthy record of positive case results. While we primarily represent clients in Tucson and Southern Arizona, attorney McCormick is also licensed to practice law in California and New Mexico, allowing her to help clients with multijurisdictional issues. We are committed to protecting our clients’ rights and interests while negotiating and litigating various family and domestic law matters.

Drawing from her time as a Yuma County prosecutor and family law attorney in a Mesa based law firm, attorney McCormick takes a strategic approach when handling cases. She knows how to present your case effectively and will always keep your best interests in mind. Although many of our clients have achieved fair and satisfying results through mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, we recognize that not every case can be resolved amicably.

We take a strong yet civil stand as our clients’ advocate when litigation becomes inevitable. You can start the legal process by contacting our Tucson office now. We offer free, 30-minute consultations with our clients to discuss their cases. Our firm is near the intersection of First Avenue and Orange Grove, on the northwest side of town. We are just down the street from La Encantada shopping center.

Erika L. Cossitt Volpiano P.C.

Developing a parenting plan or a property division arrangement can be difficult when you and your spouse cannot move beyond your differences of opinion. At Erika L. Cossitt Volpiano P.C., a significant percentage of the cases we work on such as child custody and parenting plans, paternity issues, large estate divorces, same-sex dissolutions, property settlements and business divisions are settled before going to court.

For the cases where negotiations break down and resolutions are not forthcoming in a timely manner, Attorney Cossitt Volpiano protects our clients’ best interests with aggressive litigation in the courtroom. Mediation is often a path to a quicker agreement, ideally resulting in a signed settlement between parties that will be acceptable to the family court. It is generally a less costly alternative to a contentious courtroom feud and can often preserve a constructive, beneficial parenting relationship when children are involved.

With a practice focusing entirely on family law for over 25 years, Ms. Cossitt Volpiano has gained extensive experience in other critical issues woven into family law matters such as domestic violence, estate planning, real estate law and bankruptcy. Knowing the nuances of family law disputes helps when creating well-built prenuptial, postnuptial and cohabitation agreements.

Practice Areas:

  • Mediation
    Before hiring a divorce attorney, many people seek to solve their conflict through mediation.
  • Divorce
    Our founding attorney Ms. Cossitt Volpiano is a certified family law specialist in Arizona who is dedicated to helping clients resolve their divorce-related disputes efficiently.
  • Marital Contracts
    Level The Playing Field With Clear Communication. Working with a lawyer ahead of time can be a cost-effective investment.

Centuori & Associates, PC

Tucson divorce lawyers of Centuori & Associates, PC have the experience, knowledge, compassion, and patience to help you through your family law case. Whether dealing with child custody and child support issues or a high-value property division, our team has a long history of successfully working on hundreds of divorce cases in Tucson. Here at the law firm of Centuori & Associates, PC, our accessible and friendly attorneys focus primarily on family law and personal injury claims.

We are dedicated to minimizing the stress that usually accompanies legal issues by using time-tested tools as well as alternative approaches to help you resolve your problems. We will take the time to review your individual needs and provide you with all of the legal options available to you. We will also ensure that you understand the legal processes that may be involved in your case, so that you have the information you need to make the most educated decisions.

At Centuori & Associates, PC, we purposely work to cultivate a calm and home-like atmosphere. We understand how difficult and stressful it can be when you are facing family law issues such as a divorce, a child custody battle, a parenting time dispute, a grandparents’ rights matter, or a problem with asset, debt and property division. Our lawyers are focused on working with you to find a resolution that involves the least amount of stress and litigation.

If children are involved, it is essential that the parties establish a long-term relationship and an effective means of communication to successfully raise your children in a multi-home scenario. Doing so lessens stress and can eliminate costly legal battles in the future. There are times that hearings and court intervention are necessary. Steve is an experienced litigator.

While our lawyers often represent clients within family law issues in court with positive results on a daily basis, our core commitment is to preserve the parties’ ability to co-parent. This strategy often leads our firm toward creative methods of conflict resolution such as collaboration, mediation and open, civil negotiation.

AZ Statewide Paralegal

Statewide Paralegal is a complete case management legal document preparation service. We are certified by the Arizona Supreme Court. We prepare, file, serve, track deadlines and ensure that all rules of procedure are followed.

Our Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparers have extensive knowledge in the Rules of Civil Procedure, Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure and Rules of Probate Procedure. Our complete case management service ensures that you will have the best experience from start to finish when choosing to represent yourself during your legal matter.

Practice Areas:

  • Divorce
    Your divorce documents are prepared from start to finish. We track deadlines and ensure all court rules are followed.
  • Child Support
    We handle all types of child support documents like: establishing, modifying or terminating child support.
  • Paternity
    We prepare Paternity documents for parents who are not married and include the issues of legal decision making (custody), parenting time and child support at the same time.
  • Trust & Wills
    The instruments ultimately affixing the distribution of property upon death. Avoid Probate with a properly funded Trust prepared by our Certified Estate Planner (CEP).
  • Probate
    We get your Letters of Testamentary, notify all interested parties, distribute your real property and close the estate.
  • Legal Decision Making
    We prepare Legal Decision Making (Custody) documents required to establish or modify custody.

Az Family Law Team, PLLC

Are you seeking a divorce attorney in Tucson? Then you need to know about the divorce law practice of AZ Family Law Team. Our skilled, well-informed divorce lawyers pledge to provide you with specific litigation services individualized for your particular case. Using our uniquely qualified legal services will assure you that you will attain the goal that you desire at the end of your divorce matter.

There is a lot at stake when it comes to litigating family law and divorce matters. The most vital parts of your personal life are on the table – including your family members, your future security, and your livelihood. Because so much is in play, you must find the most qualified, proficient Tucson divorce attorney to fight for your rights and desires.

The adept attorneys who are a part of AZ Family Law Team pledge to provide you with the guidance and ability necessary in order to reach the most positive outcome. The Tucson divorce lawyers within our firm litigate other types of family law matters as well, not just divorce matters.

Other family law cases that we concentrate on include, but are not limited to, child custody and adoption. We promise to work as hard as possible to determine the unique nuances of your individual family law case, and subsequently offer you complete, competent representation. Contact the family law specialists of AZ Family Law Team to set up a free consultation.

The Tucson divorce lawyers of AZ Family Law Team promise to adeptly handle your legal case from its start to its conclusion, while at the same time having complete awareness of your individual concerns and modifying our offerings in order to provide the best litigation services to you. We will avail the following family law services to you.

Ayala Law Office, P.C.

Having strong and effective legal representation can mean the difference between a successful outcome to your legal issues vs. a problem that can continue to effect and disrupt your life for years to come. At Ayala Law Office, P.C., our Pima County, AZ law firm concentrates on delivering experienced legal counsel and legal strategies, in five areas of law including Family Law such as child custody and paternity issues; divorce; probate and estate planning such as the drafting of Wills and Trusts; Civil Litigation; and Immigration matters.

Our qualified lawyers have over 85 years of combined legal experience and we command a detailed understanding of the law in legal procedure including the art of negotiation, mediation, arbitration, forensic analysis and, if needed, trial and litigation practice, where we have had a successful outcome, including Jury Trials.

Regardless of how complex your legal matter might be, our experienced lawyers will assess your options promptly and craft an effective strategy suited to your particular goals and needs. When choosing a lawyer to handle your legal challenge, it’s important to find one who is experienced in the law and has a successful track record in handling cases or the legal matter, such as the one that you are dealing with.

Since the firm inception, our law office has given our hundreds of clients an advantage in their legal matters, by handling their civil litigation, estate, divorce and family law and Immigration (Inmigracion) matters with the care and focus they needed and by delivering quality legal representation at an affordable rate.

Rather than taking any case that comes in, our boutique law firm focuses on achieving strong results for our clients and taking a case that we believe will result in a positive outcome or will benefit the client by our representation, in the main areas of law that we practice. By taking the time to learn about your situation, and by crafting a strategy, we can vigorously pursue a favorable outcome to your legal matter.