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Reddick Law

The attorneys at Reddick Langworthy Family Law are experienced, compassionate and knowledgable in their field. They know the benefit of having a respected and experienced attorney on your side. Elaine Reddick and Paula D. Langworthy practice family law because they truly believe in helping helping you obtain the best result possible for your case.

You need an attorney who will focus on you during some of life’s most unpredictable moments. We take pride in balancing professionalism and compassion when handling your case. We provide honest and straight forward advice so that you can make informed decisions in the best interest of your family.

We communicate clearly and often. We focus on client satisfaction. While we work on your behalf, we will keep you informed about the status of your case. Our priority is you. Family disputes contain sensitive issues. We know this is an emotional and stressful time.

It is times like these when you need an experienced family law attorney in your corner. By focusing solely on family law, we are able to stay up-to-date on the law and provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to help you through this unpredictable time.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Divorce, Separate Maintenance, & Annulment
    Divorce, separate maintenance and annulment are three separate processes for dissolution of a marital relationship. We are knowledgeable in all three processes.
  • Custody & Child Support
    When dealing with custody and child support, you want an attorney who has you and your child’s best interests in mind.
  • Property Division & Spousal Support
    Knowing the details of how to calculate how much should be paid, and for how long, is where we come in.
  • Step-Parent Adoption
    The step-parent adoption process is generally more streamlined than other forms of adoption, but can still be complex. We can help you navigate that process.
  • Paternity
    With the number of children born to unmarried parents, paternity actions are necessary to protects parents’ rights and the best interest of the child(ren).

Ortega Law Offices

Navigating the legal system can be an overwhelming process. Let our attorney work on your behalf to get your matters settled. Ortega Law Office attorneys are experienced in Dispute Resolution Services including Mediation, Arbitration and Case Management. The first session for Mediation and Dispute Resolution Counseling will be scheduled for two hours; in many cases, a second session will be necessary in order to finalize the agreement.

If an agreement is reached and reduced to writing in less than four hours, the credit balance will be refunded to the parties. If an agreement is not reached in mediation the matter will be returned to the Court. The main difference between mediation and dispute resolution is that with dispute resolution counseling if an agreement is not made between the parties our attorneys can then make a recommendation to the Court.

To protect the impartiality of the mediation process our attorneys do not typically speak to either party or review any information prior to the initial session. One exception to this rule would be domestic violence. The parties will receive a Domestic Violence Questionnaire prior to the first session. Please notify our office immediately if your case has a recent history of domestic violence, or if there are concerns about the physical safety of the parties involved or children.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Other Areas of Practice Include:
  • Divorce
  • Legal Separation
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Parental Access and Scheduling
  • Step-parent Adoptions
  • Appeals related to Divorce and Family Law

Law Offices of Michael J. Studtmann, P.A.

For many people, the prospect of visiting an attorney can seem intimidating. At The Law Offices of Michael J. Studtmann, P.A., we strive to help clients feel comfortable. Our experienced attorney maintains the highest levels of professionalism. When you walk into our office, you can expect to be treated with dignity and respect. We maintain a welcoming, nonjudgmental environment.

Additionally, we take a team approach to the practice of law. Our staff is cross-trained in different practice areas and all remain up-to-date on the status of our clients’ cases. We represent clients from all walks of life in a variety of practice areas, including criminal defense and bankruptcy. Our Wichita-based attorney and founder has nearly three decades of legal experience.

A longtime resident of Kansas, he is well established in the community and enjoys an excellent reputation for his skilled advocacy. Our firm regularly receives referrals from other attorneys who know and trust the high caliber of our work. Our firm also has unique ties to local resources. We have solid working relationships with judges, district attorneys, court personnel and others in the legal community.

Our firm focuses on the following areas of practice:

  • Criminal defense: When your rights and liberties are on the line, you can turn to us for diligent, reliable representation. We are committed to obtaining the best possible outcome for clients facing any type of criminal charge. We also offer legal guidance in expungements for clients seeking a clean criminal record.
  • Bankruptcy: Our firm has established a smooth and streamlined approach for helping clients achieve a fresh financial start. We provide experienced representation for consumers in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
  • Wills and estates: We help clients create personalized estate plans using various legal tools available, and we provide legal guidance through the probate process.
  • Family law: Our firm represents clients facing divorce and divorce-related issues such as child custody, property division and alimony.

Law Office of Linda Small, Ltd.

At the Law Office of Linda Small, Ltd., we believe that every client who comes to us deserves our full attention. That includes you. We go beyond a standard interview. We have real conversations where we will identify your specific needs and customize strategies. Simply stated, we want you to be well-informed on the legal issues you are facing and the options available to you.

Like all of our clients, we recognize that you have unique objectives that will require a lawyer who focuses on a more personalized approach. Combining cost-effective and results-driven legal representation, we pursue the best possible resolution, whether your case involves a divorce or an estate plan. While most cases are resolved outside through negotiations, we will not hesitate to take your case to trial.

Attorney Linda Small, the founder of our law firm, possesses a background in business where she has held leadership roles. Today, she prides herself on being a dedicated and diligent legal professional who is passionate about problem-solving. When it comes to your case, she wants to be the one that you will turn to.

In turn, she will explore all avenues to help you resolve your legal matter. We know that the chances are good that you will come to our law office not in the best frame of mind. The practice of family law encompasses many areas. However, the one thing they all have in common is the emotionally charged issues that often clash with the legal process.

At the Law Office of Linda Small, Ltd., our practice of family law throughout Kansas includes the following areas:

  • Contested and uncontested divorce
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Paternity matters
  • Post-divorce modifications
  • Annulments

Herrman Law LLC

Divorce is a highly personal experience and that is why you need an attorney that doesn’t treat you like just another file. Navigating through the court-system can be stressful and overwhelming. You should never have to navigate through staff, interns and associate attorneys just to talk to the attorney that you hired. When you hire Herrman Law, LLC you hire me, Lynnette Herrman, and you don’t have to worry that someone else will actually be the attorney working on your case.

I provides honest representation and I am not afraid to tell you things about your case that you may not want to hear. You need to know the good and bad about your case so you can make good decisions about settlement and litigation. While aggressive in the courtroom, I also work hard to reach amicable settlements in the best interest of my clients so as to avoid litigation, if possible.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Legal Custody.
    Legal custody refers to the most basic of parental rights. Whether you need to establish legal custody or modify a current legal custody arrangement, I can help.
  • Parenting Time.
    This is the new legal terminology used to refer to the time that parents spend with their children, what is commonly referred to as “visitation”. Whether you need to establish parenting time or modify an existing arrangement, I can help.
  • Residential Placement.
    Residential placement refers to the living arrangement of children. Whether you need to establish a court ordered residential placement arrangement, or you want to modify a current arrangement, I can help.
  • Parenting Issues.
    It is impossible to list all of the issues that parents face when they have separated from the other parent, whether the parents were married to each other or not. Whether your dispute involves school selection, disputed medical treatment, sports disputes, holiday sharing, exchange location, move-away issues, and so much more, I can help.

Franklin Law Office

Divorces are never an easy ordeal — especially when children are involved. From property and financial allocation to custody hearings, you truly need an experienced and licensed attorney on your side. With over fifty (50) years of collective and extensive legal expertise, Franklin Law Office is committed to excellence in all services.

As your premier Wichita family law attorneys, we actively practices a full range of family law and divorce-related lawsuits and legal proceedings. This includes arguing in Court for all legal rights of a parent, along with timely filings of documents, court petitions, and anything and everything related to paternity and custody suits.

When it comes to divorces, nothing is ever easy or set in stone. You need a professional and dedicated family law lawyer to help you navigate the murky waters of these legal proceeding, which includes a knowledge of local court rules, judges, and above all a dedicated advocate for your position, and the position of preserving your family.

Franklin Law Office has helped countless clients with divorce and legal separation cases. Whether for plaintiffs or defendants, we have the tools and expertise to protect your legal rights across the board. This includes defending your rights to have access to your children – even after the mother has been awarded full or partial custody. We also help clients with property and financial allocation, along with securing alimony, and/or child support for children until they become of legal age.

All it takes is one phone call or e-mail to secure a consultation and get the legal representation and services you deserve. Divorces can be emotionally exhausting and time-consuming, to say the least. Attorney Joni J. Franklin, Christine Campbell, and Sara Zafar, and their team understand all your fears, anxiety, and concerns. This is why they stay by your side every step of the way while explaining all aspects of the divorce case in detail.

Floodman Family Law

At Floodman Family Law, we are dedicated exclusively to the resolution of family law disputes. Whether divorce, spousal maintenance, paternity, child custody, child support, property division, protection from abuse or other family law related matters, we hope that you will give us the opportunity to help you. We are committed to zealously representing your interests.

And we take pride in fully responding to your questions and concerns quickly, as we understand that divorce and child custody matters can be very trying. We believe that our representation, and the support of our excellent and experienced staff, will make this difficult time for you a little less challenging.

We believe that the variety of issues, disputes and client needs that we have experienced makes us uniquely adept at quickly analyzing each case and determining how to meet each client’s legal needs and requirements in the most efficient and effective manner. There is no substitute for our extensive experience when dealing with extremely complicated divorce cases involving the valuation of complex and substantive assets.

Likewise, our experience allows us to see the practical side of every family law problem, which can result in a quick assessment and approach to resolution for every size and type of case. Our team combines both years of experience as well as knowledge of related legal issues, such as criminal law issues arising out of family law disputes.

Floodman Family Law is committed to alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation, case management or arbitration, because these approaches often provide the best results at a more reasonable cost. However, these tools are most effective when backed by an attorney who has lengthy litigation experience. The firm also provides alternative dispute resolution services for other attorneys or represents their clients in the alternative dispute setting.

Davis & Jack LLC

With 30 years of experience, Kenneth Jack Patent Attorney is your trusted choice for intellectual property law and a wide range of other legal services, from business law to estate planning. No matter what type of case you have, you can count on Attorney Jack to work diligently for the best outcome possible. When you need an experienced lawyer to handle your corporate or family-related case, visit Kenneth Jack Patent Attorney.

We offer comprehensive legal solutions from personal injury to real estate. Don’t entrust your trademark application to just anyone. Turn to our certified patent attorney for all your intellectual property legal needs. Visit us today. Free parking is available. With our lawyer’s client advocacy, exceptional technical competence, and unquestioned integrity, you can expect to receive only the most professional legal services.

Walk-in appointments are welcome. When you’re looking for a law firm that can take of all your legal needs, turn to Kenneth Jack Patent Attorney. Whether you’re applying for a patent, need a business contract drawn up, or are planning your estate, you can count on us to take of it. When you want comprehensive legal representation and services, turn to Kenneth Jack Patent Attorney. Our family owned law firm provides exceptional legal services that come backed by 30 years of experience.

We offer complete family law services, including:

  • Divorce
  • Custody or visitation
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Child support
  • Juvenile law
  • Adoptions

David A. Hawley, P.A.

David A. Hawley, P.A. has assisted clients throughout Wichita in all matters related to divorce and family law. During more than 25 years of practice, I have established myself as a reputable attorney with a deep concern for my clients’ welfare. If the time has come to dissolve your marriage, I can guide you through the process and protect your rights.

As your family law attorney, I will manage your case with care and professionalism. The principal issues I manage for my Wichita clients include:

  • Divorce — When it’s time to dissolve your marriage, you need a forward-looking attorney who can help you achieve your goals for a secure future. I understand how important the terms of your divorce decree are for your future, so I work diligently to negotiate a favorable marital settlement. When settlement is not possible, I litigate divorce cases aggressively to secure the best possible outcome.
  • Uncontested divorce — The quickest and most cost-effective type of marital dissolution is an uncontested divorce, which avoids trial completely. However, as beneficial as an uncontested divorce is, it’s not always an easy matter to achieve. Through principled negotiation, honed over more than two decades of family law practice, I can often overcome obstacles to forge fair and equitable settlements to tough issues of child custody, alimony, child support, and the division of marital property.
  • Child custody — Perhaps the most emotionally charged issue in divorce is the one that involves your relationship with your children. But child custody disputes are not limited to divorcing parents. Unmarried parents and grandparents often need to resolve custody and visitation issues in court. I assert my clients’ parental or statutory rights aggressively, either in negotiations of fair parenting plans or in court hearings on custody and visitation issues.
  • Child support — Although the Kansas Supreme Court has adopted child support guidelines, the courts retain significant discretion with regard to adjustments. I fight to ensure that your child support order is fair based on the financial realities you face.

Cameron Family Law, P.A.

Our policy is to return calls and emails within 24 business hours. However, most messages are returned much sooner. We prioritize communication and understand that family law questions need fast answers. Keeping you informed regarding your case is important to us. We give honest advice.

It is important for clients to know both the positive and negative factors of their cases. We give advice regarding all legal options available and all possible outcomes. We give clients the information they need to make the best decision regarding their cases. Our preference is to settle cases amicably.

When a case becomes contentious, it damages the co-parenting relationship. If there is a possibility of settling your case by agreement, we will work to negotiate the agreement. When an amicable resolution is not possible, we go to court well-prepared and present strong arguments to the judge.

Family Law Practice Areas:

  • Annulment– ending a marriage that began as a result of fraud or grounds that cause the marriage to be void.
  • Child Support– establishing child support orders, and modifying existing child support orders, making sure that the child support amount that is ordered is as fair as possible in compliance with the Kansas Child Support Guidelines.
  • Custody/Residential Placement– helping good parents get or keep custody of their children.
    Divorce– dividing property and debt, and establishing custody and child support, when a marriage ends.
  • Jurisdictional Disputes– transfer existing family law cases to Kansas from other states, or representing clients when two similar cases have been filed in different states or counties.
  • Legal Separation– helping married couples who are separated to make their separation legal while remaining married.
  • Paternity– unmarried parents obtaining legal rights, custody, and child support orders for their children.