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Miley & Brown, P.C.

We are a team of attorneys focused on achieving your immigration goals by carefully documenting your eligibility and the reasons why you should be granted the benefit you are seeking. At the law firm of Miley & Brown, we handle the entire spectrum of U.S. immigration issues. The laws governing immigration to the U.S. are extraordinarily complex.

Numerous provisions allow people from other countries who meet certain criteria to obtain visas, apply for resident status, become citizens or to prevent a deportation. The attorneys at Miley & Brown are highly experienced with the many facets of U.S. immigration law.

Whether you need assistance with a visa application, defense against deportation, information about naturalization or any other type of immigration issue, you can rely on the experienced immigration lawyers at the law firm of Miley & Brown in Dallas, Texas, for help.

We are focused on achieving your immigration goals by carefully documenting the reasons why you deserve an improvement in your status or relief from removal. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you through the immigration process. We advise and assist clients in the following areas and other immigration matters:

  • Temporary employment visas
  • Employment-based green cards
  • Family-based visas
  • Permanent residency
  • Citizenship and Naturalization
  • Deportation and Removal Defense
  • Asylum applications

Meaders Law PLLC

The United States immigration process can be incredibly complicated and highly stressful for individuals and families. These laws are often changing and, particularly in today’s political climate, many families are left to wonder how they will be able to stay together. For immigrants facing criminal charges, the process is that much more difficult.

At Meaders Law, we assist clients throughout the U.S. with a broad range of immigration matters. Our immigration lawyers in Dallas, TX work to provide immigrants and their families with the detailed, one-on-one attention they need and the aggressive advocacy they deserve. Our firm handles all types of immigration cases, including green cards, immigrant visas, family-based immigration, asylum, deportation defense, and more.

We have worked with immigrants on tough cases, including those involving detention and acquiring stays of automatic deportation. Regardless of your situation, our immigration attorneys in Dallas are here to help you understand your options, protect your rights, and work toward the best possible outcome.

Meaders Law is an immigration and criminal defense law firm located in Dallas, Texas. Our firm offers personalized legal services for clients facing a wide range of U.S. immigration and criminal law issues, including employment- and family-based visas, green cards, asylum, deportation defense, citizenship, and more.

As an immigrant herself, our founding attorney, Alexandra Meaders, believes in helping individuals and families create opportunities and exercise the rights afforded to them under U.S. law. We work hard to keep families together and help individuals get a fair chance.

Martin Immigration Law

The Martin Law Office takes care of your immigration needs, family or employment-based, whether you live in the US or overseas. Dallas lawyer Elaine Martin has managed visa requirements in the United States since 1997, helping thousands of individuals and corporations navigate the complex immigration process.

Elaine has many years of experience in private law practice, advising companies of all sizes from sole proprietorships and start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations. Elaine also handles family-based immigration, religious workers, victims of crimes and domestic violence, and naturalization. She is an active volunteer with immigrant organizations in Dallas. The firm is LGBTQ-friendly.


  • Employment-Based Immigration
    Dallas lawyer Elaine Martin has worked with companies of all sizes, from multinational Fortune 100 corporations to individual investors and budding entrepreneurs. She has worked in immigration matters for many industries including IT, manufacturing, hospitality, religious organizations and telecommunications.
  • Family-Based Immigration
    Elaine Martin has handled immigration matters for families in Dallas and worldwide since 1997. She is experienced in marriage cases, removal of conditions, parent/child immigration petitions, fiancée visas, waivers, adjustment of status, consular processing, complex Affidavit of Support issues, and same-sex/LGBTQ applications.
  • Citizenship
    Obtaining US citizenship is the ultimate goal of many immigrants to the United States. Elaine Martin became a U.S. citizen in 2000, so she is very conscious of the importance of this process.

Law Office of Irene G. Mugambi, P.C.

Why should you consider hiring our law firm to help you with immigration or family law? First of all, we have decades of legal experience and understand how to effectively navigate the often complicated legal system. Secondly, we understand how overwhelming the system can feel for families and individuals.

That is why we take the time to answer all of your questions and address your concerns as they arise. We take pride in making ourselves available and to helping families begin a new chapter in their lives. You want what is best for your family. Attaining what you want for your family is also important to the Law Office of Irene G. Mugambi, P.C. — our immigration lawyers assist families every day.

We assist with the documentation for filing of visas for individuals in a variety of circumstances. We guide you through the family-based immigration process for short-term stays, citizenship requests and naturalization.

As your immigration manager, we can help you make adjustments to your visas, green cards, and assist with any status maintenance requirements. We fight for your immigration appeals, deportation/removal proceedings and asylum.

Our attorneys will assist with finding you resolution through divorce or separation, property division, alimony and violence protection. When children are involved, we can assist with finding you resolution through the divorce as well as child custody, child support, visitation and violence protection.

Ford & Harrison

FordHarrison attorneys understand that organizations must operate in a highly regulated, litigious business climate. We help employers minimize the legal risks involved in making employment decisions without compromising business needs. Our attorneys work with clients to devise strategies to lessen the risks associated with employee claims and ensure compliance with federal and state labor and employment laws and regulations.

Through our global practice group and membership in the global employment law firm alliance, Ius Laboris, FordHarrison also provides clients that have multinational operations with a broad range of services related to labor and employment law in more than 50 countries throughout the world. Our diverse legal team allows us to provide cost-effective, quality service in all areas related to labor and employment law.

FordHarrison provides current, relevant information to our clients through a variety of resources, such as our SourceBook, legal alerts, events and webinars. These resources provide valuable preventive maintenance tools to help clients understand the numerous state and federal labor and employment laws.

FordHarrison combines skilled lawyers, a national presence, a unique commitment to client service, and strong programs of diversity and mentoring, to create one of the leading law firms in the nation. Our firm lives by its dedication to excellent client service.

Davis & Associates

Headed by Garry Davis, our Founder and Managing Partner, who is Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, the immigration law practice is focused exclusively on providing immigration legal services of the highest quality with uncompromising commitment to responsiveness and exemplary service!

Citizens and permanent residents of the United States have the ability to petition the federal government for an immigrant visa for certain family members. U.S. citizens can petition for more categories like Green Card Marriage, K-1 Fiancé Visas, K-3 Visas, and Same-Sex Marriage Green Cards.

We help both businesses with immigration consulting and services, as well as those individuals applying for work visas. Employers and their human resources staff must balance the requirements to only hire those authorized to work with the equal protection requirements of the Constitution, and federal and state laws.

Citizens and permanent residents of the United States have the ability to petition the federal government for an immigrant visa for certain family members who risk being deported from the USA. U.S. citizens can petition for more categories of family members.

Federal immigration laws allow various ways for a non-citizen of the United States to become a permanent resident. There are a variety of visas that serve as a pathway to residency or as simply a way to visit the USA (tourist visas, such as the B-1 visa, B-2 visa, F-1 Visas for students, F-1 Visa to Green Card), and J-1 Visas.

David Swaim & Associates

David Swaim & Associates Immigration Law Firm is a team of seasoned Dallas Immigration Lawyers that stands as an experienced and authoritative advocate for those pursuing a better life in the United States. We help clients navigate the unknown territory of immigration with exceptional experience, foresight and a keen sense of direction.

With over 45,000 successful cases, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their professional and personal goals through the legal process. Unlike ordinary immigration or large full-service firms, David Swaim & Associates exclusively provides immigration expertise, representing our clients in all aspects of immigration law, regardless the type of case.

We are known throughout the legal community and courts by our proven practices and attentive care. Our clients know us for our personalized solutions and responsive service that helps them achieve their desired status/citizenship goals in the easiest and most effective ways possible.


    From Fortune 100 companies to start ups, David Swaim & Associates has provided the highest level of analysis, strategies and case preparation for all types of employment categories.
    At David Swaim & Associates, we represent clients in every category of investment, including nonimmigrants (E-2, L-1 start up) and permanent residence through EB-1(c) and EB-5 regional centers.
    David Swaim & Associates represents individuals and family members in all types of family visas, including immediate relatives, preference categories, adoptions/orphans, “follow to join” cases, age out issues, marriage issues, removal of conditions from conditional permanent residence/green card.
    One of the biggest struggles our clients face is navigating the court system.

Chavez & Valko, LLP

At Chavez & Valko, LLP, our lawyers are dedicated solely to representation for immigration law matters. From our offices in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, we provide effective immigration legal services to clients nationwide. Our clients range from individuals and families to small businesses and publicly traded U.S. companies. As our client, we will offer you the best possible legal and support services, with relentless pursuit of your immigration relief under the law.

Members of American Immigration Lawyers Association, U.S.-Mexico Bar Association and the Texas State Bar Standing Committee on Laws Relating to Immigration and Nationality, Texas Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee, Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce, Hispanic Contractors Association of DFW, and World Affairs Council of Dallas.

Our lawyers understand that dealing with U.S. governmental agencies can often become a frustrating immigration process that takes months to resolve. Using our in-depth knowledge of all aspects of immigration law, we aim to fully resolve your immigration law challenges by:

  • Efficiently processing each matter utilizing cutting-edge proprietary technology and practices;
  • Keeping you informed of your case step by step; and
  • Remaining easily accessibly throughout your case.

Akula & Associates P.C.

The immigration attorneys at Akula & Associates P.C. achieve success through efficiency, creativity, and practicality for all types of employment based or family based immigration matters. We channel these qualities into partnerships with clients around the world, which range from small start-ups to large publicly traded companies. Although located in Dallas, we serve globally and offer services in 10 languages.

We combine the flexible, informal atmosphere of a small firm with the resources and client base of a larger firm. Our lawyers utilize state-of-the-art technology and take a collaborative approach to represent clients, working together to provide customized solutions that deliver results.

If you have a complex immigration matter, it is not necessary to solve it on your own. Immigration law can be complex, time-consuming, and if you do not have a complete understanding of the law, your actions may result in delays. Let the practiced attorneys at Akula & Associates P.C. guide you to your desired situation instead.

Akula & Associates is a full-service immigration law firm with a principal office in Dallas, Texas. Our talented attorneys serve a diverse client base, from multinationals to small businesses and entrepreneurial, high-net-worth individuals. Click on a circle to see the types of visas we can help you with.

Ahluwalia Law Offices

Ahluwalia Law Offices, PC is a boutique law firm located in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston areas, and serves clients throughout the United States. Our legal team provides exceptional services in the areas of Employment and Family based Immigration, Family Law, Corporate Law and Civil matters.

Our staff is available to translate a variety of languages, including Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, French, Urdu, Gujrati, and Chinese. At Ahluwalia Law Offices, PC, we thoroughly enjoy the practice of law and receive great satisfaction in providing the best quality of work to our clients. Whether it is Corporate, Immigration, or Family Law, we throw our energy into every case and are not content until our clients are fully satisfied.

  • Practices:
    We represent corporations in all areas, with experience in employer-employee contracts, dispute resolutions, department of labor disputes, audit representations, and pre-litigation negotiations.
    Family is the most fundamental building block in our society. At Ahluwalia Law Offices, we understand matters involving family are not only legally complex but also stressful and emotional.
    Ahluwalia Law Offices, PC provides an extensive range of family and employment based immigration services. We represent individuals, corporate clients, and non-profit organizations.