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Dagher Khraizat Immigration Law Group P.L.L.C.

We begin with a thorough consultation and ask the right questions that help you see your case holistically as well as understand long-term expectations. From the first consultation, through case completion, Dagher Khraizat Immigration Law seeks to understand your overall goals and intentions leading to a concise case strategy and successful outcome.

Armed with 25 over years of experience and known for being results-driven, supportive and patient, Dagher Khraizat Immigration Law is prepared to stand by you through the complex, ever-changing immigration landscape of petition filings, extensions, waivers, government audits and removal proceedings.

At Dagher Khraizat Immigration law we stay current and informed on all non-immigrant visa rules and regulations. We begin with a thorough consultation and ask the right questions to help you not only see your case holistically but also understand the details and long-term expectations that you may not otherwise be aware of.

We assist you in finding the right visa category, prepare your documents, and file your petitions. With over 25 years of experience in evaluating and strategizing workable paths through the U.S. immigration laws, we are confident that you’ve come to the right place.

For employers seeking to recruit foreign professional employees in various fields of employment, including, but[R1] not limited to, the fields of medicine, pharmacy, engineering, business, law, Dagher Khraizat Immigration law stay up-to-breast on all changes and challenges of the H-1B visa category to ensure the employees consideration under the proper category in the annual H-1B visa lottery selection process.

Castellana Immigration Law, PLC

At Castellana Immigration Law, our goal is to help you achieve your dream of immigrating to the United States. Whether you are in fear of deportation or are navigating the complex process of citizenship, we want you to find hope within the United States.

Whatever your circumstances, our immigration lawyers can help you devise an effective plan of experience, our attorneys know how to handle even the most complex immigration cases. Our attorneys specialize in representing those who are facing removal and fight to uphold their rights.

During the consultation, we will determine what options are available in your case, explain the general procedures for each option, recommend for or against each option, and decide whether the attorney would be willing to take the case.

Immigration Practice Areas:

  • Removal Defense
  • Family-based Immigration Petitions
  • Consular Processing
  • Waivers of Inadmissibility
  • Naturalization
  • Temporary Protected Status
  • Other Matters
  • Requests for Prosecutorial Discretion
  • Deferred Action

Butzel Long

Butzel Long is recognized as the premier international law firm in Michigan. The skilled team of attorneys in Butzel Longs Immigration Practice provides domestic and foreign-based clients with exceptional representation, multi-disciplinary support and creative problem solving to address a wide range of immigration issues, whether localized or on a global scale.

Our diverse team is marked by resourcefulness and accessibility, has established relationships with members of the local and international immigration community and is dedicated to staying abreast of the latest developments in immigration law and practice. Our clients are as diverse as the issues we handle, including major corporations, small businesses, individuals and families based throughout the United States and the world.

Butzel Long’s Immigration Practice provides legal services in the areas of nonimmigrant and immigrant visas, U.S. permanent residence, citizenship, global migration, and employer compliance and worksite enforcement. Butzel Long partners with clients to deliver efficient and timely personalized services. We continuously review our processes and technology to add value and improve efficiency.

The Immigration Practice Group works closely with attorneys from the Firm’s other practice areas where immigration issues intersect, such as Corporate, Tax, and Labor & Employment, to deliver prompt, specialized counsel on critical issues that impact our clients businesses.

Berry Moorman P.C.

Clients choose Berry Moorman because our culture is focused on relationships. We promote long-term client relationships based on confidence, trust, mutual interest, and respect. We are committed to client success. We deliver the highest quality legal work in an efficient and cost effective manner. We are responsive to emergencies. We meet deadlines. We recognize the special needs of each of our clients.

Our professional staff has diverse experience in matters ranging from the most complex personal and business transactions to routine legal matters. With depth of legal talent, Berry Moorman tackles any legal matter or risk affecting businesses and individuals today. We bring innovation, creativity, and sound judgment to every problem, large or small.

We are large enough to take on large and complex matters, but small enough for partner level involvement in most matters.

Practice Areas:

  • Immigration Law
    Berry Moorman’s Immigration Practice Group services a diverse client base ranging from multi-national corporations, skilled individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs and investors, as well as temporary workers and students.
  • Family Law
    For many years, our firm has been helping business people and their spouses through complex divorces. We are known for handling high-stakes divorce in a private manner, achieving amicable results, and ensuring our clients receive their fair share.
  • Labor and Employment Law
    Every employment decision, from recruiting to hiring to reductions in force crosses a wide spectrum of legal issues. Berry Moorman has several lawyers who assist our clients in this broad field. In these matters, we represent management exclusively.

Bazzi Law, PLC.

When your future and family are in a state of uncertainty, you feel overwhelmed and even scared. You may not know what to do so that you can move forward in a positive way. With the attorneys of Bazzi Law, PLC by your side, you don’t have to fight alone. We will answer your questions, address your needs and create cutting-edge legal solutions to help you reach your goals.

Whether you are going through a divorce, have been accused of a crime or wish to acquire citizenship, we can help. Our lawyers take the time to understand your needs so that we can create a plan of action that is tailored to your unique scenario. As a general practice firm, we have knowledge in several intersecting areas of law. This gives us an advantage and better equips us to seek positive results.

At Bazzi Law, PLC, each member of our legal team is committed to helping you protect what matters: your loved ones, your rights and your future. We know how to use the law to defend your interests today and create a path that allows you to achieve your goals tomorrow. At our boutique firm, we tailor our approach to address your unique concerns and specific circumstances.

Our customized strategies are just one of the many ways we show that we are focused on your needs at all times. Arrange your no-cost, no-obligation consultation with a skilled legal professional. Bazzi Law, PLC, is licensed to represent individuals and families throughout southeast Michigan. Our offices are located across the area in Dearborn, Plymouth and Novi.

AT Law

AT Law Group is a professional full-service law firm based in the United States that services clients both domestically and abroad. Its practice areas include personal injury, criminal law, business law, and immigration law. Our firm prides itself on being service-driven, making the needs of its clients its number one priority and ensuring professionalism and the best results every step of the way.

We are here for you in your time of legal need. Since 2012, our lawyers at At Law – a full-service law firm based in Dearborn, Michigan – have provided unmatched counsel, advocacy and support for a diverse client base both here and abroad. Your legal challenge is our top priority. Our promise is to fiercely protect your rights, liberties and interests to help achieve the most favorable outcome or optimal preventative solution to your legal matters.

We invite you to contact us for a preliminary consultation. In advance, thank you for placing your trust in us. Our attorneys are committed to providing you with peace of mind through the highest level of ethical service possible to achieve the most favorable outcome for your legal challenges.

Our vision is a world where all people can have trusted lawyers. We strive to achieve this with our clients every day. Immigration is an ever-changing and complex area of law in the United States. Unfortunately, it is too often politicized and controversial, which makes it hard for those involved to know what to expect.

If you’re facing an immigration issue, let our passionate and knowledgeable attorney’s at At Law help to simplify the process and increase your odds of a successful ruling. Our counselors, who are all fluent speakers of second languages, work tirelessly to help clients realize their goals and maximize the opportunities before them.

American Immigration Law Center

Welcome to the American Immigration Law Center. We have over 25 years of experience helping immigrants receive green cards and United States citizenship. We handle all immigration cases including, deportation, work visas, removal cases, political asylum, detention, visitors’ visas, green cards, criminal cases, labor certification, and US citizenship.

The American Immigration Law Center focuses on immigrants’ rights. We protect our clients from the government and those that seek to deny or take away rights from hard-working immigrants. The American Immigration Law Center focuses on immigrants’ rights. We protect our clients from the government and those that seek to deny or take away rights from hard-working immigrants. Whatever your legal matter, we will protect you and keep your matter confidential.

Terence G. Hoerman has over 25 years of experience helping immigrants receive green cards and United States citizenship. We handle all immigration cases including, deportation, work visas, removal cases, political asylum, detention, visitor’s visas, green cards, criminal cases, labor certification, and US citizenship.

Immigration Attorney Terence G. Hoerman and The American Immigration Law Center handle legal matters in the following practice areas:

  • Immigration
  • Citizenship
  • Deportation
  • Business
  • Permanent Visas
  • Criminal
  • Custody
  • Support
  • Personal Injury
  • Divorce
  • Visas

Alan Reiter PLLC

When it comes to U.S. immigration and naturalization law, the stakes are high. One way to help ensure compliance in the process is to partner with an experienced Attorney. Alan Reiter, PLLC is devoted exclusively to U.S. Immigration Law and brings years of experience to every case.

United States immigration law is all we do. We do not handle divorces, we do not handle criminal matters, and we will not draft your will. With years of experience, we are ready to bring our understanding of the U.S. immigration laws to work with you toward a best possible outcome in your case.

Alan Reiter, PLLC has been based in downtown Detroit, Michigan since 2006 and is closely located to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services’ (USCIS) Detroit District Office, to the Detroit Immigration Court, and to United States-Canada border crossings.

Practice Areas:

    My approach has yielded success in numerous green card applications.
    Naturalization is commonly referred to as the manner in which a person voluntarily becomes a United States citizen.
    I partner with clients and personally work on every aspect of their case.
    I am ready to work one-on-one with you to understand your initial denial, correct any problem, and work toward success in your appeal.
    Businesses, families, and individuals should seek out the expertise of a dedicated lawyer to ensure timeliness and compliance.
    I am ready to bring my understanding of the employment immigration/work visa process to your case.

Abrutyn Law, PLLC

Welcome to Abrutyn Law, a full-service immigration law firm dedicated to helping you with all your immigration matters, big or small, complex or routine. My focus will be on helping you to navigate the complex and intimidating immigration law process.

I am a nationally-recognized immigration law attorney, a frequent presenter at immigration law conferences, a mentor to other immigration law attorneys, and a member of liaison committees that meet with government agencies. I will use my experience and skills to help you with your family, employment, naturalization, immigrant, nonimmigrant, waiver, asylum, removal defense, appellate, or litigation matter.

I come from a family of immigrants, so I understand what is at stake when you entrust your future to an immigration law attorney. I will work with you and make you a partner in this process. I will stand by your side when you apply for immigration benefits and stand before you if you have to fight to remain in the United States.

Russell Abrutyn is a nationally-recognized immigration law attorney. He handles both complex and routine immigration matters. These include family, employment, naturalization, immigrant, nonimmigrant, waiver, asylum, removal defense, appellate, and litigation matters.

Practice Areas:


Bajoka Law Group

Criminal Defense Attorney Edward Bajoka is the author of LexisNexis Practice Guide: Michigan Criminal Law, which covers the entire process of a criminal trial in Michigan—from initial case evaluation to appeals and appellate issues to use of DNA evidence at trial and more. I am the lead attorney and founder of Bajoka Law Group PLLC and You Are Home Immigration Law for families.

White-collar crime is the type of crime that is typically financially motivated and non-violent. It is also the type of crime that is committed by professionals or people in business. These crimes are committed in an effort to gain money, avoid losing money, to gain a personal advantage and other related goals.

A federal conspiracy is when two or more people plot to commit a crime. This could include a plot to defraud the United States or commit any other type of crime. It is illegal to be part of a conspiracy to commit a federal crime. The government has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that at least one of the co-conspirators has taken an overt act towards the completion of the conspiracy.

Federal drug trafficking involves the possession, sale, transportation, and manufacture of illegal drugs. When drug trafficking involved heavy quantities of drugs or large amounts of money the FBI and DEA is usually involved. There are a variety of factors that can take a drug trafficking case out of state court and into federal court. If a wide-scale scheme is shown or drugs are being moved from state to state, then a drug trafficking charge will likely become a federal matter.