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Thomas Price PLLC

We believe that the American Dream should be made possible for all. Our firm is proud to bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and integrity to immigrants in the United States and abroad.

Our goal is to help clients successfully move through the complicated immigration system of the United States in order to obtain legal status. We do this by taking the time to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and tailoring unique well-thought out legal strategies designed to meet each individual client’s goals.


  • Permanent Residency
    By obtaining your permanent residency, an individual is authorized to live, work and travel freely on a permanent basis. There are several pathways to obtaining permanent residency and our experienced attorneys can help you identify if you qualify.
  • Immigration Court
    Immigration Court can be a stressful and confusing time for individuals and families facing deportation from the country. It is important that you are represented by an experienced and trustworthy attorney who will diligently fight for your rights.
  • U.S. Citizenship
    The United States allows certain non-citizens to be naturalized by completing an applications, exam and interview. If you believe you qualify, it is highly recommended that you consult an experienced attorney before submitting your application or attending an interview.
  • Green Cards
    You may qualify for a green card (GC) by being sponsored by a relative (including your spouse) or through your employer.

The Law Offices of Rosa Maria Berdeja

The process of bringing family into the country can be overwhelming, especially for Spanish-speaking families. When you are detained or facing possible removal, the legal process can be even more daunting.

While located in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, The Law Office of Rosa Maria Berdeja is committed to helping our clients across the country in virtually all immigration matters. We frequently help immigrants and their families remain united in this country, providing compassionate and experienced advocacy in the American legal system.

We know your case is your number one priority, which is why we make it our priority as well. Attorney Rosa Maria Berdeja makes herself available for phone calls whenever you have a question or need help. Immigration cases can often take quite a long time. But we want you to rest assured that you are in safe hands. Every step of the way, during every part of the process, we are here to provide answers and protect your rights.

We get to know you and your loved ones closely over the course of your case, and we remain close to our clients even after their cases have concluded. We know how scary the legal system can be, which is why we strive to be your lawyer, your ally, your advocate and your friend.

The Law Office of Francisco Hernandez

When you work with Francisco Hernandez, you gain an ally who is certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. More importantly, you will actually have the opportunity to work directly with Francisco Hernandez as your future is negotiated and decided upon.

Francisco Hernandez understands the challenges you face in this trying time. If you are found guilty, you risk jail time, large fines, or deportation. The team at the Law Office of Francisco Hernandez does not take these risks lightly. Whether you are an individual charged with a crime, or an officer of a corporation involved in international relations, you receive the same personalized attentive approach and strong legal representation.


  • Criminal Law
    At the Law Office of Francisco Hernandez, we handle all levels of criminal offenses. Such cases include: Abandoning or Endangering Child, Burglary, Criminal Mischief, Driving While Intoxicated, Forgery, etc.
  • Immigration Law
    We have processed hundreds of family-based applications and petitions and employer-based applications. Further, we routinely handle the more specialized aspects of immigration law such as Deportation Defense.
  • Civil Law
    The hallmark of our practice is our knowledge of and experience with U.S./Mexico cultural and business practices. We are just as adept at handling more intimate cases such as the defense of individuals and civil matters.
  • Family Law
    All of our clients gain the benefit of our dedication to integrity and fairness. We believe in the sanctity of the legal process and we appreciate the importance of every case and every client we represent.

The Claunch Law Firm

The Claunch law firm was established by Jim Claunch who has been practicing law in North Texas since 1960. The Claunch law firm is located in downtown Fort Worth. The attorneys at the Claunch Law Firm are passionate in their desire to help those facing difficult legal issues including general civil matters, divorce and child custody issues, personal injury, probate matters and will contests, and juvenile and criminal matters.

Our firms founder, Jim Claunch. has been actively practicing law in North Texas for more than 58 years. His two sons Kyle and Kirk have been practicing for over 28 years, and Of Council Jim Piel has over 28 years of experience as well. The attorneys at the Claunch Law Firm have a wide range of experience in both state and federal court in both civil and criminal matters. This diversity of knowledge and experience is unique in law firms today.

Additionally, the Claunch Law Firm is not limited to a Texas practice, and has handled matters in other states. Kirk Claunch is admitted to practice in Texas, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Jim Piel is admitted to practice in Texas and Oklahoma.

We would appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your legal matter. Our attorneys pledge to provide you with passionate representation, and to remain readily accessible to you throughout the duration of your case. We are not afraid of tough cases or big adversaries.

Morton Law, PLLC

The opening of Morton Law, PLLC, marks the beginning of a new stage for its founder, Margarita Morton. Ms. Morton was born in Texas but many of her closest family members immigrated to the U.S. Her family has allowed her to understand that immigration is much more than legal transactions and paperwork.

It is truly about the lives of real people. It is about the reunification of families, the beginning of new lives for individuals, and the business owners who are seeking to find the right people to achieve their goals. Morton Law, PLLC, was created to ensure that all individuals, families, and businesses have the right legal guidance and representation to achieve their goals.

Ms. Morton became exposed to the intricacies of immigration law during her last year in law school when she started volunteering with a large local nonprofit. She entered the immigration world during the height of the DACA applications and it was her contact with the clients and hearing their stories that moved her to continue volunteering.

Her exposure to the many families going through this process sparked a passion for this area of law, and thus set the course of her legal career. Following graduation, she was hired by the very same nonprofit, practiced there for two years, and was exposed to a wide variety of cases. This tenure helped her develop a deep commitment to her clients and a passion for this area of law.

Law office of Jason C. Mills PLLC

The Law Office of Jason C. Mills is a law firm devoted almost exclusively to the practice of United States federal law. Our Attorneys provide comprehensive legal services involving immigration, and social security disability matters. We assist individuals, families, businesses and non-profits on a nation wide and international scale.

The Law Office of Jason Mills was established in 2001 for the purpose of offering a unique personalized approach to immigration related issues. We are a small office offering unparalleled access to your case and the attorney. We focus solely on immigration related issues and enjoy a high degree of success.

Our turnaround times are fast and responsive. We do NOT charge extra for phone calls or emails in most instances because we realize we are dealing with people and not just their money. Consequently, our fees are lower than most in the field. Further, our clients are able to access their cases via internet to check on progress and updates.

Our immigration attorneys constantly monitor developments in immigration and nationality law and use state-of-the-art technology for research, client communications and case management which allows us to service clients throughout the United States and across the world.

We are committed to providing quality legal representation and are dedicated to maintaining and expanding its capabilities and expertise across a wide range of practice areas in immigration and nationality law, in order to address the diverse needs of its clients.

Farria Law Group

The Farria Law Group has extensive experience in sports and entertainment law. We are able to leverage this unique knowledge and experience base to assist our clients in achieving their goals in these high-profile, high stakes businesses. We understand how to manage our clients’ social and economic impact on local, national, and international levels.

Employment Based Immigration Laws in Dallas Fort Worth: we focus our efforts on assisting clients obtain non-immigrant work visas such as H-1b, L-1,O-1, TN, and P-1s and we have experience in processing national interest waivers, outstanding researcher, and PERM petitions. We take pride in fighting for families by helping them fight removal actions and achieve marriage, fiancé, and other family-based visas.

Finding quality legal services should be a positive experience. In fact, if you are a small business owner, work in the entertainment industry, are a professional athlete, or just want to make sure your assets are taken care of correctly, legal advice and services could mean the difference between making it big and losing it all.

When you’re in need of legal services in Fort Worth, partner with the firm who isn’t afraid to take on any level of complexity. Farria Law Group has been offering legal services with an emphasis on those working in the expanding entertainment industry. We have helped more people with their needs and achieved amazing results.

Chavez & Valko, LLP

At Chavez & Valko, LLP, our lawyers are dedicated solely to representation for immigration law matters. From our offices in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, we provide effective immigration legal services to clients nationwide. Our clients range from individuals and families to small businesses and publicly traded U.S. companies. As our client, we will offer you the best possible legal and support services, with relentless pursuit of your immigration relief under the law.

Our lawyers understand that dealing with U.S. governmental agencies can often become a frustrating immigration process that takes months to resolve. Using our in-depth knowledge of all aspects of immigration law, we aim to fully resolve your immigration law challenges by:

  • Efficiently processing each matter utilizing cutting-edge proprietary technology and practices.
  • Keeping you informed of your case step by step.
  • Remaining easily accessibly throughout your case.

When individuals and families face immigration law challenges, their careers, futures and even personal safety can be at stake. And when businesses face ever-tightening immigration and employment law challenges and restrictions, one misstep can lead to thousands of dollars in state and federal fines as well as criminal liability. Immigration law is extraordinarily complex, and it changes constantly.

Cantey Hanger, LLC

Family immigration through visas and green cards can lead to naturalization, but the process can be complicated and can require a significant amount of paperwork. Working with an experienced immigration attorney can take the tremendous weight off your shoulders so you’re free to focus on what’s most important: Your family and loved ones.

If you’re a citizen or a lawful permanent resident of the United States, you may be able to bring your family members here on a legal path to citizenship. Not all family members qualify, but the U.S. currently gives out just under 500,000 family-based visas per year – and your family could be eligible for this type of entry.

Our Immigration Practice Areas:

  • Employment-Immigrant Visas
    Professionals with certain skills, training and/or experience can obtain a range of visas to live and work in the U.S. Susan assists both businesses and employees with various types of employment-based green cards.
  • Family-Based Immigration
    Spouses, fiancé(e)s and other relatives of those legally in the U.S. may have various options for entering the U.S. Susan assists spouses, fiancé(e)s and other relatives seeking family-based immigration options for loved ones.
  • Non-Immigrant Visas
    Nonimmigrant visas allow foreign national professionals (and others) to temporarily enter the U.S. for specific types of work or study. Susan is skilled at advising clients on a number of nonimmigrant categories including L-1, H-1B, TN, and R-1.

Alband, Lane & Balderrama

Alband, Lane & Balderrama is ready to help you by providing experienced, insightful legal counsel. Our firm believes you are not just another number, but a person who needs assistance and deserves justice. Being arrested for a crime is a life changing, frightening event. What you need at such a time is someone who cares about what happens to you and who will work hard to protect your rights.

Our firm focuses on criminal and DWI cases in the Dallas-Tarrant County area, and our track record speaks for itself. We have a passion to help those in their time of need and are driven to produce results. A good Tarrant County criminal defense lawyer knows those faced with criminal charges need more than hard-hitting strategy; real value comes from a smart defense.

No two situations are the same, so we evaluate each case to determine the type of defense that will best suit it—regardless of whether you are facing a misdemeanor, felony, or even appealing a case. The only way to develop a smart strategy is to be prepared.

We believe it is important to know the client, not just the case. That is why we treat our clients as valued individuals and not as just another case number. Our Tarrant County criminal lawyers become personally invested in every case and the success of every client, as it if were their own criminal case. We will work tirelessly to have your charges reduced or dismissed!