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Law Office of Jeff Jung

We assist people seeking to enter, or remain in the United States, through family-based petitions and defend individuals in Removal Proceedings before the Immigration Court, as well as those who have suffered persecution in their home country and seek asylum in the United States.

​Too often, immigrants lose their right to remain in the country or to secure U.S. citizenship because they lack proper legal representation. Immigration is a complex and constantly changing area of law. The smallest mistake or misunderstanding can end in deportation and permanent exile.

Our firm takes pride in providing proactive representation and keeping its clients well-informed throughout the process. We take care of all the details, from the preparation of paperwork to skilled, strong advocacy in court. Attorney Jeff Jung is also an educator with a Ph.D. from UCLA, which is why he places special emphasis on ensuring that clients fully understand their options and the law that affects their rights.

We understand that just as important as winning your case is the confidence and peace-of-mind needed to get through the fear and uncertainty that the immigration process can produce. Whether you need assistance with naturalization, or deportation defense, we have the expertise to assist you.

Our Practice Areas:

  • DACA

Diener Law CA

The simple answer is that we have built an excellent reputation over the past 29 years as one of the most ethical, and successful immigration law firms in the country, with a success rate of around 95%. If we don’t think your case has a very high chance of success, we will be honest and wont take your case on (unlike some!).

We want to help you to fulfil your ‘American Dream’ of working and living in the USA. Navigating the US immigration system is tough, doing it alone is almost impossible and leads to a huge amount of stress, money and eventually a rejected application. We specialize in immigration law which means we save you time, effort and sleepless nights with no hidden fees and the minimum of fuss and effort on your part.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Family Immigration
    One of the most rewarding elements of immigration law is the difference we can make in peoples’ lives. This is never more true than when we reunite families who have been apart for so long. Family immigration applications are some on the most emotionally charged, time critical, and at times, difficult cases to administer.
  • Legalization
    There are numerous people in the USA that are undocumented and classed as illegal immigrants. Whilst some are fully aware of their status and have ignored the consequences, there are thousands who are not even aware they are in the USA illegally.
  • Employment & Investment
    Our passion is employment based immigration. We want to help you to fulfil your dream of working and living in the USA. Navigate the US immigration system is tough, doing it alone is almost impossible and leads to a huge amount of stress, money and eventually a rejected application.

The Law Office of Janis Peterson-Lord

At our firm, we place an emphasis on accessibility and personalized service. We offer personal attention to you and your case and are here for you to answer all of your questions. We provide you with detailed explanations regarding the strategy to resolve your situation in the best way possible. After we begin your case you will have responsive attention from your attorney throughout the process.

We handle a substantial amount of I-601, I-601A, and I-212 Waivers of inadmissibility that are filed in the US or at the US Consulates abroad and have had an almost perfect success rate. We handle family-based Adjustment of Status in the US and Consulate processing of immigrant visas abroad. We are working with same-sex couples who are now entitled to the same benefits. We also work with US citizens who are petitioning for their fiancees who live in another country.

We prepare applications for victims of crime for a U visa, Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), and we prepare many Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) applications. Because we are a small firm you will receive attention and communication regarding the progress of your case. We aim to answer every question you may have and to complete your case as quickly and efficiently as possible, saving you time and expense.

Our Practice Areas:

  • I-601 A Provisional Waiver
  • I-601 Waiver
  • I-212 Waiver
  • I-751 & I-751 Waiver
  • Family-Based Adjustment Of Status
  • Family-Based Immigrant Visa Consular Processing
  • US Citizenship
  • Fiancé Visa
  • Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals & DACA Renewals
  • U Nonimmigrant Status
  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

Mercado Law Firm

Our goal is to help immigrants obtain legal status in the United States by offering a unique and well thought-out immigration relief plan. We do this by practicing Federal Immigration Law exclusively so we are able to provide the best legal strategies, present great quality work, and build long-lasting relationships with our clients. When you schedule an appointment with our firm, you will meet with a highly trained immigration attorney.

We will take the time necessary to review your case and offer a plan of action that best suits your goals. We take time with our clients and each client is encouraged to participate fully in their case by consulting frequently with our attorneys.

The attorneys enjoy getting to know our clients and helping each of them meet their goals. Each client’s goal is unique. Our attorneys strive to provide excellent advice and guidance to take each client to a result that meets their goal. Whether you call our offices, or schedule your own appointment through our website, you will get to see a top-rated immigration attorney. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions without feeling rushed.

At the end of your consultation, the attorney will discuss with you a detailed plan of action specific to your situation. In most cases, there are steps our office can do to meet your goals and improve your immigration status in the United States. If we are able to meet your goals, and you feel that we are the best immigration lawyers to assist you, we will offer you our services and discuss the cost of our legal representation.

Our Practice Areas:


Law Offices of Brian D. Lerner, APC

We find the best way to help you and your family in order to give clients the best chance of success. Thus, our Immigration Lawyer California works hard to help clients throughout the U.S. Therefore, call our Immigration Lawyer in Los Angeles Ca. no matter where you live. Needless to say, we are the best Immigration Lawyer in Los Angeles.

We can determine what type of asylum you qualify for and then prepare the entire application with supporting evidence and declarations. For example, our Law Firm prepares both affirmative asylums when get to the U.S. or defensive asylums fighting in Immigration Court. Either way, we determine which area of persecution you have suffered and prepare the legal briefs accordingly.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Deportation / Removal
    Most importantly, years of Deportation Related Experience helping people & their families stay or come back to the U.S. For example, we represent clients all over the U.S. and prepare excellent removal defense to try to avoid deportation and to win the case.
  • Nonimmigrant Visas
    Certainly, there are numerous types of nonimmigrant visas such as the H-1B or the E-2 or the B-2. For example, our experienced Immigration Lawyers determine what is the most applicable and best nonimmigrant visa for you. Moreover, we prepare the petition packet to be submitted to USCIS or the Consulate.
  • Appealing Decisions
    Do you need to appeal an immigration decision or waiver a ground of inadmissibility? Most importantly, we can help. Firstly, our Firm appeals to the BIA; secondly, to the Circuit Courts of Appeal and thirdly to Appellate Courts across the U.S. For example, we prepare the Notices of Appeal, Opening and Responsive Briefs and oral arguments.
  • Becoming a Citizen
    In short, whether it is through Naturalization, Derivative Citizenship or other means, we can prepare the petitions. Moreover, becoming a U.S. Citizen has risks depending on the situation.

Law Office of Nina R. Bauer

At the Law Office of Nina R. Bauer in Long Beach, CA, we understand that family law litigation can be complex and confusing. In pursuit of our goal of making this process easier for you, we do everything in our power to guide and represent you. Our firm puts to work our extensive experience in family law and immigration to serve clients across Los Angeles, Orange County and surrounding areas.

When being represented by our firm, you can rest assured knowing that your case is being handled by an attorney at law who will be a strong advocate to meet your needs. Since 2002, the Law Office of Nina R. Bauer has been utilizing all of the resources available to us in an effort to deliver positive results when handling your case. With a solid commitment to assist you in facing various legal matters, we will work tirelessly to fight for your best interest.

A green card indicates a person’s lawful, permanent residency in the US. Obtaining this document is the primary goal of our clients who are planning to enter this country. If you share the same goal, contact us today to arrange a free consultation. Having lawful permanent residency enables you to live and work in the US indefinitely.

The Law Office of Nina R. Bauer provides sound legal advice concerning the United States immigration law as well as representation to a wide range of clients seeking entry to the United States. The people we represent include but are not limited to the following:

  • Professional Workers
  • Blue Collar and Migrant Workers
  • Students
  • Foreign or Domestic Businesses Seeking to Place Employees in the US
  • Family Members of Current US Residents
  • Diversity Lottery Recipients
  • Religious Workers
  • Refugees and Those Seeking Political Asylum
  • Investors and Entrepreneurs

Law Office of Angela Novas McGill APC

If you or someone you love is facing immigration difficulties, has been charged with a crime, or has family law issues which need legal attention, you may find the help you need at the Law Office of Maria Vittoria. Long Beach Attorney Maria Vittoria is certified as an Immigration and Nationality Law Specialist by the State Bar of California. Maria Vittoria and her staff speak fluently in both Spanish and English.

Vittoria and her associates have represented clients in a variety of immigration matters including deportation defense, immigration bond hearings, employment and family based visas green cards, applications for asylum, waivers of inadmissibility , green cards for victims of domestic violence, U visas for victims of certain crimes, and appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals and to the federal courts.

Attorney Maria Vittoria first joined the firm as an attorney in December of 2018 when it was the Law Office of Angela Novas McGill, and is now the managing attorney of The Vittoria Firm. Ms. Vittoria graduated law school with an immigration certificate as a result of an emphasis on immigration related courses.

Ms. Vittoria has represented immigrants in the immigration courts including permanent residents that the US government is trying to deport because they have been convicted of a crime or those that are sent to the immigration court because they are undocumented. Attorney Maria Vittoria appears frequently in the Los Angeles immigration courts and periodically in courts throughout the U.S.

If you or a loved one is being charged with a crime you should look for legal advice as soon as possible. Even more so if you are not a United States citizen as certain criminal convictions that appear to be minor can have grave consequences for an immigrant. Here, at The Vittoria Firm, we have experience with the intersection of criminal and immigration law and, if a client is charged with a crime, we would try to negotiate an immigration neutral offer from the D.A.

Han Law Group

The non-immigrant (temporary visa) visa classification covers a broad range of visas used to enter the United States for work, pleasure, study, medical treatment, business purpose, students, athletic, temporary workers, religious worker, and government officials, etc. Some visas are considered ‘dual status’; you may attempt to obtain permanent residency (a green card) while under that classification.

Most non-immigrant visas or temporary visa, however, require you establish the demonstration of non-immigrant intent. This means you should demonstrate that you have a permanent residence in your home country that you have no intention of abandoning. The duration of time you may spend in the US can range from a few days to several years, depending on the visa.

In most situations, your spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 may accompany you on a derivative visa. Permanent immigration (green card) is the ultimate goal of many people entering or planning to enter the United States. Lawful permanent residency offers individuals a multitude of benefits, including the freedom to live and work permanently in the US.

Potential immigrants should be as informed about the laws as possible. That’s why our firm is dedicated to providing you with a complete online database of immigration information. A person is granted a permanent resident card, commonly called a green card. The steps to become a permanent resident are different for each category and will depend on if you are currently living inside or outside the United States.

If the DHS believes that you should be removed or deported from the United States, or an individual is found “inadmissible” to the United States, the DHS will issue a piece of paper called a “Notice to Appear” or “NTA” which initiates court proceedings to determine if an individual is removable, deportable or inadmissible from the United States. An Immigration Judge presides over these court proceedings which are held at US Immigration Courts across the country.

Gallinger Law

There are many strategies to help protect your business and personal assets through the use of wills, powers of attorneys, living trusts, purchase agreements, succession planning, tax sheltering, and much more. Working with our firm will allow you the opportunity to choose and implement the strategies that best suit your needs and can help you achieve your goals.

We create legal solutions which allow clients to protect their current wealth and minimize the estate tax consequences upon their death. Gallinger Law works in partnership with clients towards their personal and business goals. Our attorneys have a reputation of excellence and frequently teach or speak publicly on the law. Please learn more about our approach and past successes, and then contact us to discuss meeting your goals.

Gallinger Law is a unique law firm, based in Southern California, serving global clients in areas of Business, Immigration, and Trusts. We bring a different approach that most law firms, focusing on adding value and not padding billable hours. Our clients have special business and personal goals, which we strive to understand and help achieve.

Our attorneys have experience in many areas of law, including business litigation, but focus on transactional services which add value to clients. We also strive to serve the community by being advocates and advisors for nonprofit organizations and social ventures.

Practice Areas:

  • Business Law
    Business formation and advisement services that address a wide range of situations and opportunities.
  • Estate Planning
    Protect your assets and insure generational wealth. Find out how out team can help you.
  • Nonprofit Law
    Creating a nonprofit & staying compliant with regulations can be complicated. Let our experienced team make it simple.
  • Intellectual Property
    Patiently waiting for an immigration determination can detain your life. Our team can help you get an answer quickly.

Andres Ortiz Law

Andres Ortiz Law was founded in 2017 by attorney Andres Ortiz to zealously represent noncitizens and their families in Southern California, including but not limited to Long Beach, Orange County, Los Angeles, and the Inland Empire.

Mr. Ortiz was an elementary school teacher, with a Master in Education Degree through the prestigious ACE Program from the University of Notre Dame, when one of his favorite student’s mother was apprehended by Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officers when she was taking her children to school.

This provided a watershed moment in Mr. Ortiz’s life because he saw the devastating effects of our US Immigration System on good, decent families. Because of Mr. Ortiz’s student’s experience, Mr. Ortiz was moved to attend law school with aspirations of becoming an immigration attorney.

Mr. Ortiz attended Loyola Law School of Los Angeles where he was fortunate to intern with some of the most influential immigrants’ rights organizations such as the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the National Immigration Law Center, and the American Civil Liberties Union- Immigrants’ Rights Project.

Additionally, in his last year of law school, he externed with Judge Reinhardt in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Mr. Ortiz used these experiences of working with some of the brightest legal minds to match his legal skill set with his commitment to the immigration community.

Upon passing the bar in 2011, Mr. Ortiz began practicing immigration law. He quickly gained the respect of his peers and clients as an attorney who possesses a tremendous knowledge base but is compassionate in his representation. In 2014, Mr. Ortiz was nominated to be a part of the Los Angeles County Bar Association Immigration Section Executive Committee. Recently, he was named a Rising Star by SuperLawyers.