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Hammond Law Group LLC

At Hammond Law Group, we are dedicated to helping people around the world pursue their dreams in the United States. Professors, researchers, scientists, and artists can all benefit from the EB-1 visa. With a skilled EB-1 Visa Attorney on your side, your application will be as strong as possible, increasing your odds of success.

If you are eager to attain a green card, the EB-1 visa may be the perfect choice for you. Our EB-1 Visa attorney can effectively help you to present all necessary evidence for your application, positioning you for a better likelihood of success. We know what it takes to build a robust case under the current political climate.

Our EB-1 lawyers want to see you succeed. We can assess your unique situation and determine whether the EB-1 route is right for you. We only agree to take on clients that we feel have a potentially viable claim and would value the type of collaborative working relationship that we develop with our clients. When you retain our firm, our EB-1 Visa attorneys are communicative and responsive so that you are aware of the status of your application and the options you have moving forward.

We value your time and take your case seriously. At Hammond Neal Moore, our EB-1 Visa lawyers understand that immigrating is one of the most challenging and complicated experiences you can go through. We are ready to work closely with you in building a case that will increase the odds of success.

Game Immigration Law PC

Game Immigration Law PC is an Oregon based law firm with global reach. We specialize in representing clients in the area of United States Immigration and Naturalization Law. Attorney Rachel Game and her team offer experienced representation to clients from around the world. Our office in downtown Portland, Oregon is close to the Immigration Court and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Our Tacoma, Washington office is just blocks from the Northwest Detention Center.

With over a decade of experience representing clients before the Board of Immigration Appeals (“BIA”), your firm can feel confident hiring me to write your next appeal. As an experienced litigator in immigration court myself, I have first hand knowledge of the issues that can arise during the initial stage of the proceedings.

Our firm represents clients in the following matters:

  • Family based petitions, applications and waivers. I-130 petitions, adjustment of status applications, I-601A provisional waivers, consular processing of immigrant visas worldwide, K-1 fiancee visas, and waivers for prior removal orders.
  • Appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals. Writing briefs and developing winning arguments to overturn negative immigration court decisions.
  • Removal Defense. Defending immigrants who are in removal or deportation proceedings in the Immigration Courts.
    Asylum, and Withholding of Removal. Representing immigrants fleeing persecution in their homeland before U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and the Immigration Court.

Frederic Cann

With more than 34 years as a litigator in Oregon and Washington, Mr. Frederic Cann has the experience to help you resolve your legal disputes. During that time, Mr. Cann has developed particular expertise in the construction industry. The Fubonn Plaza satellite office of Cann Lawyers’ Asian Immigration Service (AIS) handles family based immigration.

Mr. Frederic Cann is an independent lawyer who practices in Oregon and Washington. Since 1978, Mr. Cann has represented owners, general contractors, trade contractors, suppliers, sureties, design professionals, and tradesmen large and small. His 34 years of experience includes litigation, liens, claims, delays, defects, drafting, negotiation, public, private, court and jury trials, arbitrations, mediations, and appeals. If you have questions, please contact Mr. Cann directly or peruse his experience and qualifications.

What is construction law, anyway? To some degree, an understanding of legal remedies more or less unique to the building construction industry, such as mechanic’s or construction liens. But more importantly, construction law is the application of garden variety legal principles – the law of contracts, negligence law, administrative law, labor law, how to collect money, etc. – in the context of the construction industry. What makes a construction lawyer is ‘industry competence’.

Being a construction lawyer in Portland Oregon means: having more than a passing understanding of the basic means and methods, and the ability to quickly come up to speed on the details of any particular dispute; knowing the language and the relationships of the building construction industry; knowing when a problem does or does not have a simple business solution; knowing what can be done quickly and inexpensively about any particular problem; knowing up front whether a problem will be simple or cheap, or not; knowing a lot of the local people in the industry; having been with the industry through its ups and downs over the decades.

Four Corners Law

Four Corners Immigration Law in Portland, Oregon, was founded upon the belief that, with the right guidance, navigating the immigration process doesn’t have to be tedious and stressful. With a combined 20 years of experience, the attorneys at Four Corners guide you through your case from start to finish and make sure that they are available to answer your questions throughout the process.

Whether you are seeking an immigration benefit based on family ties, employment, or you are facing removal proceedings, our attorneys can use their comprehensive knowledge to bring clarity to your case.


  • Removal Defense
    If you are in immigration proceedings, it means that an Immigration Judge is deciding whether you should be allowed to remain in the U.S. An experienced attorney can help you identify your defenses and fight for your rights in Immigration Court.
  • Family Based Immigration
    If you have certain U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident family members, you may be able to apply for a green card through that family member. The process will depend on many factors including how you entered the U.S.
  • Citizenship
    If you have been a lawful permanent resident for five, or in some cases three, years, you may be eligible to apply for citizenship in the U.S. An experienced attorney can help you determine if you meet all of the legal requirements.
  • Fiance(e) Visas
    If you have a fiance(e) who resides abroad, your fiance(e) might be able to come to the U.S. on what is known as a Fiance(e) visa. Once someone enters the U.S. on a fiance(e) visa, you have 90 days to get married. After your marriage, your spouse can immediately apply for a green card.

Doolittle Legal, LLC

Attorney Geoffrey M. Doolittle is a native of Olympia, Washington. He is a graduate of Willamette University College of Law and holds a bachelor’s degree from Gonzaga University. His time spent living and traveling through Mexico, Cuba and Peru influenced his interest in working with migrant communities. During law school he worked in the human rights clinic on affirmative asylum cases under the guidance of Professor Gwynne Skinner.

Prior to becoming a solo practitioner Geoffrey spent four years working as an associate for a private immigration law firm, as well as a contractor for Catholic Charities Immigration Legal Services. His primary focus area is family-based immigration cases, specifically removal defense (deportation) in Portland, OR and Tacoma, WA (detained cases).

Additionally, he has extensive experience in Permanent Resident Applications, U-Visas, Naturalization, Criminal and other Waivers, as well as non-immigrant visas.

Practice Areas:

  • Adjustment of Status
  • Green Card
  • Marriage Based Cases U-Visa
  • T-Visas
  • Detained Court (Tacoma)
  • Non-Detained Court (Portland)
  • Asylum
  • Naturalization
  • VAWA
  • Special Waivers
  • Fiance Visas

Chen & Mu Attorneys at Law

Our firm offers experienced and knowledgeable representation before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services for non-U.S. citizens, their families and their employers. Since our inception, we have handled thousands of immigration cases. Our knowledge of the USCIS, what the USCIS wants and how the USCIS handles cases is grounded in over 10 years of experience in all aspects of immigration.

We have helped non-U.S. citizens obtain approval for cases as simple as visitor visa extensions and as complex as Extraordinary Ability petitions. We have also helped U.S. businesses and universities with hiring non-U.S. employees, as well as handling other matters such as articles of incorporation, real estate transactions, etc.

Our office is located in the center of downtown Portland. Utilizing the most advanced technology in our office systems and law libraries, we are able to provide our clients with the highest level of professional attention. Our clients range from large, medium and small businesses and research institutes to individuals coming from all over the world. Our attorneys are dedicated to the highest order of professional ethics and quality service and have achieved successful results for our clients over the years.

Our firm offers experienced and knowledgeable representation for U.S. employers, non-U.S. citizens and their ­families before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Immigration Courts, Board of Immigration Appeals and federal courts.

Since our inception, we have handled thousands of immigration cases. Our knowledge of USCIS, what USCIS wants and how USCIS handles cases is grounded in over 20 years of experience in all aspects of immigration petitions and applications. We have helped non-U.S. citizens obtain approval for cases as simple as Visitor Visa Extensions and as complex as Extraordinary Ability petitions, H-1B petitions, L-1 petitions and EB-5 investor applications.

Black Helterline LLP

The firm is committed to providing the highest quality legal services to our clients. The firm’s aim is to provide innovative solutions to business problems in a manner that meets the timing, needs, means and business objectives of our clients. Black Helterline’s attorneys strive to maintain the highest standards of ethical practice. Our size allows us to offer clients personal attention, staffing continuity and cost efficiency that may not be available in a larger firm.

A number of Black Helterline’s lawyers are also licensed to practice in the State of Washington and regularly assist clients with business operations in both Oregon and Washington. The firm has an active Pacific Rim practice and has language capabilities in Spanish, Vietnamese, French, Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese.

Our firm traces its origins to June 7, 1898. On that date, George Black, Sr., who was to become a prominent Portland accountant, lawyer, arbiter and businessman in the early 1900s, began practicing law as a sole practitioner after receiving his law degree from the University of Oregon.

In 1901, Mr. Black established George Black & Co., an accounting, insurance and investment firm. In 1916, George’s oldest son, Harvey N. Black, was admitted to the Oregon Bar with a University of Oregon law degree.

After obtaining an additional law degree from Yale University, Harvey joined his father at George Black & Company in 1919 and began practicing law. Subsequently, the law practice was separated from the other businesses and continued under the name of Harvey N. Black Law Offices.

Berman Law Center, P.C.

At Berman Law Center, P.C., we are passionate about helping Oregon families overcome their legal challenges. Whether you are looking for cost-effective divorce options, you need to modify a child custody order or you want to bring your fiancé(e) to the U.S., we can help. Our Portland-based lawyers offer a unique combination of personalized legal counsel coupled with a wealth of experience.

If you are confronted with legal issues that have the potential to impact your family, your finances, your security and your future, it is important for you to explore all of your options and alternatives before making significant decisions, including the decision to retain legal counsel. Our keen focus on legal issues affecting families allows us to provide you with confident advice and efficient, cost-effective legal assistance.

If you decide to retain legal counsel, you should never feel pressured or rushed. Good attorneys believe that representing any client is a privilege, not an entitlement. Take your time to find an attorney who is not only knowledgeable in the law, but also patient and understanding and sensitive to your needs.

Practice Areas:

  • Family Law
    We have in-depth experience with divorce, custody, support, modifications and much more.
  • Immigration
    Let us help you with family-based visas, citizenship proceedings and other immigration matters.

Bailey Immigration

At Bailey Immigration in Portland we are dedicated to practicing solely immigration law. With over 20 years of experience helping thousands of clients before USCIS (Immigration), the Executive Office of Immigration Review (Immigration Court) & the Board of Immigration Appeals, we are intricately familiar with what it takes to get successful results. Diana Bailey is known as Abogada Diana.

Our team of Portland immigration attorneys, paralegals & legal assistants, have passion about immigrant rights, human rights, keeping families together, and successfully obtaining immigration benefits for our clients. We have a diverse team — with team members who have gone through the immigration process themselves or have had family members who have applied for immigration benefits.

Our experienced team in Portland Oregon values getting successful results as quickly as possible. We have the experience & passion to follow through on each case with a high quality of work to get each case approved. If you have ever been a victim of a crime in the USA or if an immediate family member has ever been a victim of crime in the USA, you may qualify for a U visa.

Only certain crimes against you or your immediate family member will qualify you or your family member for this visa. Some examples are domestic violence, sexual abuse, felony assault, kidnapping, unlawful restraint, human trafficking and others.

Our Immigration Legal Services:

  • Family-Based
  • Deportation Waivers
  • U-Visas For Victims Of Crime
  • Courts
  • Asylum/Refugee
  • Citizenship/Naturalization
  • Deportation Defense Attorneys

Advocate Law

Anybody can register a corporation, but when planning your business adventure, don’t you want your roadmap to be clear? You can save thousands down the line by making informed choices now. Work with expert legal advice from the start. As the co-owner of several thriving small businesses, I not only know the law, but I’ve been there.

When you make an agreement, it all seems straightforward, but if anything unexpected happens have you anticipated the legal ramifications? How do you expect the unexpected? That’s what a lawyer is for. Negotiating a good contract does more than safeguard your interests – it preserves your great business relationships down the line.

Uprooting is never an easy thing, but people do crazy things for love. Whether love for a person, job, or culture, moving often has to do with a kind of love. And we all know that love is so much more than a piece of paper. So I’m here to help, not just with the paperwork, but with proper advocacy during changing times.

Whether young or old, rich or not so much, the time comes when you think about your legacy and the people you care about. Estate planning is all about making sure that what you value goes to the right people, not the wrong ones (like the IRS).

For young parents, estate planning is like insurance: planning for the worst but hoping that you never need it. It’s about setting up the future of your children in case something were to happen to you. It’s not just about finances – it’s also about who you trust to raise your children the way you would want them to be raised.

Practice Areas:

  • Naturalization process
  • Work visas
  • Religious visas
  • Family-based immigration