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The 10 Best Personal Injury Lawyers In Atlanta

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Hornsby Law Group

When you are hurt in an accident, it can change your life forever. It can cause serious injury. It can result in death. Insurance companies make money by delaying and denying your claim. Their goal is to pay you as little as possible. Don’t let them. When you are the victim of an auto accident, your life changes. You face expensive medical bills. The emotional trauma alone can lead to serious stress. Birth injuries can alter a child’s quality of life forever.

A life-time of medical treatment. In-home nursing care. Future medical needs. These are just a few of the costs that an experienced Atlanta birth injury lawyer can help you recover. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is unlike any other injury. Even mild brain injuries can leave victims permanently disabled. Other, more serious injuries can lead to death.

Slip and fall accidents happen when you least expect them. They account for more than one million injuries each year. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, act now. Securing evidence early is crucial to winning your slip and fall case.

In Georgia, a wrongful death claim exists when a person dies due to the legal fault of another person. Wrongful death claims involve all types of fatalities, ranging from simple auto accident cases to complicated medical malpractice cases.

Practice Areas:

  • Accident Claims
  • Auto Accidents
  • Birth Injuries
  • Brain Injuries
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Child Injuries
  • Construction Accidents
  • Defamation
  • Defective Products
  • Dog Bites
  • Drunk Driver Accidents
  • Inadequate Security
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Nursing Home Negligence
  • Personal Injuries
  • Slip & Fall Accidents
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Truck Accidents
  • Wrongful Death

Hawkins Spizman Fortas

If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence, a sex crime, drug crime, or any other Georgia felony or misdemeanor, you need a lawyer who knows his way around the courthouse and is intimately familiar with local courtroom procedures. Likewise, if you’ve been injured in an accident, the only way you’ll get top dollar for your claim is if the insurance company knows your lawyer is prepared to go to trial and win a substantial jury verdict.

At Hawkins Spizman, we are trial lawyers serving injury victims and the criminally accused throughout the state of Georgia. We settle and resolve cases every day outside of court, often without having to file a lawsuit or go to trial. But we never back down from a fight, and we never sell you short.

If it’s in your best interests to avoid a trial and resolve your matter some other way, rest assured our team has the skills and determination to get you an outstanding result. On the other hand, if a trial is necessary to get the best outcome, you’ve found the Georgia criminal defense lawyers with the experience and resources to get the job done.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is a misdemeanor offense in most instances. Yet the penalties and consequences of a drunk driving conviction go far beyond just having to pay a fine, as is the case with most misdemeanor crimes. You can lose your driver’s license, you can lose your job, and you can lose your professional license as well.

Practice Areas:

  • Car, Truck and Motorcycle Accidents
  • Bicycle, Pedestrian and Scooter Accidents
  • Uber and Lyft Rideshare Car Accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect
  • Slip and Fall/Premises Liability
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)
  • Spinal Cord Injuries and Paralysis
  • Soft Tissue, Whiplash, Broken Bones and Injury Complications
  • Wrongful Death

Haug Law Group, LLC

Choosing your personal injury attorney after you have been in an accident is not a decision that should be taken lightly. We believe that victims should talk to a variety of personal injury lawyers to ensure they find one that matches their case and personality well. That’s why we offer free initial consultations with our team of qualified personal injury attorneys, no strings attached.

Our team has a diverse and accomplished background, including a trauma nurse consultant with pre-hospital, nursing home, and Emergency Room experience. With this variety of experience, we are confident that we have the knowledge and skills needed to handle your unique case. We have successfully represented clients in many different types of personal injury cases.

If you have been injured in an accident, you are no doubt experiencing physical and emotional distress. Not only do you have to seek medical attention for your injuries, but you also have to deal with troubles such as steep medical bills, lost wages from time out of work, insurance agents incessantly contacting you, and more.

James Haug’s firm has provided reliable representation for recovering individuals who were injured due to someone else’s negligence. As a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta, he strives to get his clients the compensation they deserve. This personal injury attorney firm has won countless verdicts for clients, one of which received more than a million dollars in a medical malpractice case!

Practice Areas:


Greathouse Trial Law

At Greathouse Trial Law, LLC we focus on areas of practice including; Personal Injury, Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Truck Accidents, Bicycle Accidents, DUI Accidents, Premises Liability, Wrongful Death , Medical Malpractice, and Slip and Fall. Regardless of your injury, so long as it was caused by someone acting in a careless or negligent manner, you have the right to take action for compensation.

Being involved in a car accident is a life-changing experience. From expensive medical bills to being forced to buy a new vehicle, it seems like the ordeal will never end. If you weren’t responsible for the accident, the situation is even more upsetting. Not only must you try to rebuild your life, but you must also live with the knowledge that the entire problem could have been avoided which can be absolutely devastating.

Practice Areas:

  • Car Accident
    Being involved in a car accident is a life-changing experience. From expensive medical bills, to being forced to buy a new vehicle, it seems like the ordeal will never end.
  • Bicycle Accident
    When a bicycle accident occurs, the at-fault party’s insurance company immediately investigates the crash to determine fault. Bicycles are treated as vehicles in Atlanta.
  • Wrongful Death
    You might be eligible to collect economic and non-economic damages when you file a wrongful death claim. Collecting damages does not turn back time and bring your loved one back.
  • DUI Accident
    Drivers who hit the road after drinking are a major hazard on Atlanta’s roadways; drunk drivers are directly responsible for over 20% of the fatal crashes in our state.
  • Truck Accident
    All too often, accidents involving a truck are deadly. Trucks are massive, and their size alone can create devastating property loss, injury and death.
  • Premises Liability
    Premises liability accidents occur on both private and public property. Common causes include dog bites, slips and falls, collapsed decks, and falling over objects.
  • Medical Malpractice
    Medical malpractice claims are among the most complicated in the Georgia legal system. The victim must prove that the provider failed to meet the standard of care and that that caused the injury.

Georgia Auto Law

Our personal injury lawyers in Georgia address these questions below so that you can have all the information you need to make a decision about your Georgia personal injury case. If your personal injury case involves a car accident, truck accident, or any other accident, having an experienced personal injury attorney on your side can make the difference between winning maximum compensation and potentially walking away with nothing.

Your personal injury attorney will be able to handle your entire claim and take the stress off your shoulders. Our goal is to fight for you while you focus on getting back on your feet. You are probably wondering how much your personal injury case is worth. There are some key factors: what happened in your accident, how severe your injuries are, the insurance coverage available.

The main thing that increases your case value is how much the plaintiff could get in damages at trial. It is hard to give an exact potential value because these factors can vary a lot from case to case. However, an experienced personal injury lawyer should be able to give you an estimated value after investigating the case.

The lawyer will look at your medical records, police reports, witness statements, and all other evidence. This information can provide an overall picture of how much compensation you can get from a personal injury lawsuit. Personal injuries lawyers like Georgia Auto Law do not have hourly rates or any fees up front, ever. We work on a “contingency fee” which means that we only get paid if we win your case. Our fee comes from the money we recover for you and never out of your own pocket.

Practice Areas:

  • Car Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Wrongful Death

Dressie Law Firm

If you have been injured by an individual or entity, either intentionally or negligently, you are entitled to bring a claim against the at-fault party for financial compensation. The injury you have suffered can be physical, mental or emotional. The Dressie Law Firm has years of experience with various personal injury claims and will work with tenacity and speed to help you get compensated for your injuries.

Practice Areas:

  • Car Accidents
    Being injured due to the carelessness, recklessness or drunkenness of another driver is hugely frustrating. You didn’t do anything wrong but now you’re saddled with medical bills, forced to find a new car and may have missed work due to your injuries.
  • Truck Accidents
    Commercial truck accidents are incredibly dangerous and often result in injuries for the passengers in the smaller vehicle. Trucks are heavy vehicles, which is why passenger cars tend to suffer severe damage when involved in accidents with commercial trucks.
  • Wrongful Death
    Losing a loved one is always painful. Knowing their death was preventable if people had not acted negligently makes the death even harder to bear. Wrongful death claims are similar to personal injury claims but with some additional potential damages.
  • Medical Malpractice
    There are many situations where a medical mistake rises to the level where a medical malpractice lawsuit is appropriate, but there are high burdens placed on the medical malpractice attorneys and plaintiffs who file these cases.
  • Motorcycle Accidents
    Being a biker is a mixed bag – it’s fun, efficient and affordable, but it can also be more dangerous than other modes of vehicular transportation. Motorcyclists are the most vulnerable motorists on the roads due to the inherent lack of safety features present in most cars and trucks.
  • Workers’ Compensation
    In Georgia, any business with three or more employees is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. These benefits are robust, and should pay for any treatments, rehabilitation and even retraining that may be necessary due to your injury.

Council & Associates, LLC Attorneys At Law

Auto accidents are the cause of many injuries and deaths throughout the state of Georgia. Statistics show that Georgia is among the states leading the country in serious auto and truck accidents with more than 300,000 car, truck and motorcycle accidents reported last year. In most accidents, at least one negligent driver is usually at fault.

Death is never an easy burden to bear, especially when it falls on the doorstep of someone held dear. You never begin a day expecting to have to suddenly plan the funeral of a loved one. In addition, you never expect to think that their death could have been prevented.

However, in many instances, this is the all too unfortunate case due to the negligent or otherwise intentional actions of others. Commuters traveling U.S. Route 19 or Georgia Highway 300 in Albany or braving I-285, I-85, I-75 or I-20 in Atlanta witness accidents involving 18-wheelers almost daily.

Our Practice Areas:

If you have been injured due to another person’s negligence in Georgia, you deserve to have an experienced team of personal injury lawyers fighting on your behalf.

  • Auto Accidents
    Statistics show that Georgia is among the states leading the country in serious auto and truck accidents.
  • Truck Accidents
    Trucking wrecks are believed to cause more serious injuries and wrongful deaths than automobile accidents.
  • Motorcycle Accidents
    Motorcycle accidents occur frequently on roads and highways and often lead to serious injuries or death.
  • Child Injury​
    Children are more vulnerable to injuries than adults and any damage sustained can be greater in severity.
  • Negligent Security​
    Have you suffered injuries or material damage on someone else’s property, due to a robbery or assault?
  • Wrongful Death​
    If you lost a loved one by another person’s negligent behavior, you deserve justice. don’t hesitate any longer!

Butler Law Firm

If you want a law firm to take your personal injury case, assign it a number, then settle it cheap and fast with minimal effort by any actual lawyer, then you have dozens of law firms to choose from. You can find them on billboards throughout Georgia and the city of Atlanta. But don’t hire us.

If you want individual attention and hard work to maximize the value of your case, let’s talk. We believe in doing real work on real personal injury cases. Our firm takes a relatively small number of cases so that we can fight hard for the clients we represent.

If we’re unable to take your case, we can almost always suggest another firm that can. You won’t see us on billboards or television commercials. That’s not who we are. Rather than taking lots of cases and settling them for less than our client deserves — as many advertising law firms do — we take fewer cases and focus on obtaining the best possible result for each client.

We do the hard work that other lawyers skip — we dig into the facts, talk with witnesses, track down key evidence, pursue new avenues of recovery, and form a strategic plan for every case. Often, defendants and insurance companies try to settle with our clients. When they don’t offer what they should, we take the case to a jury. We know how to win and have obtained jury verdicts of up to $150 million.

Practice Areas:

  • Truck Accidents
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents In Atlanta
  • Sexual Assault & Rape
  • Wrongful Death
  • Jeep Fires & Explosions
  • Crime Victims
  • Shootings
  • Drunk Driving Accidents
  • Dangerous Products
  • Uber & Lyft
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Boating Accidents
  • Personal Injury
  • Bicycle Accidents

Bendall Mednick Attorneys at Law

When you have suffered serious injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident, medical negligence, a construction accident or any other cause, you can rely on the attorneys at Bendall & Mednick to fight for the fair compensation that you are legally entitled to. Our law firm is headquartered in Schenectady, NY. We serve clients throughout the Capital District and Upstate New York.

We also have an additional office in Atlanta, GA and represent clients in other states on a case-by-case basis. Bendall & Mednick is a small law firm but we are accustomed to working on big cases. Our attorneys and staff seek to maximize your recovery by employing modern and sophisticated legal methods alongside old-fashioned hard work, dedication and personal attention.

We work diligently to get results for our clients, one case at a time. Justice has never been one-size-fits-all, and no client should ever be made to feel that way. For years, we have been a firm that other lawyers have relied on when it comes to making case referrals. The trust that our clients and others in the legal community place in us has been earned through our decades of legal experience with personal injury cases.

Our attorneys have received many accolades over the years. James W. Bendall and Kevin S. Mednick have both been selected for inclusion in New York Super Lawyers – Upstate Edition for since 2009 and James W. Bendall has been listed as a Best Lawyer* for the past several years since 1997. Our firm handles all personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. This means you pay NO legal fees unless you recover compensation.

Practice Areas:

  • Boating accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Nursing home abuse and negligence
  • Premises liability
  • Products liability
  • Truck accidents
  • Back injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Burn injuries
  • Injuries to minors and children
  • Wrongful death

The Gumprecht Law Firm

The Gumprecht Law Firm is a Georgia personal injury firm representing victims who have been injured in every county across North Georgia and the entire state. We know you have one chance to obtain a fair outcome in your case, and take that burden very seriously.

We’re committed to securing maximum compensation through personal attention. The firm’s founder, Michael Gumprecht, is an award-winning attorney dedicated to helping clients achieve maximum recovery in serious personal injury cases. You can’t go a single day without seeing an over-dramatic injury lawyer commercial on TV or one of their cheesy billboards on the side of the highway.

The sad reality is, some lawyers are more focused on their own ego than your potentially life-altering decision as to which lawyer you will choose to represent your best interests after the injury you have suffered. Worse yet, many older lawyers rely on the “experience” argument to cover for their burnout, when they’d rather be planning their next vacation than aggressively pursuing the best possible outcome for your case.

You might be impressed when they mention a million dollar outcome on a case, when that same case may have easily been pursued for twice as much. Living in an era of tremendous digital evidence and meta-data, why trust your case to an unmotivated attorney, or an attorney unfamiliar with digital evidence and modern technology?

The Gumprecht Law Firm is different. We take the time to thoroughly document all of the ways in which your injury or loss has affected your life. We care about these details because they make all the difference when pursuing a fair settlement or verdict.