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The 10 Best Personal Injury Lawyers In Fort Worth

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Fulgham Hampton Law Group

Accidents. Disputes with employers or insurance companies. These are things that no one expects. They can come out of the blue and throw a huge monkey wrench into your regular life, making it hard to move forward. If you find yourself in a situation like this, you need to fight back to protect your rights, your future, and your family… but you have to be careful about how you do it.

Trying to handle things on your own is usually not a good idea. The law is complex and confusing. Sometimes even a single misstep can ruin your chances at receiving a positive outcome.

You need an attorney. Not just any attorney, though. You need a lawyer who understands the ins and outs of your particular legal situation and has a track record of success handling those types of cases. Who understands not only the applicable laws, but knows the lay of the land in your area. Someone who may even have relationships with some of the parties involved in your dispute.

Personal Injury Cases We Handle:

  • Car Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Drunk Driving Accidents
  • Catastrophic Injury
  • Explosions
  • Bus Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Uber / Lyft Accidents

Canas & Flores Attorneys/Abogados

At Canas & Flores, we provide honest answers, aggressive representation, and sound legal strategies to clients in and around Fort Worth, Texas. With 50 years of combined experience in helping people with their legal matters, we treat your case with the individual attention that it deserves, taking the time to answer all your questions and address all your concerns.

As such, we can communicate effectively with our Spanish- and English-speaking clients, as well as with attorneys, insurance adjusters, law enforcement officers, witnesses, and others who may be important in helping us build your case. Even more importantly, it means that we understand who you are and where you come from. At Cañas & Flores, we are passionate about getting you the best possible outcome.

Practice Areas:

  • Personal Injury
    If you have been injured in a car accident, as the result of using a defective product, after falling down poorly maintained stairs in a building, or in any other way due to the negligence of another person or party.
  • Family Law
    Family law issues are usually very emotional matters that can lead to stalemates and battles between the opposing parties. In such cases, extended and antagonistic courtroom cases can ensue whereby you lose control over the outcome.
  • Criminal Defense
    DWI (driving while intoxicated), DUI (driving under the influence), theft, fraud, assault, narcotics possession or sales—if you’ve been charged with or arrested for a misdemeanor or felony crime, you are entitled to legal representation.

BrantleyPelley, PLLC

If you have been injured as a result of another our firm is prepared to take as much of the burden off of you and your family as possible. We will help you manage every aspect of this uphill battle from day one. We handle cases that arise out of automobile injuries, trucking injuries, motorcycle injuries, construction site injuries, brain and spine injuries, defective product injuries, oil and gas injuries and wrongful death.

Brantley and Pelley will be you and your families strongest advocates and will fight to ensure that you receive the compensation that is owed. Rickey Brantley is certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization as a specialist in Personal Injury Trial Law. Your case will be reviewed on its merits and individual attention is given to each injury or death case accepted. There is no charge for the consultation and evaluation of the matter.

The firm and its attorneys have been successful in helping individuals and businesses obtain justice for over 40 years. Our successful record is evident both in the compensation awarded to our clients as well as the recognition received from the legal community.

The firm and its attorneys have been awarded, Top 100 Texas Super Lawyers, Texas Super Lawyers, Top 100 Dallas/Fort Worth Texas Super Lawyers, American Board of Trial Advocates, American College of Trial Lawyers, Best Lawyers in America, Texas Super Lawyers Rising Star and Best Law Firms in America.

Boyd Powers Williamson

Boyd, Powers & Williamson is a hometown law firm that represents the little guy—or in some cases, the big guy—anyone who is fighting against injustice, unfairness, or legal threat.

Derrick Boyd, Alan Powers and Allen Williamson worked together at another firm for ten years before branching out to start Boyd, Powers & Williamson in 2016. The founders were friends and colleagues who ultimately realized they could be better together. After a handshake deal, they rented an office on State Street and set up shop with a small team of attorneys and legal assistants.

Their first client was a Wise-county local who wanted lawyers that understood Decatur and the needs of its citizens. By the next year, the firm had grown enough to add new lawyers to keep up with the growing legal needs of North Texans.

Today, BPW is a full-service law firm with seven attorneys and a staff of 14. We serve clients in everything from Serious Personal Injury to Business Litigation and most every legal service in between. As we continued to grow, we opened sister offices in Ft. Worth and Hobbs, New Mexico; this expansion allows us to serve the serious personal injury and oil-and-gas clients who have been with us since the beginning while also bringing broader expertise and resources to clients across the Southwest.

Borchardt Law Firm PLLC

Welcome to Borchardt Law Firm, a personal injury and a commercial litigation law firm representing individuals and businesses who have been injured by others. We represent people. Our law firm has a well-earned reputation for providing aggressive, high quality representation. Borchardt Law Firm has enjoyed great success over the years in areas such as Commercial Litigation, Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home Abuse, Construction Accidents and Trucking Accidents.

Our Fort Worth personal injury and commercial litigation lawyer is committed to working aggressively and tirelessly, seeking the most favorable outcome for each client. Borchardt Law Firm has focused its practice on the representation of plaintiffs involved in both traditional personal injury and wrongful death litigation involving medical malpractice, aviation, nursing home abuse, trucking and construction accidents.

Borchardt Law Firm also represents individual and businesses and commercial litigation matters. Lawsuits are difficult and everyone’s needs are different, but in each case, we are guided by a sense of integrity, a compassion for our client’s loss, and a passion for the best solution possible.

Motorcycle accidents can result in very serious injuries. Studies show that motorcycle riders are 26 times more likely to die in a crash than are motorists in cars and trucks. If a motorcycle rider is not wearing a motorcyle helmet at the time of an accident, the likelihood of a fatality is even greater.

Berenson Injury Law

Attorney Bill Berenson has 40 years experience handling injury claims and assisting accident victims recover compensation for serious injuries. He is Board Certified in personal injury law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He co-authored The Insurance Settlement Hand Book (1991), and has authored other legal articles on motor vehicle accidents and automobile injury trials.

Mr. Berenson has also taught motor vehicle accident law and trial procedure to attorneys and other legal professionals throughout Texas. Our experience and knowledge mean we understand how to properly value a case, which is important in evaluating settlement offers, and advising clients whether to accept an insurance settlement or proceed to trial.

We understand this may be your first encounter with the legal system, and we will take the time to listen to your situation and your concerns. We will take the time to explain the legal process and your options. Our advice is based on 40 years of experience. We will help you with all your issues, including negotiating with your medical providers and making payment arrangements so you can focus on your recovery and your family.

Barrow Law

After experiencing a serious car accident, personal injury or a family member’s wrongful death, we are here to help you through the aftermath. At Barrow Law PLLC we stand with Texas clients during the most difficult moments of their lives.

Although the emotional and physical pain that you may feel cannot be expressed in a dollar amount, our team understands that compensation still plays a big role in achieving justice. We work to hold the other party responsible for your losses. Our lead attorney, Wade Barrow, dedicates his efforts to securing funds for your medical expenses, lost income or career opportunities, funeral costs, legal fees and more.

You and your situation are unique; why should your lawyer regard your case like any other client’s case? We believe that no law firm should treat your case as if it were another product on a conveyor belt.

Barrow Law PLLC approaches each case with a fresh perspective. We focus on the special factors of your situation, and we prioritize the outcomes that you seek.

Our team will take the necessary steps to support you. When it might help you reach success, we are ready to exercise your 7th Amendment right to a jury trial. Mr. Barrow can build a comprehensive strategy to show how another party’s actions contributed to your losses. We can also represent you in settlement negotiation or dispute resolution outside of court.

Anderson Injury Lawyers

Here at Anderson Injury Lawyers, we understand how seriously a car accident, truck accident, or any type of accident can impact your health, your finances, and your life. When you hire our Fort Worth personal injury law firm, you’re hiring a dedicated team of professionals who know the ins and outs of the Texas court system, the nuances of each insurance company, and the proven tactics it takes to win your personal injury case.

We handle everything on your behalf, working tirelessly so that you can focus on what’s most important: recovering. We know you have questions, and our Fort Worth personal injury lawyers have answers. We’re happy to discuss the details of your personal injury case in person or over the phone.

Practice Areas:

    Due to their size and weight, trucks can cause serious damage to smaller vehicles, and the resulting injuries can be catastrophic, even fatal.
    Fort Worth is home to several major roads and highways, including Texas State Highway 114, U.S. Route 287, Interstate 20, Foch Street, Western Center Boulevard, and Henderson Street.
    Motorcycles are much smaller than cars and trucks, so a rider’s risk for injury is increased whenever they drive down Texas State Highway 183, Interstate 30, and other roadways.
    No one thinks a vicious dog attack will happen to them – until it does. If you or a loved one suffered a dog bite or animal attack, you have the right to seek compensation for your losses, as long as the attack was not provoked.

Anderson Cummings

If you are injured because of someone else’s negligence, the law says that you should be compensated. But the law sets up a lot of roadblocks between you and that compensation – defenses, time limitations, court requirements, limits on the types of damages recoverable, to name just a few.

If you or a loved one has been injured, it is important to explore all of your legal options. You may be entitled to financial recovery. Though money alone will not undo the harm you have suffered, it can pave the way to a smoother recovery. You will pay no attorneys’ fees unless we obtain compensation for you.

If you have been injured in an accident that was caused by the negligence of another individual, a personal injury lawyer can help to determine if you have a case and are eligible to pursue financial compensation. The Fort Worth personal injury lawyers at Anderson Cummings have more than six decades of combined experience and have recovered more than $100 million in financial compensation for our clients. Our primary goal is to pursue the maximum amount of compensation for each client that we represent.

After an accident, many victims find themselves confused as to how they may proceed to filing a personal injury claim to recover compensation for their injuries and losses. Although some people try to handle the claims process themselves, there are many benefits to hiring an attorney to assist you during this time:

  • Focusing on Your Recovery
  • Investigating Your Personal Injury Claim
  • Negotiating with Insurance Companies

Allbee Law Firm

We provide FREE consultations to all personal injury victims. We can discuss your case on the phone or in person. Regardless of which option you choose, the consultation will help you know what your legal options are. We will help you find medical providers who will treat your injuries and wait to be paid until your personal injury case is resolved through settlement or a jury verdict.

This will allow you to start recovering without stressing about the financial side of things. We will set up your insurance claim for you. This eliminates the possibility of you accidentally saying something that will harm your case. We will handle all communication, related to your injuries, with the insurance company so you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

You should hire an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Insurance companies use strategies that are intended to lower the value of your personal injury case. You will be at a huge disadvantage if you try to handle your personal injury case on your own.

We set up all claims for our clients so they don’t have to waste their time setting up claims and risk saying something that hurts their case. In most situations, we’re able to help a client start receiving therapy the same day they hire us. There’s no need to prolong your pain and discomfort.