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The 10 Best Personal Injury Lawyers In Raleigh

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Richard Hunter Law

Over the past quarter-century, attorney Richard S. (Rick) Hunter, Jr. has handled virtually every type of personal injury case and numerous wrongful death cases. Our law office has contacts in many critical areas of knowledge necessary to analyze events, prove liability, and demonstrate the full extent and costs of your injuries.

Wrongful death cases are heart-wrenching and emotionally challenging in every way, whether they involve an accidental death due to negligence or someone’s willful, illegal act. We empathize with the grief, anger and sense of injustice you may feel. Our professional commitment is to spend as much time as necessary meeting with you and your family, looking at all angles of your case and helping you obtain maximum compensation under the law.

Life and culture have changed a lot in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area in recent decades. With economic progress comes more car accidents and greater potential for legal disputes. When injuries occur, it is critical to pursue every avenue of recovering money to pay your medical expenses, recover lost wages and gain other compensation to which you are entitled.

Recreation on the waters is a popular pursuit in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area, where we are blessed with numerous beautiful lakes and easy access to the ocean, sounds and beaches. Unfortunately, serious accidents occur on the waters just as they do on our roadways.

Practice Areas:

  • Personal Injury
  • Wrongful Death
  • Motor Vehicle Collisions
  • Tractor Trailer / Trucking Accidents
  • Professional Negligence / Products Liability
  • Boating Accidents
  • Premises Liability
  • Dog Bites

Mullen Law, P.A.

Mullen Law, P.A. is a North Carolina personal injury law and workers’ compensation law firm whose only commitment is to the injured client and their family. As a client of Mullen Law, P.A. you’ll speak and work directly with me about your case. I take a personal interest in my clients and their well being and value the trust they have placed in me to secure the best possible outcome of their case.

We represent people who have been injured on the job and through the negligence of others. Mullen Law does not charge an attorney fee unless you recover money from a settlement or a jury award. We work hard for you to ensure your rights are not compromised and you are compensated adequately for your injuries.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident in North Carolina it is essential you speak with a qualified and experienced local personal injury attorney. We will evaluate the facts of your case and explain the best steps to take to ensure you receive full and fair compensation for your injuries.

We have represented hundred of clients and their families in North Carolina over the past two decades to help them recover compensation for injuries suffered in auto accidents, slips and falls, animal attacks, through medical malpractice and on the job accidents.

Primary Practice Areas:

  • Personal Injury Law
  • Workers’ Compensation Law
  • Auto Accident Cases
  • Medical Malpractice Law
  • Childcare Injury Cases
  • Wrongful Death Cases
  • Nursing Home Negligence
  • Animal Attack Cases
  • Slip and Fall Injury Cases

Miller Law Group

We give your case the personal attention it deserves, while keeping your well-being at the forefront of everything that we do. True to our North Carolina roots, we put the same vigor and dedication into each case we take. Instead of resting on our laurels, we continually seek out new challenges and ways to help our clients overcome adversity and achieve success. Miller Law Group proudly serves clients with exceptional skill, service, and pride. Let our team of experts partner with you and take on your case.

Our firm is made up of nationally recognized attorneys with expertise across several practice areas and a dedication to excellent client service. Raleigh is more than the place that we work, this is our home. We pride ourselves in being able to volunteer our time and resources.

A car accident, workplace accident or other type of accident can have a devastating impact on your life. While your main focus has to be on your health, financial issues can make this hard to do. Insurance companies can make your life even harder by trying to offer you a settlement that does not cover all of your expenses.

When you have a skilled attorney who is prepared to fight for you, it can make a real difference. At Miller Law Group, PLLC, we are guided by the principle of attaining justice for people who have been wronged in their personal or professional lives.


  • Personal Injury
  • Wrongful Death
  • Whistleblower
  • Employment Law
  • Business Litigation
  • Consumer Fraud
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Securities Fraud & Broker Misconduct
  • Nursing Home Negligence
  • Condemnation and Eminent Domain

Maurer Law

Thousands of motor vehicle collisions and other avoidable accidents happen in North Carolina each year, causing injuries that result in financial burdens and emotional trauma to the accident victims. At Maurer Law, we are committed to serving people who need help in seeking the compensation that they deserve following an accident.

Our founder, Michael Maurer, is a former insurance company attorney who once defended the same types of cases he now handles for his clients. His insider knowledge in how insurance companies defend personal injury claims is invaluable to those he serves.

Because of this experience, Mr. Maurer is able to see things from both sides which allows him to develop the best case strategies for his clients. In doing so, he works to anticipate and defeat the other side’s defense with the goal of obtaining the best possible outcomes for his clients.

Mr. Maurer also has unique insight into the inner workings of insurance claims departments. He knows who the real decisionmakers are and how to navigate through layers of bureaucracy to get their attention in certain cases—always being mindful of the client’s best interests and any potential downsides to this approach.

Knowing the opponent’s playbook is also important because we know what types of information the insurance adjusters need to convince their superiors that a personal injury claim may well have more value than they initially assigned.

At Maurer Law, our goal is to provide outstanding legal representation to each of our clients and to handle their case as if it were our own.

We treat all clients with empathy and respect and we always provide the personal attention that they expect and deserve. You can explore past client reviews to get a sense of who we are and how we treat those who put their trust in us after a serious injury or the death of a loved one. Our reviews tell our story better than we ever could.

Maginnis Law

Raleigh-based civil litigation law firm representing clients in consumer class actions, personal injury, business litigation, and employment law/wage disputes. If you feel like you need committed, reliable trial lawyers to assist you with your case, we may be what you are looking for. We do not deal with traffic tickets, or handle real estate closings. We advocate for our clients’ rights in the Courtrooms of North Carolina and, for class actions, all over the country.

Whether it’s suing an insurance company that has wrongfully denied responsibility for a serious injury, protecting individuals from systematic failures by large corporations, fighting for the rights of an employee that has been denied wages or commissions, protecting individuals from unlawful actions by creditors, or assisting North Carolina businesses, we’ll help guide you through the uncertainties and complexities of civil litigation.

If you have been injured because of another person’s negligence, you are entitled to fair compensation, including damages for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Our personal injury litigation attorneys are experienced in handling civil claims against insurance companies and business owners.

Do you want lawyers who are willing to fight rather than settling for whatever they offer you? Our firm takes an aggressive approach litigating every personal injury case as though it will go to trial. We only recommend settlement if an appropriate and fair offer is made.



Law Offices of John Eluwa, PLLC

Law Offices of John Eluwa, PLLC has successfully represented clients from numerous countries with immigration and criminal law issues for over a quarter of a century (25 years). Need help with your business, family-based, removal and deportation matters? Call an Experienced Team and speak to them in English and Español. We understand how criminal charges and other matters can have a negative impact on your future.

Our primary goal is to effectively represent our clients in achieving their desired result. It is difficult to predict how a personal injury accident will affect your quality of life. Hiring the right team to guide you is a challenging process. Law Offices of John Eluwa, PLLC is here to help you and protect your rights and to obtain adequate compensation for you.

The Supreme Court decision of Padilla v. Kentucky, holds that every noncitizen defendant in the United States is constitutionally entitled to be advised of the immigration consequences of conviction of crime. Law Offices of John Eluwa, PLLC provides consultation on the immigration consequences of conviction of crime, assists criminal defense attorneys in advising and defending clients in State District and Superior Courts.

Assistance is also provided to immigration attorneys in representing their noncitizen clients who may be eligible for post conviction relief necessary for immigration benefits, (e.g., Greencard, Naturalization, Other Visa Applications); also noncitizens facing Deportation / Removal Proceedings that may be seeking Relief in Immigration Court (e.g., Asylum, Cancellation of Removal, Adjustment of Status, Prosecutorial Discretion, DACA, Voluntary Departure, etc.).

Hendren Redwine & Malone PLLC Attorneys at Law

A serious accident or financial crisis can transform your life. After a car, truck, motorcycle or bicycle accident, a victim may have significant medical bills and lost wages while at the same time suffering through the pain and disability of the injuries. Dealing with these economic losses can make dealing with an aggressive insurance company very stressful.

Our experienced North Carolina bankruptcy attorneys also know how to deal with aggressive creditors and we have helped dozens of individuals and small businesses navigate through serious debt issues including the filing of bankruptcy when necessary. At Hendren Redwine & Malone, our personal injury lawyers and bankruptcy attorneys have the experience to help you and your family through difficult times.

Our personal injury lawyers have recovered over $50,000,000.00 for our clients. Helping North Carolina personal injury victims is an important part of what we do. Our Raleigh car accident lawyers have helped hundreds of North Carolina car accident victims across our great state.

A car accident can change your life dramatically. After a car accident in which you suffer serious injuries, you may still be in the hospital when you get a phone call from the insurance adjuster for the other driver. The legal team at Hendren Redwine & Malone, PLLC is a small boutique law firm based in Raleigh but with a big footprint all across North Carolina.

The lawyers at Hendren Redwine & Malone know that having legal issues is very stressful. Whether your case involves a serious injury, an insurance claim, or a significant debt-related issue, the law can be very complicated. When a client has questions about a case, we know there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to speak with your lawyer.

Edelstein & Payne

Edelstein & Payne is a small firm that is committed to a big concept: justice for the workers of North Carolina. We emphasize representation criminal defense and personal injury cases. For over thirty years the attorneys at Edelstein & Payne represented workers against the companies they work for, the people whose negligence caused them injury, and the insurance companies who delay and deny legitimate claims in favor of their own bottom line.

Our current practice is mostly limited to criminal defense and personal injury cases. Since 1982, the attorneys at E&P effectively advocated for the rights of good workers to the fruit of their labor. Firm attorneys have consistently ranked among “Best Lawyers,” “Superlawyers,” and “Legal Elite,” and have been recognized for outstanding community contributions.

Our primary areas of practice are Criminal Defense and Personal Injury. We also occasionally counsel and represent employees regarding workplace issues such as unpaid wages and overtime, and North Carolina state employees in “just cause” proceedings. Our practice continues to be limited to representation of individuals.

Attorneys for Edelstein and Payne have been lead counsel on many precedent setting cases, and strive to be the industry standard in client service. Our attorneys oversee every aspect of cases we accept, and we pride ourselves in keeping our clients informed about everything we do. We believe keeping our clients fully informed empowers them to make the tough decisions such as whether to accept a settlement offer.

We communicate directly with our clients, frequently engaging in teleconferences or face to face meetings, ensuring that we are all on the same page. For more information about our various areas of emphasis in our law practice, click on the relevant links on the right side bar.

Coolidge Law Firm

The moment that handcuffs click shut behind you in Wake County, your life is in a delicate balance. It is possible that you may face criminal charges and even a criminal conviction. You may be bogged down with legal consequences such as steep fines, incarceration, and a lifelong criminal record.

However, you may make the choice to obtain trusted legal representation. A skilled attorney can file motions, suppress evidence, and clarify your legal options. One simple choice may lead to reduced or dismissed criminal charges.

Your choices now will determine the outcome. Do not take any criminal charges lightly. The best choice you can make is to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney dedicated to defending your freedom and who knows the prosecutors, judges, and court procedures in Wake County.

The attorneys at Coolidge Law Firm are skilled at representing those accused of crimes before Wake County courts. We are experienced in handling all sorts of charges, ranging from a simple speeding violation to murder charges. Allegations can have a large impact on your life. Our team of attorneys understands this, and will not back down to any challenge. Contact an attorney at Coolidge Law Firm today.

At Coolidge Law Firm, we use our broad range of experience and skills to defend your rights and your freedom. Whether your case calls for negotiating with prosecutors for reduced charges, advocating for your participation in a diversion program, challenging evidence so that your charges are dropped, or arguing to a jury for your acquittal, we will zealously represent your rights throughout the criminal process.

Cardinal Law Partners

We are passionate about providing excellent representation for our clients. Therefore, If you have suffered a personal injury, it is important to understand benefits you may be entitled to receive. All of our attorneys are North Carolina Board Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialists and will help you understand your rights.

Employees are injured at work for various reasons. The physical injuries employees incur are made worse when workers’ compensation insurance companies immediately look for ways to save money rather than move quickly to get the injured worker medical treatment and the benefits they deserve.

Cardinal Law Partners fights to help injured workers and have spent 50+ years representing injured workers get the benefits they deserve. We are passionate about providing excellent representation for our clients. Therefore, If you have suffered personal injury, it is important to understand benefits you may be entitled to receive.

Practice Areas:

  • Personal Injury Law
    Incurring an injury due to the negligence of others can be an absolutely devastating time in your life.
  • Social Security Disability
    When most people hear “Social Security” they think about Social Security Retirement benefits.
  • Workers’ Compensation
    North Carolina Workers’ Compensation laws apply to employers with three or more employees (with a few exceptions).