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The 10 Best Personal Injury Lawyers In Wichita

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Riedmiller, Andersen & Scott LLC

Personal Injury cases are compensation for a bodily injury you suffered because of someone else’s negligence. Physical injuries to your body can arise from being involved in an automobile accident, a railroad accident, airline or other common carrier accident, a construction or other workplace accident, being injured because of a dangerous or otherwise unsafe product and other injury-causing situations.

Personal injuries can be both physical and they can be psychological. Psychological injuries are often associated with life-threatening and/or disfiguring physical injuries, or result from witnessing trauma in others, or following personal escape from serious injury following a traumatic event. Kansas law generally requires a physical injury to also be able to seek compensation for a psychological injury.

Our mission at the Law Office of Riedmiller, Andersen & Scott, LLC is to help you proceed in these cases so you collect the best possible award. If you are involved in an auto collision because of the fault of another person, you have certain basic legal rights. You have every reason to expect things to be made right. You should not feel embarrassed or ashamed to expect such an outcome.

Under the law, an injured individual has a right to be made whole to the fullest extent possible. As attorneys, it always amazes us how many “traps” people injured in an auto accident fall into — traps designed to hurt their chances of receiving a fair accident settlement.

We hope to educate the public and help them steer clear of those traps and show them how to avoid making mistakes that will hurt their chances of receiving fair compensation for the pain, suffering and inconvenience they’ve had to endure.

Patterson Legal Group LC

Patterson Legal Group is a personal injury law firm that helps injury victims pursue their legal rights. We are not afraid to take on large insurance companies to hold people accountable who have injured our clients. Our firm’s entire focus is on helping people suffering from personal injury or disability.

Our lawyers are champions of consumer rights with a strong track record, representing Kansans for over 25 years. While legally we can’t say we are the “best personal injury lawyers in Wichita” or the “best car wreck lawyers in Topeka” our results and testimonials speak for themselves.

Injury victims only get one shot at a fair settlement or verdict. Every day we hear from injured people who make mistakes that lower the value of their claims. We encourage people to download and read our free E-book. Dealing with paperwork, insurance claims, adjusters, governmental regulations and the legal system gets complex very quick. A single mistake can cheat you out of the money you deserve for your injuries.

If you were injured in an accident, you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries. While you focus on getting your life back to normal, our team of experienced trial attorneys work hard to help you obtain a financial recovery. The best way to determine whether you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries is to speak directly with an attorney.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Auto Accidents
  • Medical Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Railroad Accidents
  • Semi-truck Accidents
  • Slip-and-fall Accidents
  • Work-related Accidents
  • Wrongful Death

Martin Pringle

Martin Pringle is a regional law firm with offices in Wichita, El Dorado and Overland Park, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri. Formed in Wichita in 1951, the firm has grown to more than 40 attorneys with expertise in a wide range of litigation and transactional practices. Martin Pringle performs legal services for a diverse group of clients with business clients ranging from large publicly traded companies to sole proprietorships, as well as individuals with varied legal needs.

Our primary objective is to deliver nothing less than the highest quality work product. We recognize that legal services should be cost-effective and focused on the client’s objectives, whether the business goals of a company, or the financial or personal needs of an individual. Our firm history dates back to the late 1940s at the University of Colorado School of Law where Robert Martin and Kenneth Pringle were first introduced.

After law school, Mr. Martin returned to Wichita and associated with a group of oil and gas attorneys, while Mr. Pringle joined his father, back in Wichita, in a practice specializing in oil and gas law. Intermittently their paths would cross and when both were appointed to handle a case in Greenwood County, Mr. Martin and Mr. Pringle finally had the opportunity to work together.

On a rainy morning in the spring of 1951, Mr. Martin and Mr. Pringle drove to Eureka, Kansas, to try the case. They hit a slick spot and their car went off the road into a ditch and through a fence. After the case, the drive back to Wichita was slow, due to a bent wheel, and allowed time for some reflection. Mr. Pringle had concerns about the future of his career and his father’s practice. Mr. Martin encouraged them to join his practice – Martin Pringle was born.

Our Practice Areas:


Mann, Wyatt & Rice

At Mann, Wyatt & Tanksley Injury Attorneys, we know how much a serious accident can impact your life. It takes time to recover from devastating injuries. It also takes an experienced attorney who is dedicated to fighting for you every step of the way. Unlike many personal injury firms, we limit the number of cases that we take on so that we can diligently serve each client.

We understand that it’s about more than just a monetary recovery. It’s about justice, quality of life, respect, and emotional recovery. We are committed to getting your life back on track in every way. With more than 50 combined years of trial and litigation experience, we are one of the Midwest’s most qualified firms practicing exclusively in personal injury law, including car accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death, and workers’ compensation.

Our attorneys take on the toughest cases, working with accident victims who are coping with catastrophic injuries that leave a lasting impact on their lives. If you need a highly experienced personal injury lawyer to review your case, please reach out to our firm today. The consultation is free.

Have you been seriously hurt in an accident that was caused by someone else? Are you facing expensive medical bills, missing time from work, and dealing with pain that affects your everyday life? If so, you need to learn about your legal right to compensation. You and your family should not be forced to pay for someone else’s mistake.

Practice Areas:


Dugan Giroux Attorneys at Law

The personal injury attorneys of Lee, Gurney & Hess are dedicated to helping injured victims reclaim their lives after an accident. Rob Lee, Larry Gurney and Chuck Hess work hard to find the fair compensation you deserve for a full recovery. Our personal injury attorneys specialize in workers’ compensation, personal injury, car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice and wrongful death. The majority of our cases come from referrals, which speaks volumes for our reputation. Our personal injury attorneys Wichita, KS are honored to serve your case!

The personal injury attorneys of Lee, Gurney & Hess are dedicated to helping you get your life back to normal after a terrible injury. With our experience in personal injury and workers’ compensation, we help clients navigate the complicated legal system so they can win fair compensation. It’s natural for anyone to feel overwhelmed and confused after an accident. You may not know what compensation you are entitled to, or how the complex legal system works. This is why our personal injury attorneys Wichita, KS are with you every step of the way!

Choosing a personal injury attorney after a life-changing injury is serious business. It isn’t like buying a used car, which is why you won’t see Lee, Gurney & Hess advertising on late night television. Our record of successful litigation speaks for itself, as 90% of our cases come from clients or other lawyers. When you call our office, you will not be directed to an intake assistant or a staff member. You will speak directly to one of our Kansas personal injury attorneys who will plan the best course of action for your case.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Personal Injury
  • Birth Injury Malpractice
  • Bus Accidents
  • Car Accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Motorcycle Accidents Wichita KS
  • Product Liability
  • Slip and Fall
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Truck Accidents
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Wrongful Death

DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers

Our team of experienced personal injury attorneys in Topeka & Wichita, Kansas understands that after an accident, life can be overwhelming. We know you’re going through a difficult time, and we are passionate about helping you get the compensation and the medical care you deserve. Let our injury attorneys handle the insurance company while you focus on your recovery.

Our skilled and knowledgeable accident attorneys have an excellent track record of consistently securing fair compensation for injured Kansas victims in many types of personal injury claims, including: car accidents, trucking accidents, wrongful death, nursing home injuries and many other personal injury claims. We have three convenient Kansas locations including East Wichita & West Wichita and our newest office location in Topeka.

DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers works hard to make sure our clients are treated fairly and not taken advantage of. We have the resources and experience to take on the large corporations and insurance companies, and we know how to win! Let us do the hard work while you get your life back to normal.

We understand this can be a confusing and frustrating time for you, and we realize that you need to focus on recovering from your injury and taking care of your family. That’s why you will have both a dedicated case manager and an attorney working on your case. This gives you someone to call when you have questions. You shouldn’t feel alone, and you need someone you can trust who is on your side. When you need information, you have someone who can get it for you.


  • Car Accidents
  • Trucking Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Slip & Fall Injuries
  • Dog Bites
  • Wrongful Death
  • Workers Comp
  • Nursing Home Injuries

Brian & Brian at Pistotnik Law

Brian and Brian at Pistotnik Law have cultivated a reputation for success, in and out of the courtroom. For this, and because of our devotion to providing a higher standard of service to every client, we have been recognized by many leading legal organizations. Our representation starts with a free, no obligation consultation. We will gladly take the time to learn about your case and offer free legal advice and inform you about the laws and procedures involved in your case.

Our goals are to help you know your rights and fight to get you the maximum settlement or verdict amount. The original Brian and Brian at Pistotnik Law has been located in Wichita, Kansas since 1987. Our offices are located east of downtown Wichita near the three major hospitals. The two Brians at the firm have devoted their careers to helping injury victims maximize their cases.

Our Wichita personal injury lawyers understand how difficult being involved in a wreck or accident can be, both to you and your family. We make your case a priority; it will be handled directly by our attorneys, not legal secretaries, or “case managers,” who are typically former insurance adjusters who do not hold legal degrees. We take the cases that other attorneys may turn down because we believe that anyone who is injured deserves for their rights to be fought for.

Our Wichita personal injury attorneys handle almost any injury claim, including:

  • Car, truck, semi-truck, motorcycle, and bicycle wrecks
  • Pedestrian versus vehicle collisions
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Third party liability cases arising out of worker’s compensation cases
  • Dog bites
  • Slip and falls/trip and falls
  • Premises liability claims (injuries due to negligence of property owners)
  • Construction accidents
  • Injuries due to someone’s negligence

Bretz Injury Law

If you’ve been injured in a collision and you’re having a hard time getting compensation, our lawyers can be your voice for justice and aggressively advocate for your best interests. Bretz Injury Law has helped personal injury victims in Wichita and all over Kansas obtain more than $250 million in settlements and verdicts. Find out what an experienced attorney can do for you. Contact us today for your free consultation. Se habla Español.

Our law firm has an office located on N. Market Street in Wichita, which has a population of approximately 390,000 and is the largest city in Kansas. Home to McConnell Air Force Base, Wichita has a long history of aircraft manufacturing and to this day is considered a hub for aircraft production. Popular destinations include Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport, Sedgwick County Zoo, Old Cowtown Museum, the Kansas Aviation Museum, and many others.

Being a lively city with busy roads and highways such as the Kansas Turnpike, I-135, and Kellogg Avenue all running through it, serious car accidents happen in Wichita all the time – many times as a result of negligence. If you were injured in a Wichita crash, you may be entitled to compensation for:

  • Medical expenses (e.g., hospital bills, doctor visits, surgery, prescription medication, physical therapy, medical devices, home alterations, long-term care)
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Cost of replacement services, such as childcare and housekeeping
  • Your pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages (designed to punish a defendant for particularly egregious acts of negligence)

The best way to figure out what your personal injury claim might be worth is to meet with our experienced lawyers as soon as possible. Our legal team will listen to what happened, answer your questions, clearly explain your legal options, and help you figure out the best way to get the compensation you deserve.

Beall & Mitchell LLC

In any legal matter, whether it be a divorce, a personal injury claim or a criminal defense case, it is vital to retain the guidance of a skilled attorney in order to protect your rights and best interests. At Beall & Mitchell LLC, we are dedicated to helping you understand both the short and long-term consequences and all of the options available to help you.

Our team of skilled Wichita lawyers provide a broad range of experience across multiple practice areas, allowing us to offer comprehensive guidance that looks at your case from all angles. When you find yourself inadvertently involved in the legal system, you are likely to be the most inexperienced person involved in the process. We can help you overcome the obstacles ahead.

If you’re facing a criminal charge, the prosecuting attorney has probably handled hundreds of cases just like yours. If you’re being investigated by the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitative Services (SRS), your social worker spends all day evaluating families for abuse and neglect. If you have been injured by another’s negligence, you should not face large, powerful insurance companies on your own.

Nor should you face your debt without the compassionate assistance of our Wichita attorneys. If you try to walk into this system alone, you’re setting yourself up for heartbreak and disappointment. You do not have to suffer through this alone. Let Beall & Mitchell LLC shoulder the burden for you!

Handling A Wide Range of Legal Issues:

  • Family Law
  • Criminal Defense
  • Personal Injury

Attorney at Law Timothy J. King

After a personal injury incident such as a car accident, wrongful death, or case of medical malpractice, your world could be turned upside down. You need a Wichita personal injury attorney who has a proven record of verdicts and settlements. It is not uncommon for victims of car accidents to suffer financial setbacks due to property damage; for family members of victims of wrongful death to suffer long spells of agonizing emotional pain and suffering; and for victims of medical malpractice to be permanently paralyzed or harmed.

When something this traumatic happens to you, you deserve helpful and understanding legal representation from Timothy J. King. Timothy J. King has an impressive track record in courts and settlements. In just over 30 years, he has secured millions of dollars in recoveries and compensation for his clients.

If you have questions about why you should hire him, rest assured that his services are centered on your best interests. Let his case results speak loudly as a testament to that truth! If you wish to take advantage of a free case evaluation, contact him as soon. Tim is uniquely concerned with each client’s individual needs and does his best for every client with confidence and skill.

A skilled negotiator and courtroom advocate, he has a thorough understanding of both the rules of procedure and the substantive law bearing upon the issues to be decided. As an experienced trial lawyer, Tim is comfortable and professional before both judge and jury.

Areas of Practice: