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William Buchanan, Attorney at Law

Everyday many hardworking Americans dig themselves deeper into debt. As lost jobs and medical bills make it hard to pay day-to-day expenses, many empty their retirement accounts and resort to credit cards in order to make ends meet. As interest accrues and bills keep coming, many people feel suffocated by an ever-growing mountain of debt.

Practice Areas:

  • Chapter 7 is the quickest way to eliminate debt. Commonly called a “liquidation bankruptcy” Chapter 7 requires nonexempt assets be sold to pay off debts. However, federal and state exemptions allow you to keep most of your property — such as your car, your home, your retirement accounts and your household goods.
  • Chapter 13 is the method selected for those who don’t qualify for Chapter 7, or for those who have a lot of equity in their home. Under Chapter 13, you keep all of your assets and develop a three- to five-year repayment plan that pays creditors pennies on the dollar. At the end of the term, all your remaining debts are discharged.
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy is typically used for corporations or partnerships. Chapter 11 allows businesses to reorganize their debts and preserve their business assets while continuing to operate. Chapter 11 is an expensive, complex form of bankruptcy. As much thought and planning goes into a Chapter 11 bankruptcy it is generally not a recommended strategy for individuals.

Law Office of Lisa S. Tse

Facing extreme debt can be overwhelming. You may struggle to make payments; even trying your best, it’s possible you’re falling further and further behind. Debt can make you feel trapped, but there are ways to help ease the burden.

I am Lisa Tse, and I am an attorney and counselor who can help with chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 13 bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, debt settlement, and other legal matters in Bellevue, WA and surrounding areas. My goal is to help you streamline and regain control over your finances so that you can feel more at ease.

Bankruptcy is beneficial for individuals who owe more than they can feasibly pay, and primarily comes in two forms:

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Sometimes known as a “liquidation bankruptcy,” this may involve selling nonexempt property in order to quickly get rid of debt. In most cases, the law will allow you to keep certain assets, while still getting rid of your debt.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Also known as “repayment bankruptcy,” this allows you to keep some of your property and restructure your debt through a repayment plan.

Which option is best for you will depend on your situation. As your bankruptcy attorney, I can go over your options and provide guidance for the best path forward. Bankruptcy gives everyone a fresh start or a reset from your debt. My goal is to make the bankruptcy process easier for you so that you can think about your future without stress or worry.

Tousley Brain Stephens PLLC

Our lawyers are smart, experienced, dedicated and creative advocates and counselors. They have excellent judgment and are business savvy. They are passionate about helping clients resolve problems and achieve success. Whether we are hired to handle a transaction or to litigate a dispute, the lawyers at Tousley Brain Stephens are trusted advisors to whom clients can turn for practical advice.

Many of our clients are referred to us by other lawyers, judges, and accountants. We are often hired to litigate cases other law firms have been unable to resolve. We serve our clients regardless of size and matter, efficiently and cost-effectively. We are entrepreneurial and share the risks and benefits of our legal advice through alternative fee arrangements where appropriate.

Practice Areas:

Our litigators are known for their success against much larger firms both locally and nationally.

Businesses come to Tousley Brain Stephens looking for legal advice; what they find is a valuable business partner.

Class Action
Across the country, we have recovered more than a billion dollars in damages for our clients.

Real Estate
We bring a deep knowledge of the law to every real estate transaction.

Symmes Law Group

The Symmes Law Group, PLLC was formed by attorney Richard J. Symmes with the ideal of delivering impeccable personal service to all clients, while utilizing technology in order to keep legal fees at a reasonable and affordable rate. When you contact us, you will always have access to a highly skilled legal professional to answer all of your questions and give you guidance for whatever your legal needs may be.

The Symmes Law Group is a small law firm; however we deliver big firm results at a fraction of the cost. We focus our practice areas on limited areas on the law to ensure all clients will have an expert to handle their legal needs. The Symmes Law Group is based in Seattle, WA and our attorney is licensed to practice law in Washington as well as Colorado.

Prior to forming the Symmes Law Group, PLLC, Mr. Symmes was an associate attorney at law firms in Denver, Colorado where his practice involved bankruptcy, real estate, insurance and litigation matters. While in law school, Mr. Symmes clerked and interned for several law firms throughout Colorado in the areas of employment, family, gambling, trusts and estates and sports and entertainment law.

Mr. Symmes is a graduate of the University of Denver Sturm College of Law where he was the Vice President and Community Director of the Sports and Entertainment Law Society as well as a Staff Editor for the University of Denver Sports and Entertainment Law Journal. Mr. Symmes earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Washington in Seattle where he double majored in economics and communications.

Susman Godfrey L.L.P.

Susman Godfrey is America’s premier litigation boutique. Our talented group of lawyers handle high-stakes litigation for both plaintiffs and defendants nationwide. Because we work on both sides of the docket, we know what our opposition is thinking.

With more than 130 trial lawyers in four offices from coast to coast, we handle the most challenging cases throughout the country. We offer a broad range of creative, flexible fee structures which align our and our clients’ interests. Traditional hourly billing accounts for a very small percentage of our work. Because we often share risk with our clients, evaluating cases accurately is crucial, and we do it early and often.

Susman Godfrey is committed to growing and maintaining diversity among its trial lawyers. This commitment is one of the firm’s core values and is essential to maintaining our position as the nation’s premier litigation firm. Diversity enriches the experience and ability of all of our lawyers, and it is critical to achieving winning results for our clients.

Susman Godfrey seeks to attract the brightest legal minds from diverse talent pools. We are proud of where we are today, but promoting diversity is an ongoing mandate that we strive toward. The firm strongly encourages members of all underrepresented groups to apply. Susman Godfrey does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Practice Areas:

  • Antitrust
  • Appellate
  • Arbitration
  • Bankruptcy
  • Business Disputes
  • Class Actions
  • Complex Marital, Trust, & Estate

Pivotal Law Group

Our attorneys understand your need for individual attention, responsiveness, and a personal touch. We aggressively support our clients, while reflecting the best values of the legal profession. Our attorneys combine decades of experience and success in a wide range of practice areas including real estate law, civil litigation, business law, bankruptcy, commercial law, personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, product liability, and employment law.

We strive to bring a practical, results-oriented approach to the practice of law – creative, yet ethical – while keeping our clients’ needs and goals in mind. Our greatest pride is that our business thrives from frequent referrals from satisfied clients and attorneys in the community.

Our location, in the heart of downtown Seattle, allows us to continue a proud tradition of community leadership and volunteer service with local and state bar associations, community groups, and charitable organizations. We strive to be a voice for positive change in our community.

We specialize in a wide variety of practice areas including: business law; business formations, transactions and planning; general civil and commercial litigation; wills, trusts, and estate planning; real estate law; real estate transactions, boundary disputes and acquisitions; commercial, banking and financial law; employment law; and personal injury including medical malpractice and wrongful death.

To learn more about each area of practice, the cases we have handled, and the work we do, please visit the detailed practice summary pages listed below:

  • Business Law
  • Civil Litigation
  • Commercial, Banking & Financial Law
  • Employment Law
  • ERISA Employee Benefit Disputes
  • Insurance Disputes
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Product Liability
  • Residential and Commercial Real Estate Law
  • Serious Personal Injury
  • Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning; Probates
  • Wrongful Death

Peterson Russell Kelly Livengood PLLC

Livengood Alskog and Peterson Russell Kelly were each reputable and highly successful on their own. Yet they realized that, with such similar objectives and philosophies, clients of the respective firms would benefit greatly by a united firm.

PRK brought several service areas to the table that Livengood had not previously offered, and Livengood added several areas that PRK had not provided. Under one roof now, the robust firm with complimentary services provides clients a one-stop-shop. For all of our clients, the attorneys and staff, there is now more talent for collaborating on both transactional and litigation matters.

Livengood Alskog can be traced to its founding member, Maury Powell, who began practicing in 1935. Maury was the first full-time lawyer on the Eastside of Seattle, Washington, opening an office in the Kirkland National Bank Building at the corner of Lake Street and Kirkland Way. Gordon Livengood joined the firm in 1952, and the name of the firm was changed to Powell, Johnson & Livengood.

Over the years, a number of attorneys joined the firm, and it became the trusted counsel for individuals, businesses, hospitals, school districts, and organizations on the Eastside of Seattle and surrounding communities. In 2014, the name of the firm was changed to Livengood Alskog.

Today, PRK Livengood engages in a broad-based business and litigation practice providing legal services in business, corporate, financial, real estate, litigation, healthcare, school district, construction, tax, estate planning, employment law, family law, immigration, I-9 compliance, and other matters. With our diverse team of talented attorneys, and staff, practicing in a wide range of areas, we are well-positioned to handle most legal needs facing closely held and family businesses, as well as the legal needs of individuals.

Law Office of David A. Kubat

The Law Office of David A. Kubat is a debt relief agency that has proudly served the people of Seattle and the greater northwest Washington area since 1986. Founder David A. Kubat has personally helped more than 5,000 individuals and businesses navigate the complex process of filing for bankruptcy.

He has a deep understanding of the complex federal and state laws surrounding bankruptcy for both businesses and individuals. He also understands the stress and difficulty many people find in making the decision to file for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy lawyer David Kubat is a seasoned professional recognized for his skills, experience and his approach to helping clients. A 1983 graduate of the Willamette University Law School in Salem, Oregon, he went on to earn an advanced degree (L.L.M. in Admiralty) from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, before starting his solo law practice in Seattle, Washington. Mr. Kubat is rated “Superb” by the legal ratings service Avvo and has the endorsement of other lawyers in his community.

Hundreds of thousands of hard-working people file for bankruptcy every year. This does not make them bad or irresponsible, simply a victim of surmounting debt. The U.S. government created bankruptcy to grant debtors a fresh start, free of their financial obligations. The most common reason that people file for bankruptcy is excessive medical expenses; something that is beyond their control. Even if you are filing for bankruptcy because your credit card debt has gotten out of control, you deserve a fresh start.

Betts Patterson Mines Attorneys

The law firm of Betts Patterson Mines traces its origins to a firm that was founded in 1899. Our history overlaps the rich history of industry in the city of Seattle. From logging, railroads and aerospace to biotech, nonprofit foundations and the digital universe, the Northwest has provided the clients and cases that built our practice and business acumen.

Today the client relationship remains our highest priority. We offer a comprehensive slate of legal services informed by broad experience, deep expertise and skillful problem solving. Our practice is structured to function efficiently and cost effectively, and focused on achieving positive solutions, whether in or out of the courtroom.

Our firm counts among its clients well-known local businesses and individuals as well as major national corporations and international entities. In addition, law firms across the nation have come to regard BPM as their go-to partner in the Northwest.

Our practice is structured to be highly responsive to our clients and to provide deep expertise in a broad array of industries and related legal specialties. Our Defense Litigation Practice Group and Insurance Coverage Practice group monitor developments in their respective practice areas and share the information with our teams.

We work to achieve client objectives promptly and effectively, reporting progress in a timely manner. Recognizing the costs of litigation, we seek early resolution for our clients by structuring agreements that balance responsibility and return. However, we are always prepared to aggressively represent our clients’ interests in court.

Davidson Backman Medeiros PLLC

We are lawyers helping with bankruptcy, receivership and restructuring throughout Washington and Idaho, with offices in Spokane and Seattle. The bankruptcy laws provide relief for people and businesses that have suffered financial reversals, and need to manage excessive debt. The bankruptcy laws provide a path to a new future, and protect the rights of individuals and businesses that need a fresh start, or need to restructure their debt.

As experienced bankruptcy lawyers, we emphasize personal service, provided with deep experience. We know how to help individuals and businesses resolve financial issues in a way that works for them. Our clients often feel immediate relief as soon as they learn that they can have a brand new future.

We represent clients in bankruptcy proceedings of all types and sizes. Our firm was built on the representation of parties in bankruptcy under Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13. Bankruptcy provides a form of social insurance, with immediate relief and benefits. We are a debt relief agency under federal law, and we are bankruptcy lawyers that are proud to represent parties in financial distress.

Bankruptcy litigation can include issues arising under state law, or issues that are unique to bankruptcy proceedings. Contested matters include motions for relief from stay; motions for abandonment; claims litigation; administrative issues; and plan feasibility and confirmation. We are experienced in those issues, as well as the avoidance and recovery of preferences and fraudulent transfers.