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Mitchell Law Group, Inc.

Fresno Criminal Attorney, Michael Mitchell, is a veteran trial attorney and a member of the national association of criminal defense lawyers. He has tried, to verdict, serious criminal offense cases such as murder, federal offenses, sexual molestation, assault, drug offenses, and DUI. In addition, to numerous not guilty verdicts, he has routinely obtain outstanding results for his clients without the need for trial.

On a pre-trial level, he has secured the dismissal and reduction offenses such as murder, rape, sexual assault, battery, domestic violence, robbery, and countless other offenses. He has also been featured in both the National and Local Press and sought after for commentary on both Criminal and DUI related topics.

If you’re faced with a serious felony or misdemeanor charge, and you’re concerned about the impact on your life and livelihood, the Fresno Criminal Defense Lawyers at Mitchell Law Group will provide the dedicated defense you need to see you through his difficult period in your life.

Practice Areas:

  • DUI
    Our attorneys offer aggressive drunk driving defense for Fresno residents and those charged with DUI/DWI.
  • Domestic Violence
    Domestic Violence or spousal abuse cases in Fresno should not be taken lightly. Let us show you how we can help defend your case.
  • Sex Crimes
    We provide serious sex offense representation for those accused of sex-related crimes in Fresno,
  • Gang Offenses
    If you are accused of a gang crime in Fresno, we can help provide a top notch defense strategy to ensure that you are on the offensive from day one.
  • Federal Crimes
    We have years of experience handling serious crimes in the Federal Court system. Let us show you how we will aggressively fight for you.
  • Drug Charges
    At the Mitchell Law Group, Inc., we have extensive criminal defense expertise in representing clients accused of drug crimes.

Luton Law Office

I provide high quality legal assistance in all areas of criminal law including, but not limited to: DUI Defense, Medical Marijuana Law, Theft Offenses, Three Strikes Crimes, Robbery, Burglary, Attempted Murder, Murder, Juvenile Law, Domestic Violence, Narcotics Offenses, Gang Charges, Sex Offenses and Expungements.

As both a criminal defense lawyer and former deputy district attorney I have over 21 years of experience in criminal law. I have appeared as defense counsel for people accused of Murder, DUIs, Juvenile Crimes, Sexual Assault, Drug Offenses, Burglary, Domestic Violence, and Prison Offenses. I have helped over 3000 people who have been accused of crimes, and obtained great results for them.

As a former prosecutor I understand how the government puts their case against you together and will use that experience to help in your defense. I performed trials and obtained convictions in cases involving serious offenses, including: Attempted 1st Degree Murder, Rape, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Arson, Possession of Controlled Substances for Sale among many, many others.

Sometimes we get into fights with our significant others. We say things we don’t mean to say. We do things we would never do if we weren’t angry. The police are called. It’s a stressful situation for you. It is a stressful situation for your significant other. It is a stressful situation for the officer.

Practice Areas:

  • DUI Defense
  • Juvenile Law
  • Medical Marijuana Law
  • Serious Felonies
  • Domestic Violence

Legal Aed, The Law Office of Michael J. Aed

Were you arrested for drunk driving in Fresno? Do you need a DUI Attorney? Are you under investigation for a federal drug crime? Did you or a loved one sustain serious injuries in a car accident? All of these situations can lead to losses for you and your family. Do not face the legal consequences or attempt to settle a personal injury claim without consulting an experienced California attorney.

You owe it to yourself and your family to discuss your case with a skilled defense attorney who can help you get the best outcome for your case. From experience, we know that it is often the very first actions that you choose to take that can significantly affect the outcome of your criminal case. Regardless of whether your court case carries misdemeanor or felony charges, we are your go-to defense lawyer.

By consulting our legal defense team immediately, you not only get an attorney with extensive courtroom and trial experience, you get an investigator on your side, as well. When you need a defense lawyer to help you with criminal charges, be sure to contact us right away! We approach each of our cases, violent crimes or non-violent crimes, with the same level of passion and attention to detail so you can rest assured that we will work hard to protect your rights. Do you need legal guidance after an arrest or accident?

If so, be sure to contact the Law Office of Michael J. Aed to schedule a consultation with our experienced criminal defense attorney. Our law firm handles all types of criminal cases, from domestic violence and traffic offenses, to drug crimes and weapons charges… and just about everything in between. If you are facing criminal charges, we are the legal defense team for you! Let us give you legal advice and a voice in court, helping you achieve an outcome you may not have received on your own.

Law Offices of Tina M. Barberi, PC

At the Law Offices of Tina M. Barberi, PC, we are here to help when you are facing criminal, traffic or drunk driving charges in Fresno. We understand this is a difficult time for you and your family and we want to do whatever is necessary to get your life back to normal after being charged with a crime.

Whether you are accused of drunk driving, criminal charges, or a traffic ticket, you can be assured that our dedicated DUI, criminal, and traffic defense lawyer will help you through the entire court and DMV process. With the new DUI laws, it is difficult to understand the immediate and long-term consequences of an alcohol or drug DUI conviction, even if it is your first offense.

Never try to handle your drunk driving case on your own. Your chances of successfully challenging the DUI case and DMV suspension greatly increase if you retain an experienced and proven DUI lawyer to represent you in Fresno.

Practice Areas:

  • DUI Defense
    When you have a drunk driving case, you need answers that only an experienced DUI lawyer can provide. We will answer your questions and work to get you the best outcome.
  • Criminal Defense
    When you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, our criminal trial lawyer will skillfully represent you in court and provide you the best possible defense.
  • Traffic Defense
    Fighting your traffic ticket with a qualified traffic lawyer can greatly increase your chances of getting your ticket charges dismissed. We appear for you so you don’t have to go to court.
  • Expungements
    You may be eligible to have your DUI or criminal charges expunged. Our expungement lawyer will explain the process and show you how we can clear your record.

Law Office of Sam Salhab

Fresno Attorney Sam Salhab provides outstanding legal advice, representation, and results to clients accused of State and Federal crimes throughout the entire State of California. Sam Salhab is a respected and aggressive Fresno criminal lawyer who represents clients in Felony, Misdemeanor and Juvenile matters. Our Criminal Lawyers appreciate the importance and the opportunity to defend the rights of the accused.

Our commitment to our clients is to use all available means to ensure that they receive high caliber legal representation and access to justice. Our philosophy is that building your defense quickly is crucial to winning your case. From the very beginning, there are several steps that can be taken towards shielding your rights and working towards your best interests.

However, you need an experienced defense attorney on your side to do such things, and you need someone who knows and understands the criminal justice system. We have earned an outstanding reputation in Fresno and nationally through hard work and experience. We are committed to providing the best legal defense and will fight for your constitutional rights.

You can trust our team of Criminal and DUI lawyers to see you through your case with minimal setbacks. The Law Office Of Sam Salhab understands the inner workings of the justice system, and we will use our knowledge and our expertise to defend your rights in your criminal prosecution. Having an open criminal case is one of the most stressful situations one can have, and we understand your frustrations.

That’s why our Criminal Defense Attorneys are standing by to answer any and all of your questions, and will do so in a confidential manner that can allow you to rest more at ease. Do not spend another sleepless night worrying about your future when a skilled Criminal Defense Attorney is only a telephone call away. Our Fresno criminal defense lawyers offer a free initial consultation because people want to know how the right criminal defense team can make a difference in their particular case.

Law Office of Gerald Schwab, Jr.

In my more than 18 years of practice, I have attained a level of trial experience that few attorneys can equal. Having personally tried cases ranging from petty theft to first degree murder, I am confident in my ability to aggressively pursue a favorable resolution on my clients’ behalf. I have successfully handled several cases and acquired full acquittals in cases such as:

  • Armed robbery
  • Six-count sex crimes
  • Domestic violence
  • Felon in possession of a gun

My acquittals have been won in Fresno, Madera, and Tulare Counties, as well as both the juvenile and adult courts. Having the right attorney on your side can make all of the difference in the outcome of your case, and I stand ready to pursue a favorable resolution for your unique situation. You can be confident that your case is in good hands when you retain the representation of the Law Office of Gerald Schwab, Jr.

My firm has garnered extensive experience handling cases such as homicide, criminal sexual assault, drug offenses, complex white collar crimes, vehicular injury, and DUI. As a former probation officer and deputy district attorney, I know the ins and outs of the system. I have proudly served in the Persian Gulf War as an Army military policeman, and I served six years in the Army National Guard as a military policeman.

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, now is the time to act. I believe that obtaining immediate representation can help protect your rights and freedoms, and it can allow you to potentially gain an advantageous edge in your case. You should never feel that you are facing the California court systems alone.

Law Men

Fresno Law Men is a law firm specializing in criminal law, in Fresno, California. At Lawmen, we work with a broad network of skilled criminal defense attorneys to fight aggressively and make sure that our clients are protected at every stage of the charge.

We have the skill and experience necessary to craft effective legal arguments in support of an appeal from any criminal conviction to provide you with a strong and effective defense. As necessary, we will challenge any evidence obtained outside of the proper protocols, enabling us to provide you with a strong and effective defense.
Our federal and state constitutions provide each of us with many rights that are extremely important in criminal cases when we fight for our freedom. Your rights are the focus of any criminal case and must be protected at all times even when the charges involve drugs, weapons, murder, rape, assault, sex offenses, crimes involving the Internet, or some other kind of criminal charge.

The Law Men will protect your legal and constitutional rights. Our attorneys have the advantage of remaining objective and can offer insight into how the trial is actually going and what is likely to happen in the near future. We point out important legal rules and regulations that you would most likely never find on your own.

We will go the extra mile to gather evidence and statements from witnesses that are going to be called by the prosecution, hire investigators and expert witnesses to present evidence that would tend to show your innocence or rebut evidence that the prosecution presents, and more. We know paying attention to all the seemingly little details is what can make the difference between winning and losing your case.

Hammerschmidt Law Corporation

We focus on being proactive and doing everything we can to help you achieve the best result possible. Our criminal defense firm understands that being accused of a crime or being under investigation can be one of the most stressful and difficult situations you’ll face.

Our team will help you manage that stress by keeping you up to date, ensuring that you feel confident about your case every step of the way, and by providing high-quality legal representation. We have a saying in our office that we live by: “Our goal is to contact you more than you contact us!”

Our experienced criminal defense attorneys handle federal and state criminal matters. If you have been arrested or have discovered you are under investigation for potential criminal involvement, contact our Fresno criminal defense law firm. Our team can help see you through this difficult time.

We want to get the best possible result for you! Teamwork is crucial to a successful outcome for you! Our team of professionals collaborate to scrutinize evidence, cross-examine witnesses, negotiate with prosecutors, and fight for you.

Practice Areas:

  • White Collar Crimes
  • Health Insurance Fraud
  • Worker’s Compensation Fraud
  • Federal Offenses
  • DUI & BUI Offenses
  • Drug Crimes
  • Victim Representation
  • Domestic Violence
  • Felony Offenses
  • Misdemeanor Offenses
  • Cyber Crimes
  • Murder, Homicide, & Violent Crimes

Days Law Firm

If charged with a federal crime, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney. An inexperienced criminal attorney, unfamiliar with the Bail Reform Act and the federal court system, can cost you your freedom while your case is pending.

The Days Law Firm knows how to prevent a bad situation from getting worse. If you’re facing a criminal charge in Fresno, CA and need experienced representation on your side, it’s important to act quickly and protect your freedom.

You can count on our criminal defense to advocate for your best interests by providing the skilled and aggressive legal representation you need to best overcome your charge. Our firm defends those accused of federal and state criminal defense crimes, allowing our attorneys to serve a wide range of clients facing trouble with the law in Fresno.

Although the legal system can be intimidating, you can trust that the Days Law Firm will defend you regardless of what the prosecution throws your way. Our Fresno County-based criminal defense lawyer obtained a reputation for paying close attention to clients’ goals and working tirelessly to champion a favorable outcome on their behalf.
Our firm is located in the heart of Fresno County, and is so committed to your needs, our criminal defense attorney can meet with you in jail or after hours by appointment: We will do whatever it takes to help you gain peace of mind.

Practice Areas:

  • Bail Reform Act
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug Crimes
  • DUI
  • Federal Crimes
  • Firearm and Weapon Offenses
  • Violent Crimes
  • Wiretaps Electronic Surveillance

Capozzi Law

We are small firm with a big reputation. One of our firm pledges states that we intentionally take on fewer cases so that we can continue to provide personal service to all our clients. We also intentionally remain a small firm so that our clients always know who it is they are working with. Many of the larger firms fail to provide personal service for this very reason.

With us, you know who we are and you know who it is that is working on your case. When you hire Nicco Capozzi to represent you it will be him in court not a junior associate or new attorney. We pride ourselves on detail oriented and results driven representation.

We handle only a select few types of cases and this has allowed us to become expert in those fields. We handle cases in state and federal criminal defense, appeals, expungements, post-conviction remedies, asset forfeiture, and certain types of litigation cases.

These are the only types of law we practice. You can learn about each practice area by selecting them above in the navigation bar. For each field we consistently rank as one of the best local law firms. Click below to watch a video about why we stand apart from the rest.

We handle a limited amount of cases in a select few practice areas. Our primary areas of expertise include criminal defense, asset forfeiture, criminal appeals, expungements, release violations, and litigation matters. We handle cases in both California and federal courts.

Nicco Capozzi is licensed to practice law throughout California and other federal courts. We are locally based firm and most matters are out of Fresno, Hanford, Visalia, and Madera though we do handle cases throughout the state for select clients.