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Suhre & Associates, LLC

Being pulled over and charged with driving under the influence (DUI) in Jefferson County can certainly be a frightening experience. However, your initial arrest does not necessarily have to lead to a conviction and subsequent punishment.

With the help of an experienced Louisville DUI lawyer, like those here at Suhre & Associates, LLC, it may be possible to have your charge reduced or dismissed. The DUI and criminal lawyers at Suhre & Associates, LLC have over 100 years of collective experience. Our criminal defense attorney team includes both a former police officer and former prosecutor attorney.

We provide aggressive legal representation in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Call our law offices today to get started with your case. You don’t want to hesitate to contact an attorney if you’ve been charged with a crime. The state will begin to build a case against you the moment you’re placed under arrest.

It’s critical to challenge the prosecution every step of the way. We’ve developed an aggressive approach that allows us to minimize the consequences of your arrest. We need to get started immediately. You’ve been arrested. Your future is in jeopardy. Hiring a criminal law attorney will give you the best shot at securing a plea or walking away from the charges, altogether.



Mike Burns Law

At Mike Burns Law, we offer experienced legal representation to clients in matters of criminal defense, traffic offenses, personal injury claims arising from motor vehicle accidents and civil mediation. A former member of law enforcement, attorney Mike Burns has worked in the criminal justice system for over 20 years. Mike is also intimately familiar with the insurance claim valuation and approval process, having represented insurance companies in the past.

For our clients, this means we efficiently evaluate the litigation hazards of your case and advise you on your bottom line. We believe that effective advocacy rests on how thoroughly and skillfully we have prepared your case for trial. When it comes to preparation, our goal is to know your case better than the other party’s attorney does. We know how to be aggressive trial litigators, but favorable results may also be obtained outside of court.

At every stage in your case, we are open to negotiating favorable settlements. In fact, sometimes the best settlement deal is made on the eve of trial. Since juries may be unpredictable and personal injury cases may take up to two years before they reach trial, negotiating a favorable settlement can save you time and money.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Criminal Law
  • DUI/Traffic Offenses
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Mediation/Dispute Resolution
  • Drug Violations
  • Violent Crimes

Karen Faulkner Law

Karen Faulkner Law is an award winning legal practice representing clients in Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding counties including Bullitt, Fayette, Franklin, Hardin, McCracken, Meade, Mercer, Nelson, Oldham, Pulaski, Shelby, Spencer, and Trimble.

Karen Faulkner Law has over 14 years of experience in the area of Criminal, Civil, and Family Law with specialized knowledge and expertise in the area of juvenile criminal defense and dependency, neglect and abuse. Karen has been recognized by her peers as one of Louisville Magazine’s Top Lawyers and has received awards from the Kentucky Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (KACDL) and the Louisville Bar Association (LBA).

Karen is a graduate of the University of Louisville’s, Louis D. Brandeis School of Law, where she also served as an adjunct professor. She is passionate about helping clients is also a court-appointed Parent’s Attorney and GAL in family court and contracts with the Louisville Metro Public Defender office and the Department of Public Advocacy to work with indigent clients.

Karen previously served as a Louisville Metro Public Defender for 6 years and spent time in public service as a family court advocate for the Center for Women and Families. After leaving the Louisville Metro Public Defender became a Partner in an all-female criminal defense firm, Faulkner Kaelin Law Office. After her partner was elected to the District Court Bench she formed and continues to run, Karen Faulkner Law Office.

Practice Areas:

  • Assault cases
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug Cases
  • Juvenile Law
  • Sex Offenses
  • Theft Cases
  • Traffic Tickets
  • Violent Offenses

Harralson Law

Criminal Law is a broad practice area comprised of many categories and types of crimes, some of which are detailed below. Generally, criminal cases are those initiated by a state or federal law enforcement agency or prosecutor’s office seeking to impose some form of penalty against the defendant, often in the form of incarceration or fines.

When one’s very freedom is at stake, it is of paramount importance to retain a skilled and seasoned attorney experienced in criminal defense work. John Harralson has been practicing criminal law in the Louisville area for over 28 years. Criminal cases which carry prison sentences of one year or more are considered felonies. In Kentucky, felonies fall into four “classes” based on the severity of the alleged crime.

More common felonies include illegal possession or sale of certain “street” drugs or pharmaceuticals, thefts in excess of $500, burglary, robbery, serious assaults, sex crimes and illegal weapon possession. John Harralson has extensive experience representing clients in these most serious of cases.

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a “hot button” issue these days. Police and prosecutors are under tremendous political pressure from the media, MADD and others to “get tough” on suspected offenders. Conviction rates are very high.

While Kentucky penalties for a first offense are not overly severe, second or subsequent offenses carry mandatory jail time, high fines, extended alcohol treatment and long term license suspensions. A fourth offense within ten years is a felony. Moreover, any DUI conviction, even a first offense, can cause loss of employment – especially if the job requires the operation of a company vehicle.

Gibson Law Offices

A lawyer does not need to be a shark to be effective. An attorney does not need to be ruthless to get the job done. A law firm does not need a room full of legal assistants to provide first-class personal service.

At Gibson Law Offices, we have written our own definition of effective legal service. We believe that it is possible to work toward a client’s legal goals and objectives, and work with our client to decide together which details are worth a fight. When something is worth fighting for, Ken Gibson is an experienced attorney who can accomplish your objectives and get results.

At Gibson Law Offices, we take a personal approach to our clients’ issues. We are interested in your well-being as well as your legal concerns. Do not be surprised if our first question to you is “How are you doing?” We recognize that many areas of law, such as family law, come with emotional strings. We are sensitive to the emotional upheaval that comes with many legal problems.

Practice Areas:

  • Family Law
    If you are in need of a Louisville family law attorney, you need a caring, experienced professional to guide you through this difficult time.
  • Criminal Law
    Facing a criminal charge is one of life’s most frightening and difficult experiences. You should know that you do have rights.
  • Personal Injury
    Personal injury law deals with physical, mental or emotional injury caused by the negligence of another person.
  • Probate
    At Gibson Law Offices, we offer the full range of legal services connected with wills, probate & estate administration.

Gary Stewart Attorney at Law

If you have been accused of a criminal offense, you are up against a team of professionals. Their objective is to gain a conviction. Without an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows the law, the prosecutors, the judges and the courtroom, you are at a critical disadvantage and you have a lot to lose.

I represent clients in criminal matters from theft and fraud to assault, DUI/DWI, drug crimes, possession, trafficking and traffic violations. You will always work directly with me to determine a path forward. When we can get a case dismissed or charges reduced, we’ll do so. When we need to take it to trial, I’m prepared.

When you’ve been charged with a crime or injured in an accident, you need the skills of an attorney who tries cases. I am in the courtrooms of Kentucky every day. I try cases. Some people say the best trial lawyers work solo. I work solo because I want my hands on my clients’ files. I know my clients, I know their cases, and I strive to get my clients the best possible results. I understand what my clients endure and I know what’s at stake for them.

Practice Areas:

  • Traffic Violations
    You were over the speed limit; you ran a red light; you had no idea your license was suspended.
  • Dui/Dwi
    The home of bourbon whiskey is no less harsh about aggressively prosecuting DUIs.
  • Drug Crimes
    Those charged with drug crimes need to understand that the deck is stacked against them.
  • Expungements
    There are many people who have seen their entire lives ruined due to a criminal conviction.

Forman & Associates

When it comes to your protecting your claim in front of the mean and greedy insurance companies, The Injury Guy is the firm to choose. The Injury Guy is based out in Louisville, Kentucky, and handles cases there as well as other parts of Kentucky.

Our firm has legal experience from helping people just like you and we handle cases personally. Unlike other firms who may send a paralegal or a law clerk to work and meet with you, your case will be assigned to an attorney in the firm and you will work with a real car accident attorney who will oversee your claim from start to finish.

In addition, we have a team of experienced Kentucky wrongful death lawyers. DWI/DUI is an abbreviation for Driving While Under the Influence of intoxicants (alcohol) or of any substance or substances which may impair driving ability. Other states use other acronyms for this offense. For instance, Ohio uses OVI (Operating a Vehicle while Impaired), while Oregon uses OUII (Operating Under the Influence of Intoxicants).

Yet other states use OUI (Operating Under the Influence), OWI (Operating While Intoxicated), DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired), and OMVI (Operating a Motor Vehicle while Impaired). Have you lost a loved one? Our Louisville wrongful death attorneys can guide you in seeking financial compensation for your loss.

Call the wrongful death lawyers at Forman & Associates about your case. They serve clients throughout Kentucky and will help you get the results you deserve. In addition, we offer a initial complimentary consultations for wrongful death claims.

Cox & Mazzoli, PLLC

Cox & Mazzoli practice in all of Kentucky’s state courts. We provide a full range of criminal defense services to clients whose charges range from speeding tickets to murder. Since the formation of the law firm of Cox & Mazzoli PLLC in 2001, they have become one of the premier legal practices in the state of Kentucky focusing on criminal defense.

They’ve both been recognized as standing in the top rank of their profession by such authoritative sources as Best Lawyers in America, Kentucky Super Lawyers and Louisville Magazine. Cox & Mazzoli have secured extraordinary results in some of the Kentucky’s highest profile criminal cases. Mr. Cox and Mr. Mazzoli have represented more defendants in all of the federal courts in Kentucky than any other private law firm.

Our firm is widely regarded as the top litigation specialists in the region for all types of federal criminal defense. They have been successful in persuading investigators to drop charges against their clients, or to grant immunity to their clients.

They frequently gain dismissal of formal charges before trial as well. And, if litigation is unavoidable, they excel as trial lawyers and appellate practitioners. They have won notice as being attorneys who are talented in front of a jury, as trial lawyers, and in front of a computer, as writers and researchers.

They handle criminal cases arising under both state and federal law, and practice in both trial and appellate courts. They handle complex prosecutions and white collar crimes; mail and wire fraud; money laundering; major narcotics offenses; securities fraud; insider trading; tax evasion; health insurance fraud; bank fraud; mortgage and loan-related fraud; environmental crimes; maritime offenses; computer and internet crimes; and property forfeiture matters.

Arnold Law, PLLC

If you are facing a criminal charge, it is important you contact an attorney as soon as possible to guarantee your rights are protected. At Arnold Law, PLLC, we recognize the importance and magnitude of each case and we will remain at your side throughout the entire process.

Attorney Melissa Arnold is ready to help you and will take the time to sit down with you and answer all of your questions related to your case. When you leave your initial free consultation, you will have a clear understanding of your options and the next steps to be taken.

Family law cases combine legal complexities with emotionally charged issues. You may not be at your best in making important decisions for yourself and your children. At Arnold Law, PLLC, we remain at your side throughout the entire process.

Practice Areas:

    Caring, practical guidance for divorce or any family issue
    Dedicated, effective help in civil and personal injury cases
    Knowledgeable help with rental issues, evictions and more
    Protect your rights in a traffic, DUI or criminal case

Leland Hulbert Law, PLLC

Leland has been practicing law in Kentucky for the past 18 years. He has handled nearly every type of criminal and family law case in Kentucky and knows not only what it takes to defend your rights but also what it takes to build a case from the ground up. By handling thousands of cases from start to finish, Leland can offer sound legal advice and representation on any criminal charge or family law matter that you or a member of your family face.

Leland serves a wide range of clientele, and every client relationship is valued greatly and treated with dignity and respect. Leland has offices in downtown Louisville and in the East End to better serve the demanding schedules of my clients. Leland will work hard to be your advocate and your voice to ensure your case receives the attention it deserves.

Leland has been asked by local news outlets to be an expert legal analyst on high profile cases in Kentucky. With over 18 years of experience handling criminal and family law cases in Kentucky as a prosecutor, criminal law and family law attorney, Leland has participated in every step of the trial and litigation criminal process, including investigation, case preparation, mediation, hearings and jury trial.

Practice Areas:

  • Family Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Circuit and District Court
  • State Court
  • Federal Court